Erinn - She is the DGOV now! It’s crazy! This little girl (even though she’s taller than me too…) is at the top now! She is so sweet and thoughtful. She’s not that timid. She can fend for herself! I’m glad I got to know her. She still hasn’t hung with me every time I go to OC!

Jonhny - I remember when we trolled on a bunch of people pretending to be Wen Soon! Well that pissed Wen off and made a hell of a lot of people mad, BUT it was FUNNNNNNN. I got to know more towards the last half of the term, but I’m happy that I did! He’s so quirk, awkward, but the funniest little guy ever. He’s taller than me (like everyone else..) but I think he is an adorable boy!

Diana - I want to thank her so much because she was there for me A LOT. I was so stressed out in my term and she was always so patient with me. She would just listen to me. I always felt like I was imposing on her but she was always cool talking with me. I really did wish we got to talk even more because she is the most inspirational and loving person ever. She is just adorable! I love Diana and SHE IS A BEAST!

I did not see Michael Gao creeping like that. LOL