Speculative. “Cretaceous Cavers”, All Yesterdays contest entry by Brian Engh:

"The main idea behind this illustration is that in the 120 million years that dinosaurs ruled the earth, at some point they most likely entered caves, and perhaps even large dinosaurs entered them. As discussed on SV-POW, modern elephants enter caves to exploit their mineral resources, and it was Matt Wedel’s suggestion that perhaps sauropods also did this at some point in their lengthy natural history.” Keep reading


Diamantinasaurus, meaning “Diamantina River lizard” is a genus of derived titanosaurian dinosaur from Early Cretaceous Australia. It was first described in 2009 by Scott Hocknull. 

The type species is D. matildae, in reference to the folk song “Waltzing Matilda”, which was written by Banjo Patersonin nearby Winton.

Diamantinasaurus is about 16 m in length with an estimated weight of nearly 22 tons.