i dont know why ive been craving for orange top lately i already bought one but cant enought with it so when i saw this tie front blouse during our christmas shopping i grabbed it instantly and im surprice when i saw the brand  its “mine” the last time i bought this brand was many many years ago @ one  of the shopping mall in makati and i already  forgot the malls name.. but anyway i love this brand they always have fashionable items

Victoria Soto, a 27 year old first grade teacher, hid her students in closets and cabinets. When the shooter reached her classroom and asked her where her stude…

nts were, she lied and told him she took them to the gym. He shot her on the spot and left. Her entire classroom survived.

Dawn Hochsprung, the school principal, and March Sherlach, the school’s psychologist, did not hide like everyone else did when they heard gunshots resonate among their school’s hallways. Instead of ducking under tables and hiding in offices, they ran towards the gunshots. They were both murdered execution-style as they confronted the murderer Adam Lanza.

These three women, who put their lives second in order to protect the children that they’ve come to love, are a true embodiment of heroism.

These three women, who lost their lives yesterday, give hope to millions today that there are people out there who are so selfless they would rather die than see innocent children fall to an act of terror.

**As commented on the post below, please turn your lights (Christmas or outdoor) on for the entire weekend in support and solidarity of the families suffering in Newtown. Give a little Christmas cheer on this otherwise very dark time

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cobalt striped.. i love cobalt and i  been on saerch for a cobalt bag and last month i found this cross body bag from aeropostale great.. and top of that i found this striped tank at charlotte russe i had a great finds that shopping trip..

im always excited wearing my new pieces and if possible i want to wear them at the same time..hmmmppp… wish granted…

what i wore?

charlotte russe tank top

guess by marciano denim shorts

xappeal boots

aeropostale bag

disneys accesorries


and today  honey surprice with a base of flower yea you read it write its a base  not a bouquet of flower and i love it i always appreciate every little things he done for me.. thankful to have a great husband like him.. and today i finally completed our bags for our trip tomorrow..im so excited…