Dear future girlfriend,

I’ve Been Trying To Reach You.

I think you are Beautiful When You Don’t Try and that I Should Have Asked For Directions to your heart a lot sooner. It’s Not Like I Wanted This To Happen but I got sidetracked by all the Threads of Maybes and Might Have Beens. But these were The Mistakes That Lead Me To You and so I don’t regret them. I’m sorry for being so silly, stubborn and easily distracted and as you well know, my friends say I’m Just Off the Key Of Reason but you’re the best because you still Take Me As I Am. 

All the other guys (including The Myspace Admirer, you know who I’m referring to) Better Run, Outrun My Gun because I will never ever let them get close enough to cause a Draconian Heart Break. 

Honey, you help me see The World Through New Eyes and I want to do the same for you. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking, so Don’t Blink You Might Miss What Opportunities May Arise. I promise you I’ll Be right there supporting you no matter your choices in life.  

I will love you Til The Stars Go Blue and as soon as the world accepts our Modern Love, I will Marry You. Oh, and brace yourself because I want to have kids. Can you see us at Nightfall, telling them Bedtime Stories so they will sleep?

I know We Make Plans (They Never Work Out Right) and All This Feels Strange and Untrue but I’m telling you honey, even if I have to make a Deal With The Devil, we will make it. 



P.S. You told me you’re crazy on me, well guess what, I’m Crazy on You, Too. 

P.P.S. Seriously if you actually got most of the references…HIT UP MY ASKBOX AND LEZ BE FRIENDS.

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i am the one who knacks

Babe. Are you patient? Because I am, and I need someone who can match that, I will ask you questions until I can finish your answers, and I will always ask you if you are staying, because I’ve been left by the most important people in my life, and as close as we’ll be, I’ll never not fear that you’ll leave too. Are you sympathetic? Sometimes I can’t get out of bed, and I won’t need you there with me, but if you understand it may be months before I can brave the club again, even seeing your friends or my friends again, sometimes the world is too much and staying in bed is the only way I can keep sane. Are you passionate? You are my writing material, I’ll write poems about the way your eyes dance and your face glows when you’re devoting yourself to the things an inner desire drives you to do. I’ll write about the way your voice sings without a tune as you tell me how great it was to develop something new in those endeavors, and I’ll make a story dedicated from a collection of all the moments passion turned your lips to that pretty smile. Do you listen? I may have small ears, but believe me; I have always heard more than I should. I hear music from eras before my birth yet their soundtracks become significant and I want you to listen to the reasons why this is so, in the breakdown of the songs. Music is forever playing, whether in my car, in the shower, right before and after- even during every single minute if I can control it, and I want you to listen with me. I want you to hear the rise and fall of the instruments and the narration the lyrics read out as the song rolls along. Do you love yourself? This is the key element for us. When we fall in love, we’ll have to keep falling to stay in love, and you and I both need to love ourselves in order for that to happen. If you love yourself, I can remind you how important it is to make your favorite cookies, and I can keep up reasons as to why you are the very best. And if you love yourself, I can love you. I can love you because you know how much it means to be loved and you’ll be willing to love me too. And that’s another question I’ll never stop asking you, Do you love me too? Please tell me, do you love me too? I can’t wait till I get used to hearing, “I love you too”. And if you love yourself, it’ll be the most beautiful thing. I’ll have to write an epic poem about that, how beautiful it is that you’re not ashamed of your laugh, that laying around in your pjs is something you consider a hobby and you won’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And yes, maybe yes, your hair can be a mess but you rock it out because there is no such thing as perfect, and as much as you whisper this word into my heart every single day, perfect isn’t me or you, but symmetry falls pretty close, and that’s us, we’re in love with ourselves and have decided to sync together, two whole pieces, coming together to grow for as long as life shall allow.
—  When I fall in love for the last time
Dear Future Girlfriend

Let’s go for a drive. A long drive, a peaceful drive somewhere. I wanna listen to old music,and new music, good music, and bad music.
Let’s just pick random places and just go. I wanna take you everywhere. Let’s not worry about little things. I just wanna see you smile and laugh with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.
Are you ready?

Dear Future Girlfriend...

I know what it’s like to look at yourself and see nothing beautiful. I will make it my job to make sure you never feel that way. I will repeatedly tell you how beautiful you are, so one day you feel that way. I will shower you with compliments, kiss away your tears, and take away your pain, so you only have room for happiness. I will do everything in my power to make you feel like the only girl in the world.

Love, Taylor