Things that effect my blood sugars
  • Hormones (don’t even get me started on what goes on during my period)
  • too much or too little insulin (duh)
  • stress
  • exercise
  • being really excited
  • being mad
  • being sad
  • pretty much all emotions
  • school ( math test mess me up like none other)
  • driving
  • chores
  • sleeping in
  • getting up early
  • the weather (yeah even the fricken weather)
  • let’s just assume that everything effects my blood sugars because they’re stupid

so okay, it’s apparently totally accepted to joke about diabetes, which in my case is autoimmune - there was nothing i could’ve done to prevent it, but it’s however extremely rude and insensitive to joke about aids or cancer etc??

every goddamn day when i go into the diabetes tag i see joke after joke; “bill has 30 chocolate bars and he eats 27 of them, what does bill have now?? diabetuuus lolololollololloool” or “wow i ate so much ice cream im gonna die of betuus XD” and picture after picture of junk food

do you even realize how hurtful and insensitive that is?? not only are you incredibly ignorant, you are also turning a serious disease into a joke

now go enjoy your working pancreas and longer life and get the fuck out of the diabetes tag (◡‿◡✿)