diana berrigan

How White Collar Works:
  • Peter:Neal, don't do the thing.
  • Neal:I won't do the thing.
  • Neal:*does the thing*
  • Peter:Diana, I think Neal did the thing. Go find out if he did the thing.
  • Diana:Peter, Neal did the thing.
  • Peter:Neal, I know you did the thing.
  • Neal:Peter, I'm sorry I did the thing.
  • Peter:Dammit Neal, I told you not to do the thing!

When I first heard about you, it was only in whispers. Your exploits are the stuff of legend. There was one story. You couldn’t forget it if you’ve you heard it. Some friends of mine, they saw it with their own eyes. Caracas, May 2009… Remind me - how did that go down?