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Why I Aspire to be a Physiotherapist

Health and Fitness have always been my passion since my adolescent years. Instinctively, it is also the most important thing in life.


I was distracted throughout my education in Secondary School and I didn’t score fantastic results for my O Levels to get into the course I wanted at that point of time – Business and Social Enterprise. But surprisingly, this led me into Health Management and Promotion (DHMP) in Republic Polytechnic with an aggregate of 16. DHMP was my 5th choice, while the first few are Nutrition and Wellness courses in Singapore Polytechnic. It was my interests in nutrition and psychology that brought me there.

Again, being the lazybum I was (& I still am), as much as I love the modules and subjects, I skipped classes and was rarely punctual. I did well in my tests and assignments, but my grades were affected badly because of my attendance. It was until the final year that I changed after my internship in Amore Fitness as a Gym Trainer…



There is nothing more fascinating than the human body – each system, tissue, muscles fiber, bone and joint, working together to make a movement.

As I continue to study, the more amazed and awed I am by how fearfully and wonderfully God makes our bodies…

Because of my lack of knowledge in the field of Exercise Science, I studied hard and did observational learning from my Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor colleagues. I wanted to be like them – befriending the clients; designing programme; pushing the limits, work hard together to achieve the goals of the clients’; and finally, celebrating successes and maintaining the lifestyle.



After graduating from my Diploma, I did not convert into a full-time Trainer because I do not have the finances to take up PT/GFI courses, and I concluded that I really hate hard-selling (of the training packages). I land myself in my first full-time job as a Health Projects Administration Assistant simply because the pay was good and I wanted to learn more about health in other services. It was both a good and a bad decision because I learnt that I am not suited in a deskbound job and I need to feel a sense of accomplishment of being a help to someone else. I finally left after a “long”, draining-life and torturous 8.5 months there.

During my time at the deskbound job, I had the privilege to think through of what I want in my life. I’m someone who can’t sit still, I love to move and I love to help improve other person’s life. In addition, I’ve made convictions that I’ll take the time to travel the world, simply because there are soooooooo much more out there…



Physiotherapy is a profession where I can have a direct impact on someone and teach him or her the knowledge that I had acquired.

I love it because it is a profession where you are consistently learning new things and helping people. Physiotherapy is a job that can bring movement and smiles back to the lives of the patients. Physiotherapist will always have to be on their feet, moving from patient to patient, young to old, and treating a wide variety of movement related disorders from musculoskeletal to cardiorespiratory and neurology.

As I learnt from school, to help someone get stronger is to instill in them the skills set, knowledge and guidance that they need to achieve their goals. It’s not allowing them to be dependent on the physiotherapist, but to enable them to be independent and functional by themselves. With a little help and love, they are capable of their own successes.

You can change a person’s life. As a physiotherapist, you can help and inspire the people you’ve met, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I get satisfaction when someone is inspired and becomes stronger. Even if the patients do not get better, I’ll gain tenacity, learn to cope and become better. Additionally, you can exchange life experiences with the patients from all walks of life and learn from one another. The opportunities and satisfactions from being a physiotherapist are boundless…



Travel will come with a meaningful purpose as well. I can work as a physiotherapist and learn as I travel. As the time goes and if the state allows, I may even teach or do an exchange programme… or perhaps even as a freelance personal trainer or caregiver!



It’s not easy to become a physiotherapist in Singapore.

The profession demand isn’t high, and there is only one pathway – A Levels and then into Diploma in Physiotherapy at Nan Yang Polytechnic. Of course, I can always enrol overseas (Australia!!!), but I don’t have the means to do so. Thankfully(!), WDA has this Professional Conversion Programme, which allows Singaporean who wants to enter into this field to study under a bond. It’s a 3 (freaking, long) year bond, but whatever, it’s perrrrrfect ;)



I have yet to meet the requirement of “at least 2 years of full-time working experience”. Dang!

Sigh…… Nonetheless, I’ve put faith into action and let’s just hope they’ll consider my application as a “special case”. T.T



Greetings all fellow athletes from the School of Health and Leisure! Hope you guys had a great break and geared up for another semester right ahead of you. 

First up we would like to share this delightful news of how our fellow pullers, Valen Low (DHMP) and Teejun (DSES) had a great start to the semester by participating in the recent Armwrestling competition, Game of Arms Semenyih 2014. Much congratulations to Valen who managed to clinch the first place and Teejun who came in fifth.

Regardless of the results, we are elated to know of the commendable efforts put in by the duo at the end of the day.

Do keep up that fighting spirit guys!