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300 followers part 1~ :D

Mod pony: Well part 1 because I’ll make an other 20 follower picture so be ready with the ref sheets :D (background)

And speacial SORRY for Airrazer Q-Q I can’t draw dragon right and I made you smaller sorry~ TwT

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My comments:

  • FAN ART FOR TECCAAAA, or Dewdusts - Tecca is just too beautiful T-T … I’m gonna draw her again sometime! Yep.
  • I drew a Rarity a few days ago in school, but used it for my Frigid-Fanart. But lazy me used it again…
  • The green mane was quite random.
  • Green actually is a creative colour. Scientists found that a flash of green enhances creativity.

I’m gonna take a break now, but nevertheless, keep sending in asks :3 

Here I made a present for you too, sorry I couldn’t draw your mane better it’s just too perfect to draw better TwT but hope you like it anyway~

[ugghh wow Im so slow sorry!!! bUT THIS IS SO PRECIOUS EEP Im sure she’d be super happy to be inside a lil rosebud! such a nerd
its unbelievably cute gosh<333 thanks so much!!

everyone go stalk dewdusts because they are so lovely!]