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wait in this other post you tagged sarcasm like it was a trigger warning… did i miss something or did someone actually ask you to tag your sarcasm? because i'm really not sure if this is the best blog they should be following in that case…

some people have asked me bc conditions like autism make it hard for ppl to understand sarcasm. I try to remember to tag it when I can, or at least when I think it’s imperative 

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did I miss something? because my dash is full with posts about how it is important to forgive someone if they make a mistake but where do they coem from so suddenly? did someone special make a mistake and people freaked out?? please enlighten me

well because recently a person misgendered me and i corrected him, and he didn’t know what agender means so i explained but then these asshats jumped in like “ WHH HH STOP BEING SO QUEERPHOBIC!111 “ like wth man he didn’t know and i explained, we’re both chill now but srsly

108 Word Ficlet (S1): Learning to Trust

Regina poured bourbon into a glass, brought it to her lips and set it down loudly untouched.  He could have died!

In her agitated state she thought of Henry trapped in the mine shaft, his oxygen depleting, and his surroundings cold and dank.

She saved him.  Emma Swan had saved him.  Fate was cruel and unkind.  This was supposed to be her happy ending, but she still felt something was missing.  She had Henry, what else did she need?

Trust and confidence in someone.  She trusted Emma, like no one before, to give her what she wanted.  She was confident Emma would save their son and she did.


When I first read the idea for the 108 word ficlets, I could not help but feel immense SWEN pride.  This was such a fabulous idea and what makes it even more so is that it will be acted upon and carried out.  I must have missed a post here and there because I don’t know what the significance is of the number 108.

Emma saving Henry from the mine is one of my favorite scenes from Season 1.  There was so much going on in that episode.  The change that was happening.  The trust and faith Regina had in Emma to save Henry.  The way they worked together.  Regina showing that when it came to her son, she could be reasonable; she agreed that fighting wasn’t going to solve anything and Regina and Emma came together and were on the same side.

And there was the scene with Regina’s forward movement as if she was going to kiss Emma that no one can explain, but was just so intense, it pretty much made everyone else in the background disappear for just a brief moment and there was only Regina and Emma.  Emma and Regina.

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hello i'm a huge TVXQ fan since '08 but i still have a hard time believing all these quotes supposedly from JYJ that they still miss the boys and whatnot. likewise did homin ever really mention (in post-dispute interviews) waiting for the 3 / wanting TVXQ to stay as 5? i can't seem to find actual videos or reliable news articles/sources and i'm sure many fans are doubtful too, so maybe u & ur followers (myself included) could help compile these sources into a masterpost~ :)

Behold the lengthy response under the read more.

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Just another fantastic Friday

Today was my last day of the make-up class, and tomorrow is my last day doing laundry at the theatre I’m working at. Then next week, I continue working on Dogfight, you know, the show Bri was just in…except she did it on the East coast, and I’m in the midwest.

I’m going hoe for Memorial Day weekend to see my brother, who is leaving on the 27th to hike the Appalachian trail for 6-8 months. I’ll miss him, but you know, when you know someone is happy, I don’t think you miss them as much as you want to. And I know he’ll be happy and hiking, so I won’t have to miss him that much.

So here are some cool make up things:

1) Kabuki makeup (japanaese style)

2) you guessed it, Starry Night

3) Blood and Gore

and 4) Van Gogh self portrait (PS, he’s one of my favorite artists)

I also did a weird lizard-man thing, but it didn’t turn out as cool as I wanted, and so I didn’t actually take a picture of it.

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someone made a post of Victorian era avengers and looking at Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bethany in period clothing gave me this weird Jane Eyre-esque AU feel for ScarletVision


*Oh god oh god oh god sexually tense ScarletVision gothic melodrama*

Someone needs to write this.  
And I need to find that damn post.

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Do you track the tag "completeoveranalysis"? I'm asking because your replies to things I've reblogged from you has been patchy and I tag everything I reblog from you with that tag.

I have failed you. 

To be honest I never even thought of tracking that tag. Even now when I check it only a sparse few things actually show up, so it’s possible that I’m just doing it wrong. 

Title: Morning Troubles

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Characters: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney

Pairing(s): Stingue 

Rating: M

Summary: He’d missed the times where him and Rogue would share a bed. Then they did so again, and suddenly he wasn’t missing it so much anymore. Not when he ended up in this sort of situation.

Writer’s notes: Welp. Can’t believe this is my first contribution to the Stingue ship (and the FT fandom as a whole). I already feel horrible and embarrassed. But I’ve been wanting to post a Stingue fanfic for so long and I’ve started a lot of them but they’re all unfinished. Also I can’t make up titles. Or summeries. 

The cheerful chirping of birds could be heard as the sun rose up above the city, casting warm streams of light through the windows, bathing the world in its glory as it does every other morning. Slow, gentle breezes of air could be felt should one step outside in the streets that are deserted still.  

At this primal hour of the day, most people would still be sleeping, except for those who were unfortunate enough to have work that required them to wake up at such an hour. Of course, should they be an early bird, they would enjoy this part of the day indeed, even if they were not forced to wake up at the time. The weather was nice, warm with slight breezes to cool it, the sky was clear with no hint of dark clouds that might signal a raining episode. A very fine morning indeed, perfect for a little breakfast outside in an outdoor restaurant, followed by a walk in the park to bask in the beauty of nature as one makes their way to their destination, be it work or a trip or a friend’s place.

As a person who has made a point of being an early riser since childhood, Sting Eucliffe would’ve been doing just that. Would’ve gotten up, shook his often grumpy in the morning partner and housemate awake along with their exceeds, and then dragged them along to their favourite little coffee shop down the street for a quick breakfast, and then headed in their merry way to their guild, were the blond-haired young man wouldn’t be too merry as he is forced to sit down at his desk in the office and finish the cringe-worthy amount of paperwork that had drastically increased since the incident with the hellish guild that was called Tartarus, for the better part of the day.  

As it was, however, he was laying in his bed, staring up at the ceiling, face set in a blank expression as he tries to wonder why this had to happen.

Because seriously, what the fuck is this?

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Please don't encourage fans to send Misha lima beans for hitting 2 million followers, when we could actually do something that celebrates it instead. I get the joke but let's be serious he's not going to eat them. You know what would be neat, 2 million acts of kindness, what if all his followers decided to buy a meal for someone in need or donated food to a homeless shelter? Take a photo (like people did for gishwhes!) and send/tweet him a postcard instead, wouldn't that be amazing? He'd love it

While I’m super confused about why you think we’re encouraging fans to send Misha lima beans (is there a post I’ve missed?) I adore your idea for celebrating his milestone in Twitter followers, gosh guys could you imagine if everyone who followed Misha on Twitter (or just everyone who’s a fan) actually went out and donated food to a shelter.

Oh! Or like Item 45 from Gish’13 “IMAGE: Strike up a conversation with a homeless person, talk to them until you know their first name, where they are from, and what their favorite food is. Bring them that food and, if they give you permission, take your picture with them and their meal.”

That would actually be so wonderful if people did this. Then you could tweet him the photo or send him a postcard!

Oh anon I really love this idea, all the mods here do, I’m going to make a post in a moment but if anyone wants in on this PLEASE DO!!

I think this address is what he uses for fanmail (it’s on creations website anyway)

Misha Collins
1920 Hillhurst Ave. Unit 170
Los Angeles, CA 90027

I mean there’s room to celebrate both ways right?

Edit: I get the Lima beans thing now! It’s in reference to his response on twitter here:

but yeah anon I don’t think anyone seriously thinks he’ll eat the beans, however if fans are gonna send him quirky things made from beans that could be kinda fun. 

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Boo hoo hoo, I can't understand humor so I'm gonna bitch about it on the internet. Grow up.

Lmao! I miss when Greg used to say haters were leeches and they just wanted fame and the bananas would repeat that shit to me all the time. Weird that they stopped saying that when he did. Hmm.. they never said I couldn’t take his comedy back then, but now that he started saying it..!

I don’t really care that much about his comedy videos. I’ll re-blog and post if drama comes out of it or someone makes an interesting post about it. Honestly, his comedy has gone to shit and he relies on shock and offending people for views. I bet 2009 Onision would weep if he saw what became of his precious Speaks channel and the quality of his comedy videos.

I’ve been reading some of his old blogs and he tried to start shit with some guy named “Cute With Chris” because he was disgusted that Chris associated with teenagers on his channel. Also, he made a blog post calling out a YouTuber that disrespected women by putting boobs in thumbnails. Greg became everything he stood against. All for fame and money. It’s hilarious.

cesperanza replied to your post:I think it’s strange they’re burying Peggy in…

Because there are double decker busses and black cabs - that fandom mistook for old cars,but they’re London cabs. I don’t see why NOT in London; she might have a family plot there, who knows? And she served the UK as well as the US IMO.

HOW DID I MISS THESE SET PICTURES, OMG, WHERE ARE THEY, SOMEONE LINK ME, I SAW NONE OF THIS. Also: that’s my line of reasoning. Also also: she was a UK soldier first. And maybe she still has living family there.

Sigh the few times I don’t add ‘this is an edit’ note on one of my image edits, someone crops and reposts it.

I am not amused.

The post was captioned 'How did I miss this!!’

My reaction:

'You missed it because it never happened in the manga, duh.





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Ahhh I'm sorry, what exactly bad is going down in the Fandom? So I can try and avoid people's ignorance or something! I usually always agree with your points! ♡ (And I personally liked the ending, it was like a weight lifting when the mark was gone.)

I’m starting to see more and more posts saying Destiel is over or that the boys are evil now and…I just…Did the series end while I was getting a drink of water? Did someone get a draft of season 11? Were the lat six years of the show erased? Did I miss that? 

Sorry don’t mean to be snarky. But I’m actually feeling more positive going into season 11 than in a while.