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Did you go to art school? I like to draw but the idea of going to art school to get better overwhelms me because i will see better artists who learned on their own:/ I still draw lots even if I do suck or maybe missing key points in drawing

this got rlly long in retrospect.

i go to ocad in downtown toronto, and i’m going to tell you something i seriously wish someone had drilled into my head when i was much younger: your artistic ability comes down to how often you work, how hard you work, and how hungry for growth you are. i am acquainted with mindblowing illustrators who never set foot in an art school, and illustrators that never majored in illustrating. they are all fantastic and inspiring and some of the hardest working people i know.

for some people being in an art school is great, because it provides them with a structure and education that is entirely art-based all the time, and gives them a semblance of obligation to be putting out work regularly and a lot of very useful and important criticism from both classmates and professors (who are typically professionals and well-known in the field). but this is not the only way to learn. and this is not the only surefire way to become a great artist or illustrator.

i’m not the best illustrator. i’m nowhere near a large majority of people i know personally, or at the level of some incredibly dedicated classmates who i regularly see busting their asses. a lot of this is going to be about finding your voice, and how you illustrate in particular, and that’s okay. being an illustrator and an artist is great, because you don’t necessarily need to be “the best” technically speaking as long as your work is putting out something meaningful, aesthetically sound, or something that just plain resonates with its audience in the right way. there are illustrators that put out work akin to something you’d draw on a paper napkin with a ballpoint pen at the end of a greasy dinner but their stuff is hilarious, and poignant, and consistent, and it sticks, because something about that napkin doodle sucker-punched parts of you you didn’t know you had and that’s. fantastic.

you’re the only person who knows how you want to learn and grow as an artist. if you feel confident about art school and want that kind of curriculum and learning structure for yourself, go for it. if you want to learn solo or don’t have the means to make your way to art school financially or otherwise, that is okay. it’s hard not having money, it’s hard not having time, it’s hard not having support, so first and foremost please let this be a thing that you enjoy even if you’re only spending ten minutes a day doing it. it’s great to love other artists and allow their work to inspire and drive you but please don’t get too caught up in “not being good enough” or up to par, because you are constantly working and furthering yourself and you’re going to be better than you were a year ago, trust me.

this is such a fragmented answer but as someone who never dreamed they’d be getting anywhere near this amount of recognition for their work a year ago, i think it’s important to put out there. you never know what’s going to stick with people, so keep making work until something does!

*remembers how i once lost three wristwatches and two cellphones in one year*
*remembers how i only kept getting new wristwatches bc my mom wanted me to set alarms for everything and become more aware of the passage of time so i’d stop forgetting and missing stuff*
*sees “frequently losing things” and “excessive forgetfulness” listed as symptoms of adhd/add"*


About the Coveteur previously unplublished photos:

In case someone missed the previous post: If you reblogged the photosets I posted of the outtakes from the coveteur photoshoot, it seems there was a bit of confusion. They were apparently not aware that those photos had been uploaded to their website and they did not intend for them to be publicly disseminated. They politely requested that the photos be taken down as “all parties involved” were not happy about them being spread around.

Since they were nice about it and it seems like there was a rookie mistake made that resulted in the images being uploaded in the first place, I figured the it would be nice to remove my original posts and I’m letting others know that the original source of those images is requesting that they be removed by anyone who reblogged them.

Hopefully, they will not upload photos that they don’t want to have published next time.

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I had kind of lost hope that people still gave SMC a positive reaction but you have restored my hope. I really needed to see a non biased post and thank you!

You know, I think you might be surprised how many people feel this way, you’re definitely not alone in feeling that!  I have gotten a lot of messages exactly like this, that people have felt really alone in enjoying SMC and they were happy to see someone talking positively about it.

I think there are more people enjoying SMC than you might realize, partly because it gets really disheartening to have so much negativity aimed at you by poorly behaved fans (not all people who don’t like SMC are poorly behaved, let’s be clear!  But enough of them are that it can still get really disheartening for some people) and you feel like giving up, just disengaging (or at least I did). That’s why there’s large chunks of liveblogging missing from my posts, because I went through a lot of weeks (months) where I was just so disheartened by fandom’s behavior that I couldn’t deal with facing it anymore.

But it’s slowly getting easier to find people who openly enjoy SMC, who are starting to feel more comfortable with talking about it!  After making it clear that I’m done with asshole behavior on my posts, I’ve started feeling much better about posting my SMC liveblogs.  I think, over the last few months, fandom has gotten a lot better about people not giving each other shit about what they do/don’t like, just living and let living, which is great to see!  (Or maybe it’s just that all our ignored user lists are getting better.  ^_~)

Part of the situation is just that there’s not a super ton of conversation in the Sailor Moon fandom!  There are pockets of it, especially if you’re into the manga, but it’s generally not a fandom that does a lot of in-depth talking, so it feels like nobody’s talking about how they enjoy SMC, I think?

Anyway, I’m glad I could be a good place for you to get some pro-SMC conversation!  I’m definitely not unbiased, I’m coming in with just as much bias as anyone, but I’m definitely on the side of enjoying SMC and how it’s giving me a great platform to talk about all these specific things from the manga storyline that I’ve so loved.

And, hell, pretty much ANY version of Sailor Moon flailing is welcome here, this is a blog that’s meant to be as positive as I can make it.  (Because that helps me, to make a point to be positive and cheerful about things, it helps me personally find a good emotional steadiness.  ♥)

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I actually like that you self reblog Its nothing bad Just that you want to make sure that people have seen your stuff and have not missed it! So keep self reblogging dude! ^¬^

exactly lol there’s like this really fucked up thing called time zones and it’s hella stupid but i’m a slave to it and i want my followers from different time zones to see my stuff as well  “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

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when did that happen? what did i miss? did grant said something towards the wa people?

Yes! Check it out here: http://grantgustinnews.com/post/115945013170/photo
He posted a meme that joked about the opening dialogue and how the only person that views Barry as a normal forensic scientist is Iris and he got attacked by a bunch of WA/Iris stans calling him racist and misogynistic because of it. Someone told him it was “revolting” that Iris is being kept in the dark. He replied to a bunch of people actually, because he was attacked hard. 

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i was just talking about this to someone but i feel like cartoons are hitting their “renaissance” and movies (esp disney) are TRYING to do that again but they’re just MISSING IT HARD

yEAH i think its because disney movies keep going back to what worked before, like Frozen was a success and kids love it, but it didn’t make nearly the impact that the little mermaid did because the little mermaid was brand new

meanwhile cartoons are trying really risky things, like has anything like otgw ever been done before?? what a huge risk that took imo, a dark miniseries with references to a time most kids aren’t familiar with? that fits interesting characters in to just 12 episodes?? and steven universe with feminine/nonbinary characters and a little boy protag with feminine rolemodels and then gravity falls using aCTUAL SATANIC IMAGERY in a kids show like i can’t imagine disney getting away with that during their movie renaissance days. and these shows looks just AMAZING too !

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Tyler's livestream with Troye, Con and Marcus last year was and still is literally my favorite Tronnor video ever. Like both Tro and Con couldn't stop looking at each other or laughing when the other one did something funny. I miss Conler so much!!

i know there are deff some cute tronnor moments in that livestream, i think there was a post going around about all the cute moments about a week ago, im glad someone did that bc it was so underappreciated! and i know i miss conler as well, but tbh i think it’s for the best bc if they weren’t happy with their friendship then there’s no need to keep it going and have it be a negative part of your life. they’ve done a good job avoiding each other and im glad that they are happy


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Sometimes, just a hug from someone you love makes the day go by just a little easier. So I did the next best thing. (:
Also this picture ended up with like 3 different backgrounds because I wasn’t happy with any of them lol



The sweet sweet OTP <3

Thank you so much love! I missed your art in my inbox ;w; <333!

I loved you so much, and you knew how much I did. I gave you everything and more. All you did was leave me in return. You left me for someone you’ve never met before. I hope that one day years from now, you think of me and I hope that puts a smile on your face. But I also hope you regret leaving me and that you come back. But when you finally do come back, I will have moved on long before you realized what you missed. But it will be too late for that. And you will finally feel how I felt.

I don’t even know what to say guys. There are so many of you that I’ve grown quite attached to and I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever since before I moved the boys over to a multimuse blog and I feel that its about time I get one done since I just hit 100 followers this morning. So here goes (and I’m sorry if I missed anyone) [Note this is also a follow forever for my Allison blog: artemisxargent]

Fuck Face

  • theaugustinesoldier​ / enzosmancandy [otp: your number one is my number two]
    • You get your own damn section cause I don’t even know which category to put you under to be quite honest. First off, I am not a bed hog. Secondly, can we totally rewind and repeat Chicago (or at least just Friday and Saturday)? Third, I am very proud that I got Mike to cuss you out, mission in life accomplished. Also, you know that you’re the entire reason I even RP in TVD fandom; the person who introduced me to Enzo (and Michael’s music). So everyone who adores me should send you some damn Bourbon as a thank you. And I am not even ashamed to hog you all to myself but when you decide to become public again (more than this, I mean I am throwing you out there), you know I’ll give you motivational support (and laugh at the same time.) Happy Birthday - tomorrow.”

The Wives

  • killerqueenpetrova / salvatorefromduke / alaricsaltzmanss​ / soldierofxheaven [otp; brain twins] 
    • Can you believe I only discovered you because I kept calling Lexie Lexi and finally I figured out there were two of you. And wow, hello my twin. Seriously, how many things do we have in common? Music, movies, love of fictional characters and their faces? Norah may have been the reason I started RPing in TVD but you are definitely the reason I stayed. (Well, and because I love my little muses and their ridiculously handsome faces. (Also know I was typing this Damon’s ring kind of fell off my finger and smacked my computer. It must really want you.) Just know that I love you and I’m here for whatever!
  • cuteblondebombshellpsycho / cauldronkicker​ / makeaspecticalofit [otp: partners in crime]
    • SOPHIE. My British Pocket Dictionary. Lets be real, you’re my life line for so many reasons not just limited to you use of proper British slang. But the slang definitely comes in handy for Enzo, cause he’s a bloody wanker. And you’re totally a ship enabler. REBENZO. I totally blame that one on you and once Bex’s blog is up and running again, I demand the Pacifier to pick up where it left off.  ily kk? 4ever!
  • brokenwxntersoldier​ / littlexwitchxdavina [otp: it’ll be fun]
    • It’ll be fun? It’s never fun. It’s painful and it makes me curl into a ball on the floor and just sob. Doesn’t mean I’d change a thing. I love it! And I love Bucky. And D too. But mostly Bucky. And Alaric. Cause I’m pretty sure its still in permanent marker on Bucky’s bio arm “This Ass Belongs To Ric”. Bucky was not amused, Ric really was tho. And Three’s Not A Crowd with Carina and Allison will be the death of me. Or Bucky. Carina and Allison is one set of twins he may not be able to handle tbh. oxoxo
  • ofcorruptlungs [otp: be brave]
    • Sarah! My original Tumblr wife from way back when. Like, the dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth. I should blame you for a lot of my ship problems. Especially my M/M ship obsession. I do believe that our Fouric was my first M/M Tumblr ship ever. And that was a blood difficult ship, what with them always trying to kill each other. I even loved Fem!Four. She always brought out the softer-ish side of Eric. BUT I can’t wait to fuck shit up with our TVD boys. Just hand of Kai and Damon now. I’ll return them fully exhausted, well feed, and completely in bliss. Promise. 
  • oncethestag[otp: control me]
    • Anouk. Seriously you had my unconditional love at the message where I asked what Elijah would do to Enzo and damn I must have read your reply a million times (and sent it to a few people) before I could find the words to reply. It took me so long to even get my shit together that you were worried you crossed some line and apologized. I shipped them the moment you sent me that. And Eliric. And whatever Damon and Eljiah is. And Klijah. We are going to be a bundle of messy feels by the time we are done with all of our boys. ILY okay? Okay!

The BFFs

I don’t even know how I found some of you tbh but I love all of you and I think those of you on the bFFs list are all dangerously close to being Tumblr Wives. How many wives can I have? It doesn’t matter, all the polygamy. ALL THE POLYGAMY.

The Baes

I love all of the threads I have with each of you and I want more. (yes Lia, I want things okay. I’m working on it). Some of you (minus Lia XD) I don’t talk to nearly as much as I want to but that’s just me being super self conscious and not wanting to fuck shit up. 


You lovely collection of people that I love to stalk and want to rp with but generally have no idea how to start it so I just pet you from afar and admire your amazing characters.

And a special shout out to weregoingtohaveanewcode for being my 100th follower. 

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1 .I have tried to find answer what will happen if Kurai removes the eclipse neclace outside the realm, where the house is. Does he die straight away or does he magically transport into the house, as the eclipse allows the user to move outside the house. 2. Who did Kurai kill to get such a "cruel" punishment. He was a general, and it´s hard to imagine Kurai lose his temperament for a common fight. Or was his crime more than just killing someone. I recall reading that murder was his crime.

Kinda long post ahead, it’s very choppy and missing details, but hopefully this answers your questions!  Not sure if I could have added a ‘read more’/break here, couldn’t find any options for it.  I’m not good at writing either, so apologies for any skipping around or confusion. X:


1.  There will be a negative pull between Kurai and the Eclipse because the curse that is housed in the Eclipse and burrowed in Kurai will oppose being moved far from the Eclipse or Kurai.  The pull is similar to trying to pry apart two magnets.  Only Kurai will notice and sense this, and it won’t be pleasant.  

No, Kurai does not die straight away.  Instead, the curse must work itself into his vitals.  In his case, it focuses more on his heart and lungs, but has an overall impact on his health that causes him to loose much of his strength after some time.  I don’t like to put out numbers, but it takes months for Kurai to become visually ill to the average passerby.  He hides it well.

I have results where Kurai does live, but I’m not keen on many of the routes, and many are way out of Kurai’s character.

2.  During a planned battle, he killed five of his own men in a frenzy onslaught that resulted in extreme debates and being sent to the House as a final solution.  If asked about the event, Kurai would only be able to tell of a few events that took place before, but none during.  The reason behind it is entirely schemed and controlled by a soldier that was once under his command (albeit reluctantly.) 

 Kurai was Vladimir’s ‘sacrificial crane’ (the country’s sigil) in a fantastical way.  Kurai is an Arch, a race finding its home far, far north of Vladimir’s capitol city.  Being this strange, exotic, and even more far from the usual, winged, people saw him as their crane.  Archs are known for their frame and wings. He was expected to present himself winged during ceremonies to ‘awe’ onlookers and give them more of a reason to respect and support him.  Kurai didn’t much care for being pushed into the open, but he was bound by contract (contracts are taken seriously in Vladimir), so must please its residents.

 He was not the first Arch to find themself in Vladimir’s fighting ranks, but was more bold in confronting the Senate about the war making itself north.  This fact does not settle well with the Archs, and some would leave their homeland to fight for Vladimir, assuming they were the winning force in the war and help keep the war south.  To strike a deal, the Senate made a promise to keep the war south if Kurai fought for Vladimir.  A blood contract was signed and he was trained and readied for war.  From there he climbed ranks and landed himself in the position of General after the previous was killed.

In the light of the five soldiers’ deaths came a slew of events that shook some of the already uneasy foundation of the Senate and even the Queen herself.  There were a lot of rumors about Kurai and the Queen being rather close, and those that were opposed of Kurai escaping the death sentence also viewed her negatively by association.  Galek, the soldier that oversaw much of the events took advantage of the chaos and was promoted to General without much hesitation.  He was and is backed by powerful and influential people, and he is able to carry himself quite well.

The events that took place before the bloodshed are known by very few.  Galek’s scheme was rather prosaic and dry, but wildly risky, so was very rigid on who was welcomed into his secret circle, who he fooled, and who he threatened. To keep himself more or less away from suspicion he worked as the puppeteer and planner.  He did not partake in the immediate events that caused such a storm, though he did certainly push the pieces in place.  Those that posed even the slightest risk went missing quickly.  In times of war, it was easy to blame the enemy.

One soldier, a general’s guard, was reeled into Galek’s scheme by force.  He went missing on his own after committing the ‘final’ act of Galek’s primary plan to remove Kurai from high status.    

There’s a lot that happens in the ‘inbetweens’ of things, but I tried to keep it short.  


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PM: I want whatever you want, Miss. We can do whatever you’d like. Is there a kink you’ve ways wanted to try perhaps?

I don’t think anyone’s ever told me that before. Not in those terms, anyways.

– Um. I.. honestly don’t know. I’ve never had someone submit to me sexually. Or, I did once, but it was well over five months ago, and there wasn’t anything particularly kinky about it. I’ve mostly stuck with giving subs like, chores to do and stuff. Or even making me dinner, since I can’t cook. But I know cooking’s not your strong suit either, so I won’t ask that of you.

I’m probably sounding like, really confusing right now, and maybe borderline hot mess, but I’d love to do something with you. Maybe just, non-sexual to start. So I don’t dive in without my arm floaties, so to speak.

the problem is that, prior to tonight, i still had some respect for you

i still valued your friendship, and the things you did to me, disgusting and unforgivable as they are, did not negate all the wonderful things youve done over the past couple years

but now? tonight?

I’ve lost all respect for you.

and I’m so sad that it’s come to this

Restored Constitution

You’ve learned before that parting ways doesn’t necessarily mean rejection [of them nor of yourself]
You’ve now been faced with another fear that you worry could break your constitution.
I know I did not reject him, we merely parted ways because I awoke to see that we are in different phases, bound to different faiths.
What I came to see was a compilation of fronts… I know, but it dug deep. He posted and posted, trying to hurt me with this and that… trying to prove this and that to God knows who else…

and implying that I’m sad he’s not in my life anymore because he’s something special, someone I’m missing out on- when it’s really that I’m sad I’d chosen another asshole to be around.

Not to say that the rest of him isn’t spellbinding, because it is, I do not reject his beauties.
Our detachment begins with the part of him that tries crush love, sincerity and authenticity… refusing to explore true depths, and instead dealing with hidden monsters that spontaneously attack.

‘Let me use you for my amusement, at the expense of your hopes and dreams’, I hear him say.
But sadly, he probably didn’t hear one word about what my hopes and dreams entail.
“It’ll be fun” he says, “that’s my guarantee”, leaving his heart in a box 1000 leagues under the sea.

It hurts to understand him, without him showing any effort to understand me. I want to tell him, but no words will ever reach his ears, I know. He’d see it himself, if he were to understand.

I’m more than tired of missing opportunities because of being focused on the wrong ones, or at least being more comfortable with them…

Move on, try again. There’s no time, like the present.

anybody else remember pinned posts? i’m glad they got rid of those

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Truth. I do really love how AO3 has comments set up, and how you can go to different threads through your email notifications. Very much like LJ I guess.

I’ve never been on LJ, because by the time I got into fandom, everyone was already on tumblr and AO3. So I missed that experience. I’ve blogged for years on Wordpress, though, and I loved how neatly I could organize my blog there, and how quickly and competently the support staff responded to any inquiries or requests for help. I also had a shared blog with someone on Blogspot, but that was years ago and he did most of the running–I just usually emailed him my posts, so I can’t really say much about that platform.

What I do appreciate about tumblr, though, is the vibrant sense of community based on common interests that is thriving in a way that I’ve never really known before. To most people who came from LJ, that’s probably nothing new, but it’s absolutely novel to me. My first year on Wordpress, the only people who ever read my blog were people who knew me in brickspace, but I came here on tumblr last December knowing absolutely nobody, and within the first week I found people to talk to who made me feel welcome (s/o to lillyjkwritesfic viveleloutre and bethanyactually). That was so amazing, and that’s how I got so immersed in tumblr so deeply and so quickly. The community is the addictive thing about tumblr.

Now if they could just fix the functionality….