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Me and Devon decided to have ourselves a little movie date and go see Wreck it Ralph in 3D and so we looked online for times and one was at four or something I believe.
However, we got to the theater, and they were unaware of this.
It wasn’t even on their little signs behind the counter.
But feeling so bad that we had come due to the website being wrong and their were no other showings, they opened up a theater just for us and played it.
So we got to freak out (mostly me) and laugh about it loud as we wanted and have like our own home theater basically and it was just a fabulous date. 

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Who has made the largest impact in your life and how so?

A few people honestly, their names are Katie, Chris, Dev and Josh.

Katie I grew up with. She’s seen me through everything and no matter what I do or how messed up I make things, she’s always my biggest supporter. I honestly couldn’t ask for more out of her, I think she already does too much. She’s the sweetest girl I know and her endless compassion and strength really just keeps me going. I envy how she is and I try hard to be as good as a person as she is.

Chris came into my life unexpectedly and he hasn’t ever really left since then. We’ve had our tough times but he really pulls through when I need him and we’ve finally got things worked out and I’m honestly really happy about it. He became my bestfriend back in freshmen year and I guess since then, he really always has been. We clicked and it just stuck. Like Katie, I know he’s someone I want to keep around for the rest of my life. He as well as his family has taken me under their wings and I don’t really know how to explain it. He’s just always been this key point in my life just by being him.

Devon is the most kind hearted and understanding person I know. I swear he’s alien because of it. He came into my life a year ago and took me by surprise and hasn’t stopped surprising me since. He’s gotten me right from the start and just got right into my crazy life without a complaint. He’s always there at the end of the day to say he loves me and listen to my rambles and useless shit and he just amazes me. I look up to him to be honest.

Josh is such a dork, and we have a very jagged past but honestly, when it comes down too it, he’s a great friend. He saved my ass freshmen year from myself and I owe him. He turned me around and really brought me out of my shell and honestly, if he hadn’t, I don’t think a lot of things would have happened after that or that I’d be who I am today without that jolt. 

I know these all sound really lame but they’ve just affected me with so much, that honestly, their biggest impact is staying with me and being who they are. I couldn’t ask for better people. I love them all so much.