I love it when you’re reading a book and you become so obsessed with it that you want to read it 24/7. And when you aren’t reading it, its all you think about and you think about different things that might happen and you just can’t fucking wait to sit down and start reading it again.


“I’m seriously insecure about my body. I’m not someone who’ll take my top off on the beach. I’ll wear a vest. My wife calls me manorexic, I do seriously have issues, I think. She thinks I’m getting so skinny, but I look at myself and think I’m getting fat. It’s the way the Hollywood ideal is thrown at you. There’s an element of wanting to be Ryan Gosling with a perfect six pack. When I first found out I’d got Finnick I went on the internet to see people’s reactions… People were sending me their reactions. Some were more harsh than others.”


Hey guys. I don’t ever really do this, post anything about my nieces that is, but here I am making this post. My niece Kali is going to be 6 years old on January 12th and sh is one of the few blessings in my life. She has been through more in her 6 years than people have in 40 years. She has something VERY rare called Moebius Syndrome which means her facial muscles are paralyzed. She will never be able to smile and right now she communicates through a machine and sign language. If she gets even a cold she ends up in the hospital because she is at risk of dying. She has a trach and she cannot chew food so she has a feeding tube. She is the strongest little girl I know. She is always so upbeat and will come and hug you if you seem like you’re upset. She is always so positive and she is the best big sister/daughter/granddaughter/niece a person could ask for. 

January 24th is Moebius awareness day. I am not asking for donations or anything like that I am just asking you to help me make people aware of this syndrome. My sister made this fucking fantastic video and all I am asking is to take 5 or 6 minutes out of your day and watch it. Maybe reblog this post and spread it around. I know this doesn’t fit in with any fandoms or anything but it would mean the world to me. You would be doing both me and Kali a huge favor.

Thank you so much!!


I suppose I was about 15 when I started getting roles, and we have this thing at my school that’s a festival, and I did a play and I just thought, This is as much fun as you can legally have. And then I applied to drama school, which is quite a competitive business in England, and I managed to get it, and it boosted my confidence a little bit. It was a gradual thing, there was no epiphany moment.