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  • ever had a Leo dream? describe!

Actually yea I have, they are always completely random, and hes always young in them. He like called me, and we went out, and he was dressed the way he was for the movie “Dons Plum” We had drinks and he considered us to be together. (I WISH.) But yea, it was an awesome night with leo. Too bad it was a dream. :pp

  • least favourite character Leo’s played and why?!

I dislike his character as “Derek” in Dons Plum because he had to be such ass in it! He had like one nice moment the whole thing. -_-

  • if you could pick where & when you’d meet Leo, what would your ideal situation be & why?

I’d love to meet over dinner, somewhere like us alone, so no one else would see my reaction to him, and so we could have like alone time. xD Eat a nice dinner, walk around together, let him hold me in his arms. Anything really :)

  • are you ‘protective’ of any of him movies - why? like sentimental reasons etc.

Stereotypical, but Titanic for one, that was one of the first Leo movies Ive seen, and I cant stand when people say that movie was bullshit. It is kinda what started the big obsession, yet I liked him before that too. <3

  • favourite girlfriend he’s had - why?

I dont really have a favorite, but lets go with Juliet Lewis. I like her :p

  • do you think you have anything in common with leo?

YES:) The fact that he has passion for whatever he does c:

  • which upcoming movie of his are you most excited about?

The Great Gatsby :D I just read the book and cant wait to see him all fancy. But hes seriously going to die in another movie. -_-

  • favourite thing he’s done for the environment?

The fact that he has an island, and he is trying to turn it into an eco-friendly resort. :D I’d spend my money there. :pp

  • tough choice, but if you had to choose - least attractive character he’s played?

Least attractive…J. Edgar hoover I’d have to say. I guess because he looked really old, and they put contacts on him to make his eyes so dark, it was just not good :p

  • would you like to see him in a comedy?

Sure :) Why not. Even though his scene is dramatic movies I’d love to see him try. xD

  • name the most RANDOM fact you know about him - eg. he had a pet lizzard.

He LOVES Jersey Shore :)

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  • How do you feel about him dying in almost every movie hes in?
  • Your least favorite photo of him?
  • What age did you think he looked the best at?
  • How will you feel when he passes away?
  • Would you visit Leo’s environmental-friendly resort on his private island?
  • If you could act in one of Leos films with him, what part would you choose? (A lead, and extra, etc.)
  • Favorite Leo GIF?

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