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I’ve been tagged by stfaberrittana

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1. Any character from any TV Show you identify with most?

Has to be either Santana Lopez or Peyton Sawyer (from One Tree Hill)

2. Your three top OTP’s from your favourite shows?

Brittana, Leyton (OTH) and I’m gonna go old-school and say Seth & Summer.

3. A character from any TV Show you will stan until you die?

The perfect angel that is Brittany Susan Pierce, of course.  And Kurt and Santana.

4. If you could have any Tumblr url, what would it be?

Hmm..not sure, I don’t mind my own.

5. Favourite movie at this moment?

I can never just pick one..maybe Black Swan…or Requiem for a Dream..or Girl, Interrupted..

6. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Getting away from here and doing a bit of travelling..or going to see Wicked again.  Definitely not my birthday..I can’t reconcile with the fact that I’ll be 20 this year :’(

7. What’s your NOTP?

Brittany and Santana with anyone that isn’t each other ;)

8. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Probably New York..or Barcelona.  My new year’s resolution is to travel more than I did last year, so hopefully it’ll happen.

9. Who is your favourite TV Cast?

The Glee cast, no contest..Heather’s my favourite though, shh ;)

10. A random fact about yourself?

I’m a part-time lifeguars and full-time English lit. student.

11. One person on Tumblr who always makes you smile when you feel sad?

Definitely my comedian!anon :)

New Questions:

1. Who are your top 5 celebrity crushes?

2. If you could be a character from any tv show, who would you be?

3. Favorite place you’ve ever visited?

4. If you could only choose one of your otps to be canon, who would you choose?

5. Who or what inspires you?

6. Describe the best/most realistic dream you’ve ever had.

7. Most played song on your itunes?

8. Last movie you watched?

9. Is there something that everyone seems to love but you think is overrated (a book/movie/celebrity, etc)? 

10. If a movie was made of your life, who would you want to play you, your best friend and your love interest? 

11. Favorite quote?

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