ahhh the joys of finding blogs of people you know bc they are to dumb to hide the fact that its their blog….. if i can find your blog from fb… then i think we have a few problems.

What to do?

So, I’m gonna have nothing to do ALL week because my woman is going on vacation and such until Thursday. Meanwhile back at my house, I will be working from 9 AM - 5 PM e'erday.  I think I may be on my 360 a lot this week, so if you have Xbox Live add me.  My gamertag is DevinDevotion (Who would’ve guessed?)  Right now it is storming, and my cousin is sitting on the couch in the great room and every time there is lightning he goes, “Wow. That was bright.” Oh, you got to love 12 year olds.  Anywho, I am bored, so ask me questions and stuff(: