Another Republican invented crisis. Also keep in mind, the “small government” GOP created the Dept of Homeland Security, the largest government agency EVER. Fittingly, Republicans are going to shut DHS down in the middle of what it was intended to do: manage threats. #ISIS

Here’s Why No One’s Funding the Department of Homeland Security

Basically, it’s another war between Republicans and Obama, mostly because some are not a fan of how lenient he’s being towards undocumented immigrants. Not too long ago, President Obama issued an executive order to bring his immigration plan to fruition — all of which is implemented by the DHS. Depending on which side you ask, this was either marginally legal at best (constitutionally speaking), or a long overdo policy shift to give the country time to proactively reform its current immigration policies. And because the DHS is the department that funds immigration-related activities, this is the Republican’s biggest bargaining chip.

Since Congress cannot directly stop Obama’s executive order, their only other option to stop it is to deny funding of the DHS. Because if the DHS doesn’t have money, the executive order can’t be implemented.


If Congress doesn’t act before February 27, the Department of Homeland Security is going to run out of money and go into a partial shutdown. (Eighty-five percent of employees would still be working, but they wouldn’t be getting paid.)

But the nonchalance with which both parties are treating the prospect of a Department of Homeland Security shutdown raises a big policy question: why does the department even exist?

The answer is that it shouldn’t, and it never should have. DHS was a mistake to begin with. Instead of solving the coordination problems it was supposed to solve, it simply duplicated efforts already happening in other federal departments. And attempts to control and distinguish the department have politicized it to the point where it can’t function smoothly — and might be threatening national security.

The answer appears to be that the problems built deep in the department haven’t aided national security — and might have damaged it.

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