I used to tell her, “I think you are a magnificent human being and I am truly in awe of you.” And she’d say, “Really, Mom?” “When something went wrong she exhibited a strength that was magnificent. And I truly looked up to her. There was nothing she couldn’t say to me and nothing I couldn’t say to her. We talked about everything. She was my best friend. I would call her for advice! Who would think a 22 year old could give me advice! But that’s how she was.”  — Diane Haughton


Tis the season to give thanks and be around family. Many people in the world unfortunately can not be around the loved ones they want to be around. Please hug all of your loved ones and let them know you love them, as tomorrow {not even later tonight} is ever promised. Happy Thanksgiving to the Haughton Family, Aaliyah’s true friends and all Aaliyah fans and their families.

Photography Credit: Aaliyah.com {Image of Aaliyah & Diane alone credit: Aaliyah Always Tumblr. Image of her as a toddler with her granmother and big brother Rashad credit: Maximum Aaliyah}