I don’t necessarily want to touch this subject, especially on Tumblr. But, the new adventure of Marvel outing Iceman as gay pisses me off. Now don’t any of you get your panties in a knot, it’s not because he’s gay in general. It’s the obviouis lazy writing and the plain fact this is another publicity stunt. What Marvel needs to do, is just make more gay characters if they truley want to get involved in that. Leave older characters alone. They did some originality with Miles Morales! Outing Bobby Drake is just to get more attention. And it’s working as usual. People keep buying into this just assuming that they’re “doing something great and substantial for the gay community.” NO. They’re using you to make more money. DC did the same thing with Alan Scott. If they want to be progressive, make another original gay character. I know people agree with me on this so stand up and don’t be afraid of Tumblr hate. And how in the world is Bobby suppossedly straight when he’s an adult??

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Hellooo~ WCIF Daria's little boots and socks? Unless of corse they came with the game and I'm just being a dumdum. (P.S.: You already know this but I love every single thing you post♥).

Hi :) The love goes right back at you :P

The boots and socks did indeed come with the game^^ Since I’m a really lazy outfit creator I just use the style option (wish we could make our own so I can download a million styles….). Easiest way to find them would probably be using the style and check out where they are located hehe


I hate catching feelings while doing this, it really knocks me off my game and I’m always blindsided. I’ve been getting approached by the most beautiful influencial men while working this past week and I seriously lost my ways. The most beautiful Brazilian fortune 500 company owner bought me lunch yesterday and pushed for dinner but I really didn’t have it in me to go with it. He programmed his number in my phone and vice versa and even called me as soon as I left to try and persuade me for dinner but I kept making excuses. I like that he’s persistent and he’s still trying (texting me at the moment) because I miss having that type of affect on a man. I did tell you guys being with Technical is either going to be very good for me or very bad and right now I can’t tell which is effecting me more. Sorry this isn’t like my usual posts I’ve just been so off lately and burying myself with more projects at work and so many of you have been asking where I’ve been (thanks so much for the people that actually keep up with me) so I figured I owed you guys a little something since I haven’t wrote in a little while. I’m really tired and I don’t really have much more to spill or that I can spill so later ladies.

-Anne 💋

You know what I want to see? Just one Larry tinhat respond to any number of the posts people make about exactly why we’re against them. All they do is ignore us and twist our words and make gross assumptions about our intentions.

Take urbanizayntion‘s post about the problems with Rainbow Direction. It’s a perfect example. Did any of the larries even read it? Did they feel any guilt or shame for their behaviour? If they’re so convinced they’re “right,” why are they so afraid to reply to valid questions and people’s hurt feelings?

When people actually reblog and like art of your characters that you post

When people ask if they’re allowed to draw fanart of them / tell you they’ve drawn fanart of them for you

How to love yourself

Take a bubble bath
Mix some sugar, olive oil, lemon juice, and some vanilla together and rub it on your legs before you shave
Try a leave-in conditioner
Listen to your favorite music
Make a DIY facial mask
Drink lots of water
Light a candle
Go to bed early
Try something new
Use coconut oil
Wear your favorite underwear
Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re a cutie


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the painting is Light of Iris by Georgia O’Keefe but I bet my art hoes already knew that :)

charlie-and-books Follow Forever 1

 As I reached 200 (well, more now) followers, I wanted to do something, so I had the idea of doing a follow forever as a video. However because I am awkward I did not like the way it turned out, so I am just going to do it as a text post instead!

 First of all, to everyone following, I want to say, why? I am just a guy who likes books and has an infatuation with Harry Potter. I never thought I would get this many followers. But I must thank you all for putting up with me on your dash, and make a promise that once I move, there will be more original content and not just reblogs.

 Right, to the blogs, here are my favourites which I mentioned yesterday, and why they are my favourites. It is in no particular order:

herautsurnaturel: The first blog is not a booklr blog, but instead a mix of classics, languages, architecture, art, attractive alive/dead people, drunken readings, and anything else that takes her fancy. She is a genuinely lovely person, and if you’re after something different on your dash, definitely follow her.

thewittyromantic: She was one of the first people that started chatting to on here, and she is always friendly. Her passion for writing is amazing, and it does rub off onto you. If you are not following her yet, go do it!

mynamesjessieb: If you are not following her yet, why not? She is another one who chats, but also has a passion for Parks and Recreation (which is amazing) and Harry Potter. Her blog is easy to go through, and is not strictly books only, but another who blogs what takes her fancy, so it is always a surprise what comes up! 

freshface-blankpage: What can I say, I love her blog. I think it started when I was reading The Song of Achilles, and I enjoyed her posts about it, and her passion for trying to get people to read the book. Her blog is so much more though, from the horoscope reblogs (and writing her own), to her writing, and her ukulele videos, seriously, why are you still reading this and not going through her blog?

glasbluete: This is a new blog I am following but already it is one of my favourites. I cannot pinpoint why, but I think it is the eclectic mix of different subjects, which includes LotR, languages, HP among other things. Check it out, send a hello, and let the passion for the favourites take you over!

Now obviously these are not the only blogs, but I did promise to expand on them from the anon ask yesterday. However there are many more blogs which I enjoy:

alibraryismyparadise, abookthiefandawordshaker, acciobooksandsunshine, allthosegoodbooks, adarlansassasssin, amberthebooklion, amethystgalathynius, antstepsbooks, bblovesbooks, bibliowitch, boneseasonofglassbooks-and-cookies, books-glorious-books, buttermybooks, chronicintrovert, compulsivebookworm, cozyrainydaybooks, daeneryswill, danireadsthings, dancers-and-dragons, drea-alfa-wolf, escapingintoabook, emma-reads, enchante-ma-vie, foldedbetweenthepages, fairy-book, findinghomeinabook, fleury-et-bott, foreverbookish, ginvraweasley, gonnaneedabiggerbookshelf, geeleeny, hannah-bananas2002, hopeful-bibliophile, intoxicatingstories, ifreakinlovebooks, ignited-by-books, immzies-adventures-through-books, inbetweenfictionandreality, itsmg, j-k-reading, justasimplegirlwholovesbooks, just-one–more-page, kat-is-reading, kingofdasquirrels, kaylasreads, loonylovesbooks, manikinfear, mariesbookblog, mariethelibrarian, magic-in-every-book, megstheteenbookaddict, midnightpatronus, nowacceptingfirstborns, obsessive-book-disorder, perksofreadingbooks, pollyandbooks, paytonbriauna, paellego, quasi-economist, rainydayscoffeeandbooks, readingperks, reddrmartens, sleepy-bookworm, sincerelybooked, sammyandherbooks, saruelle, sickerquothcassandra, signourneybooks, sooorry-im-booked, stefito0o, theboywhocriedbooks, tilly-and-her-books, thebookhangover, tea-books-lover, the-bookshelf-at-the-end, theperksofbeingabookseller, thewizardthatreads, themerwholockiantree, two-lumpsofsugar-and-tea, whatlovelybooksxgingerbookworm, yur-a-wizard,

I am sorry if I forgot to add you here, and I am also sorry if you do not like being tagged in these. It isn’t the full list, but these are the main ones I see. If you made it this far, well done, I salute you, and thank you!

when you make a text post and see that someone added to it and so you’re thinking “holy shit what did i say? are they mad at me? am going to have to throw down? nooo i just wanted a drama free night” and then it’s just “haha same”

So like is Sarah Stubbs coming back (to give Alison a hug) in season 3 or is she like gone for good now?? Where is our resident badass adorable soccermom hugger?? Alison is going to need a lot of hugs this season who will hug her if not Sarah Stubbs??? Where is our Alison hug master huh show huh??