explaning baseball tournaments and koshien

okay so i realised that a lot of people are confused about several factors regarding koshien (especially since the release of diamond no ace chapter 410) and i just thought i’d help explain a little

note: i may be wrong about some parts so please correct me if i am!

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anon replies under the cut!!  also look at the frickin gif my friend rae made of scene kid hinata and preppy ibuki ohhh my god

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ok so this time last year was close to when Mark Sheppard was announced as a guest for AHBL5 and I was freaking out because I wanted to go but didn’t think I would get to (I did go in the end) and now this year there’s not even a fucking event announced and I know they haven’t said there won’t be one but like, what if there isn’t? I’m so eager to go and I don’t even know if it’s going to happen. I should make sure I have money put away at least to buy a general admission ticket the second they go on sale.