The Chubby Buddy Meets DGMNL

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we look up to someone and have them as our inspiration in doing whatever we love to do. In my case, even before I’ve thought of stepping into the blogging world, I have been following a lot of cool bloggers in the planet already. They serve as my inspiration every time I draft/write my blogposts. What I didn’t expect most is that there would actually come a time that I would meet one of them, and one of which is the iconic fashion slash lifestyle online influencer, David Guison. What made it more awesome is it happened in my hometown (Cagayan de Oro City)! Don’t judge; I cyber-stalk him out of admiration. A like here. A comment there. No harm done.

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Ever had the chance to meet your idol for the first time? Recently, I just did! Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant in line with their launch of the Bigby’s PERKS Card just brought one of the most in-demand bloggers of today’s generation, fashion icon slash online influencer, David Guison! Woohoo! How cool is that? And come on! That’s David Guison. The iconic social media influencer who I used to see only in Instagram and on the Web will finally be having a meet and greet in CDO giving some tips about style and blogging too. That’s just too awesome, right!?

So I put on my best foot forward, dressed myself in my best clothes to leave a good impression. LOL! So i ended up pulling off this look.

What I’m wearing: Sweater (F&F), Button down (Memo), Jeans (Mint), Shoes (Cotton On).

Although we are living in a tropical country, I really love wearing sweaters layering it with a button down shirt underneath. Style wise, it breaks up the monotonous wearing of just plain shirt and pants. But don’t get me wrong, I only wear these kind of clothes during night or rainy seasons. 

Allowing the bottom edge of the shirt to be partly seen below the sweater harmonizes with the tucked in collar.

Paired the layered top with my ripped jeans to pull of a little bit of a badass look. Finished the whole look with a pair of blue shoes matchy-matchy with my sweater.

Me, tryna pose like any other blogger. LOL!

And me, having some headache. Joke! Haha. Well so much more of the outfit I wore during the event, let’s go back to David Guison’s meet and greet!

So that was him standing in front of us ready for some Q&A with his readers. Finally got to see him right in front of me plus we’re breathing the same air. Haha!

And these are some of the lucky readers of David Guison who got to ask him some questions and tips during the meet and greet. Spot me!!!

Of course, I wouldn’t let pass the day without me having a photo op with DG. Woohoo!

Till my next blog post! Haha.

Photos by: lesheenabee

Took outfit shots early this morning and felt like posting them on the blog today as well. Wow, that’s a first for me! I’m usually very lazy lol. That’s #OOTD at its best! Keeping it simple today because I want my new baby to be the star here. Yes, the new Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic is finally out! I’m going to the launch event in a bit and this is the outfit I came up with! I wanted the color palette of my outfit to match the new instax! Hope you guys like it! 

What I’m wearing: tweed blazer (H&M), shirt (H&M), drop crotch pants (H&M), instax mini 90 neo classic (Fujifilm), boots (Palladium). Hype this on lookbook here

Tweed blazer from H&M | Grey shirt from H&M | I am digging this blazer because of the fit and fabric. Two important things you should consider when buying clothes! The blazer sort of looks like it has built in dandruff but I like it! LOL what am I saying. I guess it’s too early for my brain to function haha! 

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic from Fujifilm | The new instax gets a few extra features such as macro mode, bulb mode and my favorite–the double exposure mode! By pressing the shutter button twice, you can superimpose 2 different images in one frame! I’m still getting the hang of it! I’ll share you the photos I took soon! 

I own an Instax mini 7S and a mini 8 but I have to say, the Mini 90 Neo Classic is the best one yet! Not only is it equipped with tons of new features and functions but it looks sleek and masculine as well, don’t you think? I didn’t even bother wearing any other accessories today! 

Boots from Palladium | After months of beating up these babies, they’re finally as slouchy as I wanted them to be! The bird poop on my left shoe was a nice touch as well, haha! 

Photos by Alejandro Taag

I have zero halloween spirit this year. I guess this is what happens when you’re catching up on so many deadlines. I’ve been sick the whole week as well so I wasn’t really productive. But I’m so happy I got to watch tons of horror films plus I got to catch up on the new season of The Walking Dead. Let’s see if my friends and I will be able to whip something up for tonight! What are your plans for Halloween?

What I’m wearing: shirt (Topman), sweatshirt used as a wraparound (Topman), drop crotch pants (H&M), snapback (Color Super), calculator watch (Watch Factory), sneakers (New Balance). Hype this on lookbook here.

Shirt from Topman | I wore this to a styling gig a few weeks ago for a local brand. I’m not a t-shirt kind of guy but if ever I wear one, I make sure it’s pretty darn stylish. Haha! I’m really digging the Sub Sports collection of Topman this season! The new collection reflects the growing trend towards modern-day sportswear and contemporary street wear. 

Cap from Color Super

Sorry for being random but I just wanna share you guys my new pastime–Paktor! It’s a social networking app that allows people with similar interests to connect with one another. Paktor is built on the principles of locality, usability, and anonymity. It’s a fun way to meet new people! I’ll warn you now–it’s addicting! You guys can download it for free at the App Store and Google Play. Find me there and let’s chat, yes? 

Calculator watch from Watch Factory | The perfect watch for people who are bad at math–like me! Haha! 

574 sneakers from New Balance 

Photos by Alejandro Taag

It’s embarrasing to take selfies with famous personalities because you feel the pressure to look just as good. But when the butterflies in your stomach flutters only terribly for wanting it so bad, you step into your most natural self, care less, and sieze the moment. Thank you @davidguison for being so genuine with your reaction with I told you my name is mythreid. Haha I’ve always looked at you as the dapper one. Now, damn, you’re real! Thanks too to @iloveabreezamall and @originalpenguin for bringing this guy right here. Won’t get over this for at least a week or two. Haha #AbreezaFashionForum (at Abreeza)

a guy who's lazy to write blogs

Hey guys!

it did take years before i write my blog again, and i’m happy to say that I’M BACK YAAAAYY.

i was so inspired by my favorite bloggers, i stalked them all day long lol i know creep, right? (Ida Anduyan and David Guison) it’s cool how they started there fashion from being jologs to high fashion ( or maybe that was the trend before) so inspired that decided to dedicate this blog just for FASHION! yes fashion all the way baby! but don’t expect  ootd’s everyday and from high fashion brands hahahah i’m still a student and in high school but to cope you guys with my past ootd’s i’ll post it here maybe later or tomorrow.

P.S. i won’t reblog photos from diff people anymore. :( instead i’ll upload all of my past ig photos to fill my blog. :) but still stay tuned!!

Channeling DG MNL.

The risk of having a photo taken by a friend: Blurry photos. Out of 7 shots, it’s all I can get. Anyway, Im obviously taking David Guison as an inspiration (Rhymes!) Haha. DIY top I learned from Kryz, F&H Denim Designer Series, From Japan socks, So fab shoes. Yay!!!