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San Francisco Market Street Railway, U. R. R. & Muni Motorman Frederick C. Dibbern Honorary Union Membership

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San Francisco Market Street Railway, U. R. R. & Muni Motorman Frederick C. Dibbern Honorary Union Membership

Image by Jafafa Hots
On June 4th, 1930 after having exhausted his union old age benefits, Frederick C. Dibbern was awarded an honorary membership in that union, the Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America, so he would be able to continue his retirement.

Dibbern, listed in the US Census as born “around 1860”, had a notable career starting with the Market Street Railway as early as the 1890s, continuing with its successor company the United Railroads of San Francisco, and then concluding with the San Francisco Municipal Railway. He made the city press at least twice during his career, one time being acclaimed for his role in preventing injuries during a crash of the famed and unusual Fillmore Hill Counterbalance. He also testified against the U. R. R. for the Carmen’s Union, an AASEREA member union. See below for these articles and excerpts.

• 1896, 1898 San Francisco City Directories
Dibbern Frederick C, motorman Market St. Ry. residence 1008 Greenwich St.


• The San Francisco Call, Wednesday, June 24, 1903
Are Unprepared to Meet Expense in Case of Sickness.
A Victim of Appendicitis Creates a Laugh in the Courtroom.
Conductor Says He Is Not Posted on the Price of Clothes, Having Been Unable to Buy
Any New Ones.

Attorney A. A. Moore, representing the United Railroads in the arbitration proceedings affecting the differences of the Carmen’s Union and the corporation named, was a very busy man yesterday…

F. C. Dibbern, a motorman employed on the Fillmore Street line, was the first witness yesterday. He lives at 1523 Steiner Street, and is a married man with two boys. He said he paid a month last year, but now pays . He further testified that he found all his expenses had gone up accordingly. Milk that coast him a year ago now costs from .50 to .50. When asked if he was able to put any money away for sickness he replied that he could not save a cent and that he was afraid that unless times changed he would have to go to the poorhouse when he became too old to work.

Taken in hand by Attorney Moore, Dibbern said that for many years he was a quartermaster in the United States Navy and at that calling made a month and his board. He earned now .60 a day for ten hours’ work. He said he was not in debt, however, but that as he and his wife were very economical they were just able to make both ends meet. He admitted that he lived adjacent to a fashionable neighborhood, but said that the house he lived in was built about fifty years ago.


• San Francisco Call Wednesday, August 8, 1906 (Fillmore Hill Counterbalance)
Fillmore Hill Runaway
Car Crashes Down Fillmore Hill
Fastenings Give Way and Passengers Narrowly Escape Serious Harm.
Thrown To Curb

Fillmore-street hill, between Broadway and Green street, which the spieler of “Seeing San Francisco” is wont to proclaim the steepest grade in San Francisco climbed by a street-car line, and which has been fertile in spectacular accidents, was the scene yesterday afternoon of a wild dash down the incline by a car of the United Railroads. The score or more of passengers who were tossed about when the car came to a sudden halt at Green street accounted themselves fortunate when they picked themselves up and found their injuries to comprise a few bruises and a bad jarring.

The accident was due to the parting from the cable of the drag or plow attached to the car, which was proceeding in the direction of the bay, and occurred half a block from the terminus, of the slot at Green street. The freed car sped down the grade with accelerated motion and was brought up with a sharp jerk at Green street when the drag reached the end of the slot, which it tore up for a distance of five feet.

F. C. Dibbern, the motorman, did much to prevent a serious accident. The moment the fastenings of the cable and drag gave way he set his brakes hard and then turning to the passengers prevented many of them from jumping. He also prepared them for the sudden stop and, acting upon his advice, none of the passengers in the front part of the car were thrown off.

As soon as the down car gave way the ascending car at the other end of the cable, then near the top of the hill, started to back down the hill toward Green street, and had it not been for the splendid condition of the brakes, together with the weight of the heavy cable, there is no doubt a catastrophe would have occurred.

A few days ago the down car on this line Jumped the track near Green street and several passengers were thrown to the ground. Monday the trolley wire was broken at the Green street crossing, and lay on the ground for some time, a menace to all who passed that way.


• 1913 San Francisco Municipal Record
Listed as having taken the Motormen’s Examination to join the San Francisco Municipal Railway, scoring 100 percent, coming in 4th out of 166 passing applicants, started on the Geary Street line on May 5th 1913. Residence at that date was 1547 Eleventh Ave.


• June 1917 AASEREA Newsletter “The Motorman and Conductor”
Our sympathy is extended to Brother F. C. Dibbern, whose son was recently drowned. Deceased was married and left a widow and small child.

Soap Stone Market

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Soap stone sculptures are traditional from the area, Ouro Preto has a whole little market dedicated to hand-made articles.

Carousel at Bath Christmas Market 2009

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Nǐ hǎo!

Nǐ hǎo! 

My name is Claire and I love you for taking the time to read my blog! I have been procrastinating writing any entries because I’ve always wanted to make an introduction post first, which I have also been putting off, because y’know, I procrastinate everything. So I finally decided to get on with it, so here we go…

I am an eighteen year old overdramatic British teenager that is about to throw away everything I have known and run away to China for a year in August with the educational charity Project Trust (SCO25668). Project Trust specialises in kidnapping seventeen to nineteen year old school leavers, and sending them to different cultures all over the world in Asia, Africa and the Americas. I am incredibly excited about his opportunity, despite the scary £5,400 all three hundred Project Trust volunteers have to raise before departure. I still have £700 to go as well as extra expenses such as vaccinations and travel fees, so if you wish to donate to me, please click on the “donate” link in my sidebar!

I will be teaching conversational English in the Yi Min Middle School in rural Gansu Province – one of the poorest provinces in China. My area is very isolated in Northern China, but very beautiful and I am told it is a tourist destination for Chinese people, however foreigners rarely travel to this region. What is most interesting is that there are a lot of minorities, in particular a large population of Muslim Chinese. I will write a more detailed entry on my Project later.

This blog will follow my journey and I prepare to leave the Britain and embark on my year away and all the lessons I learn from it. So, please follow and stay tuned for my stories about my year away in China!


Claire x


I fell in love with these Dibbern cups and saucers while at tea recently.  I love the translucent bone china (so thin you can see your finger through it!), the perfectly cylindrical form, and the deep saucer, about which I was ambivalent at first but ultimately decided it was rather practical.  Interestingly, these have the exact same shape as the cups in a tea service I saw at Christies’ 20th Century Decorative Art & Design viewing last month.  There’s nothing like knowing that a single form has been consistently admired for over a hundred years to give me confidence in its perfection.

Dibbern Solid Color: Bernstein und Smaragd sind die neuen Farben 2013

Auch in diesem Jahr stellt Dibbern wieder zwei neue, aufregende Farben der legendären Porzellanserie Form 98 vor.

Nachdem Dibbern 2012 die Farben “Vintage Blue” und “Malibu” vorstellte, wird die Farbpalette dieses Jahr um weitere zwei Farben ergänzt. Bernstein mit der Farbnummer 13 und Smaragd mit der Farbnummer 41. Bernstein ist eine spannende Mischung aus gelb-orange-braun und ist farblich daher zwischen Sonnengelb und Orange angeordnet. Smaragd ist wie der Schmuckkristall grün mit einer Nuance blau und zwischen Maigrün und Apfelgrün zu finden.

Die heute als “Solid Color” bekannte Porzellanserie ist eine dem Bauhaus entliehene Form aus den 1930er-Jahren und stammt vom Designer und Architekten Dr. Hermann Gretsch. Solid Color in der legendären Form 98 besticht durch ihren ebenso schlichten wie genialen Entwurf und ist deswegen auch heute noch ein Inbegriff von zeitlosem Stil und gleichbedeutend mit wegweisendem Design. Besondere Beachtung verdient die Qualität des Materials: hochwertiges Hartporzellan mit einer außergewöhnlichen Härte, hoher Kantenschlagfestigkeit und widerstandsfähiger Glasur.
Die Form 98 wird seit 1936 in Oberfranken, Bayern gefertigt, seit 1982 für Dibbern - in jetzt 42 Farben!

Über Dibbern
Anfang der 1970er Jahre legte Bernd T. Dibbern das Fundament für die heutige Stellung als Produzent und Anbieter von Produkten höchster Qualität und zeitlosem Design im Bereich Tischkultur. Es entstand die erste Porzellan- und Glas-Kollektion nach eigenen Entwürfen, die ausschließlich in Europa produziert wurde.

Der Durchbruch zur Lifestyle-Marke gelang mit dem Geschirr “Solid Color” in den 1980er Jahren. Die mehrfach prämierte, schlichte Form von Solid Color stammt aus dem Jahr 1936. Aktuell 42 Farben eröffnen dem Kunden eine endlose Vielfalt an individuellen Kombinationsmöglichkeiten.

Traditionelle Handwerkskunst in Verbindung mit formschön durchdachter Einfachheit ist die Philosophie des Hauses Dibbern.
Dibbern kreiert Produkte mit höchstem Anspruch an Qualität.

Auch heute noch werden die Teller von Fine Bone China in der Manufaktur in Hohenberg, Bayern nach traditioneller Art gedreht und nicht wie in der industriellen Massenfertigung gepresst.

Die für Dibbern produzierten Gläser sind mundgeblasen und handgeschliffen und ausschließlich in Europa gefertigt.

Die Marke Dibbern hat sich innerhalb von 10 Jahren international im Premiumbereich etabliert.

Das gesamte Dibbern-Sortiment finden Sie hier:

Weitere Informationen und Angaben finden Sie unter sowie

Über Lothar John e.K.:
Lothar John e.K. ist Spezialist für alles “Rund um den Tisch” von Silber bis Edelstahl, von Glas bis Porzellan. Der Online-Shop bietet ein vielfälltiges Angebot an Marken der skandinavischen und deutschen Wohn- und Designkultur.

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Awwwwwwww! SCA intern Brian Dibbern’s been tagging Great Lakes Piping Plover chicks all summer long as part of @USFWS’s recovery effort for the endangered species. He sent us this photo the other day & our hearts just puddled at our feet. Thanks, Brian! #abirdinthehand