Today, I wanted to tell you guys a story. It’s about grilled cheese.


"Black Santas"


Vlogging: A State of Mind Trailer

This short 15 minute documentary looks at the people who share their lives with strangers online and at the reasons they have for doing it..



Seeing my friends John and Hank Green at Carnegie Hall this week was amazing and wonderful. I had a lot of thoughts following the event that I wanted to share so I just posted a new video blog about it!



I always give my friends a hard time for being a Hufflepuff out of love. But there is a reason all of my friends are Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are the best friends. And I’m a Slytherin so I deserve the best of the best.


We love this video by Lauren and Matt from P4A 2010, it’s one of our favorites!


Buy the song!  All proceeds go to the TSWGO Foundation.


So please tell me that I’m not the only one…


Fiveawesomegirls recently announced that they will be reuniting at Vid Con next week. And i have all the feels.

These girls had such a profound impact on me during my early teen years. Discovering their youtube channel back in 2008 was like gold. After watching some of their videos I realized that Youtube didn’t have to be the America’s Funniest Home Videos of the internet. I learned what they learned from the Vlogbrothers: this is a community. I can say with absolute certainty that their year of daily vlogs helped me discover myself during the most awkward and (possibly) the best year of my life.

Alas, I do not have the means to go to VidCod, now that I’m a broke university student (college sophomore) LOL. But, panel footage will suffice.

Thank you 5AG!


2/5: Lauren raps. - fiveawesomegirls




you’re such a pretty lady

I want to have your babies 

all the time


I think about you daily

lets add some ukulele

and compose a rhyme

I want to buy you a burrito 

cause it will make you smile

I’d even trip over your front step

if it meant hanging out for a while

oh Hayley

you’re so sweat and brainy

and I hope that maybe 

things get better soon

feel better soon

cheer up real soon

now we just need an itunes link and maybe some guitar tabs. Oh wait. I hate iTunes… maye we can just get Hayley to update her bandcamp: Flirtations in the Key of Life