Gryphons and Dragons are Gravity Falls canon, and already they fit like a glove around the monsterfalls au. Gonna kick the fun off early with our favorite sphinx getting into a cat fight.

Happy National nurses day! 

In the new PBS drama MERCY STREET, Hannah James plays Emma Green and Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Mary Phinney, two volunteer nurses on opposing sides of the Civil War. 

Did you know prior to the Civil War, few women were nurses because it was seen as inappropriate? Even during the war, 80% of nurses were men, most of which were convalescent soldiers.

MERCY STREET debuts on PBS in January 2016.

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Hi!! I hope this doesn't come across as too demanding - if yes, I apologize in advance, and feel free to ignore this - but will you be uploading the season 6 DVD extras? My country doesn't have the DVD yet and I... can't wait ^^" I mean I probably can, but yeah. It's okay if you aren't uploading it though, just checking! Thank you again for all the hard work :D

To those who want the goodies:

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A Summary of OUAT 4X20

Lily and Maleficent reunite and by the end they are happy

Robin and Regina are together again after locking Zelena up and they are happy

Emma and Hook are all lovey dovey when Hook councils his wife and they are happy

The Charmings are all together again when Emma forgives her parents after her therapy session with Hook and they are happy

Everyone is quite happy and their lives finally all seem a bit calm including Belle who’s been happy with her rebound, except Rumplestiltskin who is dying because of all his evil deeds and dark heart and instead of just killing himself and saving Belle and the rest of storybrooke from a purely evil dark one he decides to have the author ruin everyone’s lives as we know them and rewrite history so he can be a knight in shining armor where HE IS HAPPY 

                                                THE END