Oh look, I made a colored version.

With any luck I’ll make a set to go with this later that turns things more awesome than sad, but I’m impatient and draw at the speed of a sloth so I’ll put this here as a sort of preview for hopefully more stuff to come.

Enter Land of Ice and Sand ==>

Some buddies and me are being silly with a mini-project about a bunch of our OCs playing SBurb, and I thought I’d give the whole land drawing thing a shot. Backgrounds and landscapes aren’t exactly my forte though, but I’m still pretty happy with how it came out. c:

The whole falling sand thing is a reference to hourglasses, which goes hand in hand with my character playing the role of Sylph of Time.

I’d been meaning to finish this for a while now, finally sat down and did so today!!

I dunno if that’s the final BG, but that’s good enough for the present moment…

'Tis godtier Kanini, the Seer of Life, on one of her consorts, Hippocrates.

(PS thanks y’all for coming to the stream, it is still running right now but it is time for request draws :D)