Tomorrow! (8-24)

Zachy Dylan Hargis will be playing a solo acoustic show this Saturday, 7-9 at Wonderland coffee in Roanoke, Texas! He’ll be playing new songs and even bringing up a friend for a bit! Be sure to come hang out and have some excellent coffee!

Zachy is also booking more shows, parties, and gigs, contact him here, or message for his number!
Facebook - Zachy Dylan Hargis
Twitter - @zachydylan


In addition to reviews, we’d like to cover some rad (yes, rad) up-and-coming DFW artists.

Just don’t be That Guy who brags about how you liked them “before they were cool”. No one likes That Guy.

Dans Le Noir - Dark Rooms

Dark Rooms tag themselves on Bandcamp as “pop noir” and that label certainly fits. Listening to the song with that phrase in mind, I can just imagine Bogart and Bacall lit by moonlight, swaying to this track.

“Dans Le Noir” is seductive but doesn’t give too much away, like a femme fatale in one of those classic films. Swooning strings lilt alongside the drums that land like a pulp detective’s slug to the face.

Meanwhile, our vocalists rise above the mix like dialogue above the film’s score. They build on the track’s wistfully romantic atmosphere a la Rhye or Blood Orange. The interplay between the two gradually heightens the track’s tension more and more, until that chorus brings its’ sweet, sweet relief. 

I saw these guys open for Baths back in April and they’re not to be missed - they’re hitting Dallas again on June 27 opening for mewithoutyou and The World Is…

Hey, they might even recreate some of the sweet moves in this video.


Last Sunday I had my first gig in Dallas at Two Bronze Doors! The heat was brutal, but worth enduring for the lovely time I had. I wish every gig of mine could be swarming with @ amazing artwork, sincere smiles and creative creatures. Thanks again to Poppy Xander for having me on the line up, and Another Look at Dallas for making this event happen.


PRIMO SLAM – “Moet Et Chandon”

Lively rock from Dallas, TX.

For fans of: Sealion, Hunx, Royal Headache, Jeff The Brotherhood, FIDLAR.

Listen to this when you’re: wanting a song that starts off bouncy/energetic and ends with a sweet breakdown, needing to get up and on your feet for REASONS (of any kind)!


KAPOWW! DIY label, versacevan, shared their tunes with me and this one was definitely hard to sit still to (in the best way possible). :D

It’s always neat to hear from people in the DFW area. Hope to hear more new stuff soon!

Released 2014 by Versace Van (Dallas, TX).

Today’s Song of the Day: Fox & The Bird “Dallas”

GODDAMN IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK IN TEXAS. I missed it out here. Especially the people. It’s nice to just have people everywhere that I can relax and cut loose with. And it’s nice to know that the city has continued to get more awesome while I’ve been gone (adding a pizza joint where you can party all night with the cook/owner? HELL YES). But yeah, I adore Dallas. And this song is pretty much all about why Dallas is great and wonderful and a little bit intimidating. And it’s done by the best (relatively) traditional folk band in Dallas. But yeah, the start of the chorus for this (“Have you every seen Dallas from a DC9 at night?”) always creeps into my head when I think of town, and it is actually one of the best ways to see Dallas too. I can’t remember the last time I was as giddy as I was when I saw the skyline off in the distance from the plane I flew in on. It’s a beautiful sight indeed.


Seventh Son - Via Versus

100th post :)

I’ve gained quite a few followers (Hazers :D) recently and wanted to take the time to introduce/re-introduce myself to y’all!

My name’s Jean Nicole V. and I live in Dallas (in the Deep Ellum area) and music is my favorite thing in the world. I love to give song/artist recommendations as well as cover shows that I go to.

I also take recommendations/submissions from bands/artists/all of you via Tumblr message and email (jeannicole1988 [AT] yahoo [DOT] com) and because of the increase of great music to explore, I’m going to feature them on Saturdays and call those posts SUBMISSION SATURDAYS. :D

I have a good feeling that we are all those people who love to share great music with friends and get irked when we find out they didn’t give it a chance or “don’t get it”, so thank you for being my friends whom I can share music with and know it’s being appreciated. Also, thank you to my boyfriend for reviewing my posts every now and then and all of the people who’ve spread the word about my blog.

tl;dr - Couldn’t have done any of this without any of y’all!

jean nicole v. ^____^


Any bands in the DFW area need help with ANY video/sound/or lighting? I desing lights and work most light and sound boards. I can edit and shoot a music video, and can work with live and recorded sound. Shoot me a message or kik me at @alishADTR. :)


Panic Volcanic is about to take DFW by storm! Funkytown Sounds sat down with the members for an exclusive interview.

Q: So tell me a little bit about how Panic Volcanic got started.

A: Back in the summer of 2011 Zach and I[Ansley] were dating and we had kind of toyed around with the idea of starting a band. We spent a lot of time listening to certain records that really helped shape our sound at the time of PV’s inception. We started writing lyrics and licks and started to make it a reality and realized we needed a drummer. Initially we had another friend on board, but he ended up being too busy to put a lot of effort into a really new project. Zach and I were kind of stuck for a bit, just mulling over who could drum for us, when he remembered seeing Cole play the drums at a party jam once, so we called him up and he auditioned and it was a great fit. Turns out, that party was the first and only time Cole had ever sat down at a drum kit in his life. And thus, Panic Volcanic was born.

Q: Where did the name Panic Volcanic come from?

A: We found this dog one time, and he was sleeping on our back porch. We came out to say Hi to him and he came right up to us, he chilled with us for a couple of minutes, and then just darted. Naturally, we chased him. We lost him at the park, and uh, we just kept on walkin’ for a bit. We were still pretty drunk from the night before, and Cole stumbled over something. That’s when Zach yelled PANIC! And there was a little tiny volcano on the ground! And then it erupted. Little tiny volcano lava, all over the forest.

Q: It seems that you three have some pretty specific influences, what would you say some of the most prominent ones are?

A:Well starting out, we were listening to a lot of really raw, blues influenced rock n’ roll. Fever To Tell by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s as well as Horehound by The Dead Weather probably contributed the most to our conception and direction as a band, especially since they’re both lead by a female vocalist. We’re really into any kind of raw, visceral music, mostly music that makes you wanna fight or do it or both at the same time.

Q: Panic Volcanic consists of vocals, bass, and drums. How has the exclusion of a lead guitar shaped how you three balance your sound so well?

A: Well, a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it was even possible to have a band with just drums and bass and no guitar whatsoever. As I got into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the White Stripes (bands with no bass players) I started to like that sound, and wanted to mimic them, despite the fact that I was horrible at the electric guitar. Ansley was the one who originally suggested the idea of just bass, after hearing me jam with a friend of mine on drums and no guitar player, and it’s become sort of the vision of our band from the very beginning. Cole, who had almost no prior drum experience, has developed a very unique style, and we’ve learned to write our parts around each other’s ideas. Ansley does an excellent job of lyric writing and covering the high ranges that my bass can’t when necessary, and most times it just naturally flows into that groove any time we’re writing or arranging a new cover.

Q: Can you talk about what your song-writing process is like?

A: Well, as far as I can remember, there are really 3 ways that ideas for PV songs come into the world. Generally either 1) Cole or Ansley comes up with a riff and they show it to me, 2) Cole and I jam, or 3) I write and record a song and send it to the other two. From there we’ll all get together, take the song skeleton or what have you, start jamming and writing additional parts, organizing song structure, and Ansley will jam vocal melodies and either have lyrics written already, or write them as we’re playing. Once we’ve figured out the whole song, start to finish, we’ll all approve the lyrics, agree on a song title, and bring that sucker into the world as soon as possible! We’ve even had nights in the past where we finished up a song in practice and played it at a gig later that night! Everyone in the band is very creative, so everyone’s always got great ideas and writing with the other two is always a blast.

Q: You have an album coming out soon! What was your recording process like and what can we expect from the album?

A: Well, we’ve had most of these songs written since the first few months of our band’s existence, and this is now our third attempt at recording and finalizing the songs for real. I don’t really wanna get into how frustrating that’s been, but I’m sure you can imagine, and working with Ben at Green Audio Recordings on this last run has been refreshingly smooth. We recorded everything live, with the exception of a few backup vocal parts, and Ben has done an amazing job of making our sound as raw, powerful, and sexy as I’d ever imagined. It doesn’t really sound like anything anyone else is doing right now, which is probably my favorite thing about it and I’m really excited to hear what people think of it. What can you expect from it? This album is going to destroy people’s universes. Literally.

Q: You guys have been a band for about two years now correct? What are some of your goals now that you have an album near completion?

A: Yeah almost two years now. I guess our short term goal would be to get as much exposure for the album as possible. We haven’t really gotten much press, so we want to reach out to people who don’t know who we are yet.

Q: What are some of your favorite venues to play at in Fort Worth and why?

A: I (Cole) personally love Lola’s Saloon just because of the painting behind the bar. We’ve played a lot of really fun shows there. Probably my favorite place for live music is the Wherehouse though. That place has had so many cool nights in the last couple years. Really though, most venues in Fort Worth have something to love. If it’s not the sound, it’s the crowd, or the acts that come through. With a music scene as diverse and thriving as Fort Worth’s, there are a lot of great places to play and enjoy shows.

Q: Any thoughts of touring in Panic’s future?

A: That’s definitely a venture we’d like to explore as soon as possible. We’ve made a couple trips to Austin for festivals and whatnot, but all I want to do is hit the road. I mean, isn’t that every band’s goal? To get out in the world and do nothing but perform, travel, experience the world without anything tying you down? We definitely want to get out there soon, but there are a few things we need to do to build our local base before we take that leap.