could you imagine how interesting solas’s relationship would have been with a city elf inquisitor, though?

maybe they’re the sort of city elf who wants to rediscover their elven roots. their curiosity would have appealed to him. their questions would have delighted him. just imagine solas curling an arm around their shoulders and telling them little secrets about ancient elves that even the dalish don’t know—things he “found in the fade.”

or maybe they’re proud of the city elves and their will to survive. their stubborn pride would have intrigued, if frustrated him. their willingness to stand up for themselves would have reminded him of what elves were. just imagine solas murmuring against their ear that he’s proud to know them, that he’s proud of them, that’s he’s proud to love them.

solas lacing his fingers through theirs, two very different elves in very different places with the same look in their eyes. sharp, but bright. loving each other wholly, even with all that separates them.