This is going to just be a text post as I don’t have any creative imagery ideas to make this flashy.

The last convention I went to was pretty horrid for me financially. I had anticipated that con to help pay for rent and help fund my trip to Shatterdome Atlanta. That was not the case in any way. All told, it was a fun con, with lots of cool people, but I lost a good chunk of money due to car travel, parking, and food, that did not get anywhere close made up with sales (I was frugal, but sales weren’t good). As it stands right now, I don’t know how I’m going to afford going to Shatterdome Atlanta.

I have some time before my mom hits the point where she needs to cancel/get a voucher/what-have-you for the plane tickets (she was gracious enough to pay for flights to and from, the most expensive bit of the trip by far), so I’d like to try to pool enough money to help with rent and leave me with enough left to attend Shatterdome Atlanta. I hate taking something for nothing, so here’s somethings that could help me out:

  • Commissions. Always always open. Teaching, freelance, and personal commissions are how I live.
  • Special custom kaiju commissions. TECHNICALLY only for Shatterdome Atlanta attendees, but if you cannot attend and still want one, I was considering just tacking on $10 and would ship them to you (or perhaps doing them digitally, whatever, you can ask if you’re interested). (If for some reason I cannot go to Atlanta, I will ship these commissions to the attendees who bought them, free of charge.)
  • Storenvy! All the prints and postcards and rabbits and the Lesser Eldritch Beast zine are up there.
  • Patreon. This is a touch bit more delayed as far as helping me out, but you can see some things early, get a monthly sketchbook (the sketchbook posted in June will be twice the usual length as it will be a April/May combined PDF), and digital sketch requests every month if you’re at a certain level.

Sorry for the text wall. Hopefully didn’t leave any information out. I was in tears when I was talking to my mom about canceling our plane tickets. Shatterdome Atlanta happens a couple days after my birthday, so I was looking at it as a birthday present to myself. I want to make it work, but my husband and I are still in a precarious financial position.

no but who came up with the idea of putting immortan joe’s body on the hood of the car? 

did they stop have have a discussion?  did someone say “how are we going to make this dramatic??” 

was it one of the vuvalini?? dag??? cheedo or toast???? 

did max just say listen up this is how we are goin in?????? or was it furiosa “fuck this guy stick him on the hood” ??????????

!!!! If you have bad skin

Okay guys and girls,I don’t usually do text posts about anything really,but you have to know this. So for a very long time I’ve had a really bad skin.Breakouts,acne and acne scars.The other day I’ve read online that you have to put chamomile tea on your face every day.So I did.I started doing it about a week ago.Basically I just make a chamomile tea and while it’s warm I put it on my face with a cotton pad. My skin is instantly really soft and my face is clearing up so fast, and what’s more important,there are no new breakouts!

Pietro picking on Clint for being super excited when he sees a dog.

Clint stealing his fries and shoving them all in his mouth.

Pietro makes a sound of outrage.

With his mouth full of food Clint says “Didn’t see that coming did you?”

Camera goes to a close up of Pietro’s horrified face.

Credits roll.

Re-watching season four of the show has just re-affirmed for me how wrong Delena is and how insane the writers had to be to actually make them a couple. 

As a Stelena shipper, obviously I am slightly anti-Delena, but I’ve never been as anti Damon/Delena as some other Stelena shippers, and one thing I always believed was that Elena choosing Damon did make sense and I felt that I understood why Elena loved Damon. I actually had the opinion that Elena needed Damon when she became a vampire and that he was the only one that was capable of helping her to accept herself as a vampire and to move on and be happy, but after re-watching season four, I’ve realised how brain-washed I was. 

We’ve been bombarded so many times with how Damon helped Elena come to terms with being a vampire, how he made he feel alive even in death and blah blah blah, and how Stefan made her unhappy and looked at her as a “broken toy”, and the crazy thing is, that even as a Stelena shipper, I believed these lies. I truly believed that Elena’s choice to be with Damon made sense and that he was the right person for her at that particular time, but now I’ve realised how untrue and ridiculous that is. 

Damon didn’t help Elena in any way shape or form to handle becoming a vampire, in fact he only made it harder for her and was the cause for her complete and utter break-down. From the very second that Elena awoke and was in transition, Damon was negative. He basically told her to get a grip, to let go of her hopes of being a human and get used to being a vampire. Despite Elena wanting more than anything not to hurt anyone, he encouraged her and insisted that she feed from people, and him saying this is where Elena’s first problem as a vampire arose from. Because of the sire bond, Damon telling Elena she had to drink fresh blood from the vein meant that she couldn’t keep down animal blood or drink from blood bags. This was traumatic for Elena, she quite literally vomited blood everywhere and was convinced she was going to die, but worse than that she was forced to feed from people. She fed on Matt and lost control and hurt him, which left her feeling guilty and ashamed and then in 4x04 Damon actually took Elena out to teach her how to feed on people. If you haven’t seen the episode in a while I recommend that you go watch it to remind yourselves of how distraught Elena was because of Damon. Not only had she become the one thing she never wanted to be, but she was also doing the one thing she never wanted to do; harming innocent people, and all because of Damon. All of Elena’s issues with blood in the first few episodes of the season were because of Damon

The next source of pain for Elena in season 4, was when she killed Connor. And why did she kill him? Oh, that’s right, because Damon told her to. Elena’s compassion and love for other people meant that the mere thought of killing another person was unthinkable to her, and because of Damon she committed that one act she feared the most. She became a murderer. After killing Connor, Elena was distraught and honestly, the lowest we’d ever seen her, but it only got worse. Connor was a hunter and that meant that Elena was faced with the hunters curse. She was having awful hallucinations, being taunted and tortured by her worst fears and insecurities, all of her nightmares coming to life, pushing her to kill herself. All of this because of Damon.  

Once the sire bond was discovered by Stefan and Caroline, Damon told Elena she could drink from blood bags to test the sire-bond theory (finally he did something useful with the sirebond.) This resolved most of Elena’s issues with blood (although she had been feeding from Matt with no problems) and she was clearly happy with this turn-around in 4x08 where she stated she was a “fully functioning vampire”. So, yes, Damon helped Elena with her bloodlust issues, but the problem is that if the sire bond hadn’t existed in the first place Elena would have been able to drink from blood bags from the beginning and never would have suffered through what she did. 

But the moment where Elena’s biggest downfall occurred has got to be 4x14 after Jeremy died and she turned off her humanity. Stefan feared from the very beginning that Elena would turn off her humanity and more than anything he didn’t want that to happen, because he knew her so well and he knew that if she did it would strip away everything she was and there was a chance she may never return, yet Damon didn’t know this. Not only did he force Elena to feed on people and kill Connor, but he actually told her to turn off her humanity knowing that she would kill and hurt so many more people. Instead of using the sire bond to simply calm her, he actually told her to turn it off, all because of his personal views on what a vampire should be. He had no consideration for Elena’s happiness or her choice and that’s what makes me most sick about Damon doing this. Elena had no say in turning off her humanity. She didn’t turn it off willingly, Damon made her. If he hadn’t have used the sire bond to do this, would Elena have turned it off by choice? I don’t think she would. I think despite the agony and heartbreak she was going through, she would suffer through it because she wouldn’t want to lose who she was. 

Can I also just go slightly off the subject here and say that for 3 seasons Stefan managed to be there for Elena and help her through all of her pain and struggles. She lost her parents in a car crash where she almost died herself, learned about vampires/the supernatural, found out she was adopted, discovered that her biological father was her uncle and that her biological mother was a vampire who was turned by Damon and seemed to not care for her at all, she had to suffer through being taunted and threatened by Katherine, being hunted by Klaus, watching Bonnie lose her Grams and Matt lose Vickie, she was kidnapped, hunted, stalked, she watched the people she loved suffer loss, be tortured and abused, she actually died as part of Klaus’ sacrifice, she watched her biological parents die, watched Jenna die, lost Alaric…all of this happened in seasons 1-3 (and there’s still so much that Elena suffered through that I haven’t included) and yet through all of that somehow Elena got through, and a huge part of that is because it was Stefan that was by her side to support her and comfort her and not Damon. Stefan always knew how to be there for Elena in ways Damon never could be. 

But back onto the point, after Damon had told Elena to turn it off she fed on more innocent people, she murdered innocent people, attacked her friends, hurt everyone she cared about with her words and her actions and generally became everything she never wanted to be; evil, soulless, vindictive, selfish, reckless, a monster. After Elena had been forced to switch her humanity back on by watching Matt die, she was overwhelmed with pain, guilt, agony and every other crippling, negative emotion you can name. It’s easy to forget why she was going through this (especially because it’s never mentioned again), but it was all because of Damon. 

Every single bad thing that happened to Elena (aside from Jeremy being killed) was because of Damon. Yet we’re led to believe Damon helped her to accept who she was and find happiness? Even Stefan said that Damon helped her to “own the dark parts of herself”, no he forced her to own the dark parts of herself. He forced her to become a murderer, to hurt innocent people. Damon and the sire-bond are the reason for Elena suffering through the worst period of her life. All of that pain, that guilt, every terrible thing she did in season 4 was because of Damon

After realising all of this, it just re-affirmed how wrong Damon is for Elena and how right Stefan is for her. If Elena had stayed with Stefan, I can guarantee that her life and her transition would’ve been easier and happier.  Stefan would have helped her and supported her emotionally and mentally, he would have been her partner and equal and helped her to adjust to being a vampire, but to still be the person she wanted to be. He would’ve protected her from the pain she went through because of Damon. Stefan wouldn’t have told her to turn it off, he wouldn’t have encouraged her to feed on people, he would have reminded her everyday of who she was and who she wasn’t. He would make sure she clung to her humanity at all costs, he would have guarded her heart and soul with his life. He would have stood by her through anything and everything and would have helped Elena through the pain without the sire bond. Stefan’s profound emotional connection and ability to calm Elena and comfort her means that he wouldn’t need to tell her to turn it off, he would’ve known how to be there for her. He would’ve known how to help her accept being a vampire, but to also stay true to who she was as a person. It’s Elena choosing Damon that compromised everything about herself that she once was and changed who she was. Elena’s dramatic change in personality all stems from the tragedies she suffered in season 4, that were once again, caused by Damon. 

So don’t try to tell me that Damon helped Elena to “feel alive” or that he taught her how to be a vampire or that he was the only one that could get her through that dark period in her life, because I now know that’s a complete and utter lie. Elena got through that period by herself. She was the one that picked herself up again after she got her humanity back and she is the one that had to face up to everything she’d done and accept it, even though it was Damon’s mess. Even though his attitude and selfish decisions were the reason for all of her pain and suffering.  But if Elena had been with Stefan, she never would’ve been alone and he would’ve kept her happy and safe, just like he always did. She wouldn’t have done half of the awful things she did and she would’ve got through it in the right way, with the right person by her side.

Michael walks into your shared room with just a towel hanging loosely around his torso. “hey babygirl. when did you get home” he says winking at you and biting his lips. “a minute ago” you say looking down at his glistening body. “glad I did.” you say winking at him. you walk out the room swaying your hips seductively. you feel his eyes on you as he quickly slides on boxers. you head downstairs to the kitchen and make some tea. Michael enters the room hugging you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder. his lips connect with your neck and shoulders, leaving sloppy kisses making you whimper. you turn around to face him crashing your lips to his. his tongue runs across your bottom lip begging for permission. you grant has he kisses you passionately. his hands go under your bum hinting you to jump. you wrap your legs around his torso, and tangle your fingers through his damp hair. he groans as you tug. you teasingly press yourself against him making him moan. “fuck.” you kiss him tugging at his bottom lip, while one of your hands plays with the band of his boxers occasionally dipping a few fingers in. “(Y/N) don’t be a fucking tease.” he groans. you turn around pressing your bum on his hard erection then simply leaving him in the kitchen whimpering for you.

do you ever think about the look on carols face when rick thanks her for cleaning his clothes? imo she looks fucking surprised that someone thanked her for for it.


ok this just got out of hand so i’m posting the scene at it’s current completion point *throws hands up*

did i mention the bar was parker, hardison, and eliot’s?

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No warnings.

Can I pick you up Thursday? Steve texts on Tuesday and Tony blushes in an investors meeting and gets kicked in the ankle by Pepper.

Tony doesn’t get why Steve wants to pick him up when it makes more sense for him to drive out to Brooklyn and save Steve the trip, but he also really wants it for reasons he won’t let himself think about.

So when Pepper’s busy talking, he texts back, Only if you wear the jacket again.

Done, Steve replies an instant later and Tony has to cover his grin with his hand.

The pointed look he gets from Pepper says he doesn’t do so well, but he can’t bring himself to care.

Bucky can’t wait to meet you, he gets on Wednesday at lunch. It kicks his nerves into high gear and he ends up abandoning his grilled cheese. He’s got butterflies, like a little kid, Jesus. He hasn’t been this nervous to meet someone in longer than he can remember. Fortunately, Rhodey calls and distracts him, asking about what he’s up to this week.

There’s no reason not to, and normally he would, but for some reason Tony keeps his plans for tomorrow to himself. If he had to guess, he’d say Rhodey would approve.

It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that mentioning it to someone outside the fantasy might break the spell.


Thursday night he changes three times before settling for a t-shirt and some dark jeans with his leather jacket. What the hell does it matter, they’re just clothes.

This time he makes it out to the curb before Steve arrives though, so he gets to stare his fill while Steve guides the bike right up to him. “Hi,” he says, not even giving Steve the time to do more than get his feet on the ground before he’s climbing on the back, cramming the helmet down over his head. He hears Steve laugh and feels chagrined for about a second before Steve twists the throttle and the bike roars beneath them. Tony’s hands grip tight around Steve’s muscled waist and he thanks whoever’s out there for whatever it is he did that got him here.

Steve tugs off his helmet and smiles up at Tony when they get to the bar, blue eyes crinkled, and for the millionth time Tony thinks, shit, those eyes. “It’s good to see you, Tony,” he says warmly.

Heat crawls up out from under Tony’s collar and he nods, ducking his head. “Yeah, it’s good to see you, too. I, uh, I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” he admits and is lifting the boot to kick himself in the ass when he glances up and sees Steve’s beaming smile.

He gets up off the bike and says, voice gone soft, “I’m glad.”

Tony’s heart rabbits around in his chest so fast he feels breathless. “I. Yeah,” he croaks.

Then Steve turns to clip his helmet to the bike and he can breathe again. Oh god, what’s he gotten himself into?

Inside, Thor, Sam, and Clint are already at the table, arguing in good-natured, but loud, voices.

“Hey guys,” Steve says, sliding into a chair.

“Steve, tell him,” Clint says immediately. “Tell him he’s bonkers.”

“He’s the one who’s bonkers,” Sam says.

Thor shakes his head, obviously amused by both of them.

“Wheat beers,” Clint presses, “nasty as fuck or tolerable when drunk enough?”

“Oh no,” Steve says, holding his hands up. “Leave me outta this. If Eliot hears—”

“Oh, Eliot’s heard,” a voice growls from behind them and Tony turns to see the long-haired bartender scowling at them and violently wiping a glass clean. “You two don’t even deserve to drink it. Hops and wheat beers both have their places, if you can’t see the damn difference and appreciate it maybe you need to find yourselves a new bar to drink at, huh?”

Clint’s eyes go wide. “I didn’t mean it. Not a word. Totally talking out my ass. Wheat beer’s great. I’ll have one right now, in fact.”

Someone else sighs loudly from the back of the bar. It turns out to be a tall, thin black man who’s midway through an eyeroll. “Did someone start talking shit about the beer again? There is a sign,” he says, and points to the center of the bar, where there is in fact a folded paper card that reads in elegantly typeset letters: DO NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT BEER. THE BARTENDER IS ORNERY.

It’s like a circus in here.

Tony loves it.

He’s even more delighted when the bartender comes out from behind the bar and sets a pint of beer with the perfect amount of head down in front of Clint with a bang and a scowl. Then he sets down a small tray of cheese chunks slightly less violently and jabs a finger at it. “Bacon gouda. Eat it. Drink the beer. Then maybe, maybe I’ll let your dumb ass stay.”

Tony laughs when Clint immediately pops a chunk in his mouth and swallows a mouthful out of the glass. He looks up at the bartender. “Do you usually threaten your customers?”

“Only all the time,” the black guy says and curls a hand lightly around the bartender’s elbow. “Eliot, babe, come on. We’ve talked about this, man.”

“He was talking shit about wheat beer! The wheat beer you make, because I know he doesn’t go and buy it at the store! I ain’t gonna let that slide!”

The other man looks torn between abject adoration and exasperation. “That's— I’m very flattered. That’s sweet. You are sweet. The sweetest. In fact, can I see you in the back. Right now. Yes, right now.”

The bartender smacks his hand away, but he’s flushing and doing as he’s been asked. “Don’t call me sweet, Hardison. I am not sweet. I’m salty. I’m very fuckin’ salty, okay, are you listening to me?”

The door to the back swings shut behind them, muffling their voices and Thor reaches across the table and smacks Clint with the back of his hand. “Look at what you’ve done. You very nearly got us ejected.”

Ow,” Clint says and then stares sullenly at his beer and the plate of cheese. “This is really good, dammit.”

The swinging door pops open and the bartender sticks his head out, lips swollen and red. “You’re damn right it is!” he snaps, and then he’s dragged back behind the doors.

“You should know better,” Steve says, giving Clint a judgmental look.

Tony laughs so hard he starts wheezing.


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who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave: eddie did. eddie did because he was like ‘look at me i’m barry allen i can just do whatever the hell i want’ puts peeps in microwave and barry comes in like “oh cool we’re blowing up peeps!” and eddie sighs for 50 years

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex:  eddie did. eddie has a very possessive cat named mittens who refuses to leave his side so. if eddie’s having sex mittens will be on the nightstand. watching. waiting.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit: eddie has a vine account of barry, definitely

who breaks the most phones: barry does. he keeps texting too fast and pulverizing the screen with his fingers

who dies first: no

which one I could see as being lactose intolerant: eddie. which just makes him feel GREAT since barry will have like, 10 milkshakes in 15 minutes maybe more like who even knows barry eats everything and eddie is lactose intolerant

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t: EDDIE THAWNE.  Eddie Thawne, expert clarinet player. where did he even get a clarinet. why is he playing the clarinet. why is this happening

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed: barry is most likely to roll out of bed of his own accord

who uses the computer most: barry runs his ‘weird central city’ blog and eddie helps him take pictures

So, I decided I would share this lovely piece of art with you all before I go to sleep, or try anyway. So, this is obviously bubbline, and I’ll give you the story behind the drawing. Pb is singing of a love (Marcy), quietly and sadly. Marcy is singing “I’m just your problem” with great despair and pain,  heartbroken over what she fears is true about Pb’s thoughts of her. While Pb makes a wish to be with Marcy, Marcy despairs with a heavy feeling in her chest over what she fears will never be. 

On that note, goodnight tumblr!

(This is in fact, my art, I did post it on my DA, I did not steal it. Feel free to reblog, but don’t delete my text, please!)