“But actually, thats reality, huh. And the two of us fighting here like this, thats the dream, right? Sayaka?”

Commission of KyouSaya for TheKusabi. I think I went a bit overboard coloring this one, admittedly! I wanted to really capture the chaos of a Witch’s Barrier though and that entailed playing with a lot of textures and layer settings. It’s not my usual style of coloring but I think it suits the piece.

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Who will save the war child baby? Who controls the key? 
The web we weave is thick and sordid, Fine by me. 
At times of war we’re all the losers,  There’s no victory. 
We shoot to kill and kill your lover, 
Fine by me. 

I’m sure those peaceful protests weren’t always peaceful. I’m even more sure that they were no place for a young Faunus to be running around.

Fullview for best view vov

Oh god so me and Meg were talking about how Kyouko likes to try to speak English all the time and she’d be one of those Japanese teenagers wearing shirts with random American words and I jsut.„, , this quickly became my favorite headcanon ever oh god reVERSE WEEBOO KYOUKO SAKURa she is even trying to do a nifty peace sign slay me I cannot believe you payed me to draw this Meg

My commission info can be found here.