Just back from the cinema where I seen Pride. It was so so so good!! It made me laugh, cry and feel so empowered! I recommend it to everyone! Also, the cast is terrific… Bill Nighy, Andrew Scott, Joseph Gilgun, Paddy Considine and Jessie Cave! (And the actor who played Freddie in In The Flesh, but I can’t think of his name!)

But what is to become of all these diaries, I asked myself yesterday. If I died, what would Leo make of them? He would be disinclined to burn them; he could not publish them. Well, he should make up a book from them, I think; & then burn the body. I daresay there is a little book in them: if the scraps & scratches were straightened out a little. God knows.
This is dictated by a slight melancholia, which comes upon me sometimes now, & makes me think I am old: I am ugly. I am repeating things. Yet, as far as I know, as a writer I am only now writing out my mind.
—  Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry dated, 20 March 1926

i think today was a good day but i did not study even if i should have and i had this weird feeling like i was nervous or something but at the same time very calm. but if i think about what i did it was good, at p.e we had to run but because i have been sick and still not feeling very well i was allowed to walk instead so i walked around a lake and listened to music and it was very sunny, and after lunch i only had one lesson before the day ended and then i walked with some friends to a second hand shop and looked a bit and then i took the train home, everything seems so calm when i think about it but still i can remember not being very calm, i don’t know

Srsly, I am so fucking tired. Emotionally tired because of some love bullshit that had happened, physically tired because I haven’t got any good sleep for the past few weeks and mentally tired because of those plenty activities, quizzes, tests, etc. Ugh, I don’t know man, I think I just need a break.