Author: I think I gave my American phone number to that guy. Not the Hong Kong SIM card number. Or my regular Korea number. My old American number.

American Friend: So what - it’s a Skype dial-in right?

Author: Err. No. It’s actually my mom’s number now. Which is terrible idea because it was my phone number for a decade.

American Friend: Oh…right. Yeah. Like your old cell?

Author: Yeah. Exactly.

Lesson learned? When moving abroad do not gift your old number to a family member even if there is an unlimited data plan attached to it. Connect it to a Skype dial-in.

Lustiges Chatprotokoll – Der Hip-Hop Hacker

Lustiges Chatprotokoll – Der Hip-Hop Hacker

System: bitchchecker (~java@euirc-a97f9137.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Ping timeout#)

System: bitchchecker (~java@euirc-61a2169c.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #stopHipHop

bitchchecker: warum schmeist ihr mich raus

bitchchecker: könnt ihr nicht normal dieskutiern

bitchchecker: antworte mir!

Elch: wir haben dich nicht herausgeschmissen

Elch: Du hattest ein Ping timeout: System: bitchchecker…

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