Swerve on the remix…  "P Rat Tat Tat Tat!"

Went to the Royal Children’s hospital today to get an x-ray. It’s such a cute place! they had a giant fish tank and all these things hanging down the ceiling. Usually hospitals are depressing but this one wasn’t. They also had a giant Christmas tree that had animals singing once every hour. There was no santa but people sat in his chair and took photos anyway.  

E boh. Avrei sempre voluto portarti vicino al mare. Sentire il respiro del mare, intrecciarsi con il tuo, il nostro. Avrei voluto che fosse di sera, poco dopo il tramonto, con poche stelle, appena nate, giusto per te. Con la brezza fra i tuoi capelli e il sale sulla tua pelle. Avrei voluto sentire il tuo odore fondersi al mio e a quello della distesa salta davanti a noi. E saresti stata l’unica che c’avrei portata. Con i tuoi occhi che sono la mia casa, nell’unico posto dove mi sento a casa.
E adesso vaffanculo. Non ci sei perchè non c’ero io. Con la testa, col cuore. E vaffanculo, mi manchi, mi manchi da morire. Mi manca la tua voce, dolce come il mare. Mi mancano i tuoi occhi, profondi come il mare. Mi mancano le tue braccia, forti come il mare.
Mi manchi tu, che eri il mio mare.

FC Barcelona welcomes Leverkusen while glad UCL rival won’t be from Russia

It’s no secret FC Barcelona never liked playing far up north, especially during the winter months, and thus welcomes the pick of Bayer Leverkusen as their opponent for the next round of this season’s Champions League. It showed in its President’s and Sporting director’s comments to reporters and in the players’ tweets after today’s last-16 draw.

Sandro Rosell, when asked, admitted his gladness for avoiding the two Russian clubs, CSKA Moscow and FC Zenit St. Petersburg.

“Every team has its pros and cons. For example the Russian teams. We would have preferred not to have faced them due to the plane trip, having to travel a day before, and for the cold, but then [on the plus side] they are [still] in pre-season.”

Zubizarreta reminisced about the time when he last faced the Germans as a player. “When their name came out I remember that I’d played against them before, and they knocked us out of the UEFA Cup. We hope that will not set a precedent and we can overcome them.”

“Last year they were the revelation of the season. I like German football. It’s competitive and seems to me a nice tie to play.”

Cesc Fabregas meanwhile echoes Rosell’s gratefulness in his tweet: “Well, we have to travel to Germany. Bayer 04 Leverkusen, German teams are always very strong. We have avoided the Russians. Good.”

The tweets from Pique and Iniesta however showed a differing view of the upcoming encounter. The defender is pleased, saying, “We have drawn Bayer Leverkusen! Not bad! I’ve always wanted to play in a German stadium. There will be a great atmosphere for football,”  while Iniesta is a tad cautious: “Indeed, we already know our [next] opponent, Bayer Leverkusen. It certainly won’t be easy!”

Read more: http://www.totalbarca.com/2011/news/fc-barcelona-welcomes-leverkusen-while-glad-ucl-rival-wont-be-from-russia/#ixzz1gpsjwKUB

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A taster of what our boy @CJBeatz is gonna bring to BUMP at Plan B on the 16.12.11…