Starting November 11th...

I will be M.I.A from this mortal dwelling -____-. I shall be immersed in the world known as Skyrim as I battle mighty dragons, seige castles, raid dungeons, and complete an unnessecary amount of side quests all in the name of honor (or self promotion). I know I shall be missed, but fear not. For it will all be in passing.

I realized...

When I look at myself as a person, I realize how easy it is for me to make mistakes. How at the exact moment of a situation I can avoid my friend. By friend I mean my conscience. How I can lock him away in a bottomless box, and not look back until after the deed is done and say to him into the darkness as he plummets, “You were right. I made the wrong decision. I thought of what was in front of me, and not what means the most to me. If only I could bring you back.” How I wish I could better myself….

  • Must quit cigarettes (for real this time)
  • Have to cut down on my alcohol consumption (I have a problem)
  • Move on with my life. ( I’m not a child anymore)
  • Pray, just pray, that everything is going to be alright.

I only hope that a good nights sleep can bring me out of the slump I find myself in.