stunning! the price tag, in my opinion, is absolutely ridiculous but this is a gorgeous vintage piece. and so effortlessly modern, right?

dhurrie rugs hold a special place in my heart - they are very popular in india, particularly the region my family is from, the state of punjab. back in the day, they were all hand loomed by indian village women (on looms that were handmade with cotton that was hand spun and hand dyed) and my grandmother made two (i have one in my possession and sadly have accidentally damaged it in two spots with liquid and some of the natural dyes have bled. i know, shameful and i am so beyond sad about it. anyone know a good rug cleaner?!) when she was a young girl and the level of quality, craftsmanship and design in them just blow my mind. they are traditionally made from cotton but i have seen a few modern ones made in wool. the one i have from my grandmother has an aztec vibe to it which i find interesting since she was working in a remote part of the state of punjab back in the 20/30s with no access to information about other cultures or design aesthetics. 

hoping to get the damaged rug i have cleaned professionally, so if anyone knows a rug person, please let me know! 

inspiration: dhurrie

This would look reeaaal nice in my bedroom. Imagine that! A couch in my bedroom. Oh the joys of living in Texas and having space to fill with unique objects. The diamond mosaic pattern on a dhurrie-upholstered settee is a symbol of unity and being “at one” with yourself. And the rich, dark hardwood legs give the piece a 19th century, vintage feel. Not to mention the fabric is handmade, and no two pieces are alike. I dig it. Now if someone could just spare me 1,600 dollars. Thanks in advance. 

via wisteria