nangvangtuoi said:

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[img]: [several unnameable members of the family spread across the room in various spread-eagle, positions. some of them arent wearing clothes]

[text]: gRRRL y o u r missngin ou t big ti me coem o ve r we jSTU finis ed a ro udn  ogm im sle epy now … .,

[text]: !! i heard you caught a cold lately? ;n;

[text]: get better soon!! i’m sending some ginger tea i hope it works !

[text]: mcdonalds are actually really great okay don’t worry about them coming in i mean what can they do

[text]: i mean i only have 388 of them. only

cbwebb thank you! I am glad you like it. I’m hoping to develop him further as right now it’s a very… small part of him, but I felt it were some defining traits that were good to share. I hope to develop and explore him through RP. u u u I’m fond of his body, I’m happy with how it turned out even if it without a doubt could use some work.
His personality needs to be fleshed out as well but one thing at a time, I take my time with characters. im just slow


you can touch him 

it’s ok

dfkd but really thank you <3