Fireworks Chapter 1: Misjudgement (LWA Diana/Akko fic)

Ah geeze, I don’t even know the proper protocol for posting fanfic to this site. I feel so attention desperate and awkward. Ah well. I am writing a fluff fic of Diana and Akko of Little Witch Academia fame despite there being only one ep because I over analyze and am easily captured by ships and am lame. Hope you enjoy. And thanks to Professor Piggy for being my faithful editor.

Summary:Fireworks had always connected Akko and Diana, it seemed, from Shiny Chariot’s performances to the dragon’s defeat, and the sparks lit from the explosions change everything.


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niblhenne said:


  • Why I like them: She’s a cutie and she has the best lines! uvu The fact that she’s a walking K-ON! reference doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Why I don’t: ?????
  • Favorite line: I like a lot of her lines, but… “It’s too moe! Ibuki is rendered speechless!” and “it’s terrible! so terrible ibuki has no time to capitalize her lines!” are pretty great.
  • Favorite outfit: Probably her usual outfit.
  • OTP: Ibuki/Mikan! \(’ w ‘)/
  • Brotp: idk?? I can imagine her loudly singing along to old rock music with Leon, though. (maybe that’s why the rooms at Hope’s Peak are soundproofed)
  • Head Canon: futa!ibuki (sorry) Ibuki likes to stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching anime despite Mikan’s insistence that Ibuki get a good night’s rest.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: She dies; I don’t think much worse could happen to her in-universe. :<
  • 5 words to best describe them: Spirited, energetic, loud, playful, and… Honest, I guess? She doesn’t strike me as the type to lie a lot.
  • My nickname for them: ???? iboobies