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I am running......

The 2014 Boston Marathon. I am not a runner, I’ve never really thought much about marathons, except that brief fantasy about ultras I had after reading Born to Run. So how do I find myself signed up to run the Boston Marathon? Let me see if I can lay it out for you.

This past May I was wrapping up my student teaching, and finishing off my masters in education. One day, my mom asks to stop by to pick up a pot I had borrowed from her. She walks in, and the look on her face tells me this is not about a pot. She goes on to tell me that my father’s endoscopy caused his doctor concern, and upon running further tests, they found a tumor. I was floored, and as we shared a teary beer on the back porch, we reminded eachother that we are a team, no matter what.

As those of you with more experience that I with health crises, and extreme events can probably attest, big news shifts your world around quite a bit. I soon realized that there were choices to be made. My dad made the choice to fight and have his stomach removed, my mom made the choice to be a powerhouse, and I made the choice to put aside my personal career goals for the moment and return to the family business.

As my father recovers from sugery, radiation and continues with chemo, there is a lot that is uncertain, but we have to keep moving, keep pushing on. I suddenly found that I was in need of some kind of physical challenge, and better yet, something that allowed me to do something about this cancer that attacked his body. After talking to a friend who had run the marathon last year for team in training, I found the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge Team and before I knew it, I was making the choice to run a marathon.

The next morning I woke up early for my first run, a 20 minute jog/walk. That is what marathon pre-training looks like at the moment… easy jogs followed by ice and a foam roller. It’s going to get a lot harder but hey, it’s nothing compared to what my dad’s doing!

Thanks for reading so far. I’m planning to update with pictures, photos and stories from my and my dad’s journey over the next 5 1/2 months. Follow me here, or join me for a training mile or seven along the way.

-Emilia http://www.runDFMC.org/2014/emiliad