Crocodile Shears

The crocodile shears were a torture instrument used in late medieval Europe and usually reserved for men who tried to assassinate the king. These shears were made of metal, based on the concept of pincers. The insides of their hemicylindrical blades were lined with a great amount of spikes.After being heated to an excruciatingly hot temperature, the crocodile shears were applied to the victim’s erect penis, which was then torn from his body, or, if he was lucky, the device could just lead to intense bleeding from the severed arteries. 

The Reasons Why Your Cell Phone Is Slowly Killing You

For those of you who watch my show, you may have seen the episode from last season when I threw Kidd Cole’s cell phone into the river. What you don’t know is that I would have been just as satisfied, if not more so, throwing my own phone in the river.

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This Smartphone Accessory Tests For STDs in 15 Minutes And Costs $34 Dollars

This Smartphone Accessory Tests For STDs in 15 Minutes And Costs $34 Dollars

Humanity just took one big leap forward towards the tricorder era. A team of researchers from Columbia Universityhave developed a device that can test for HIV, inactive syphilis infection, and active syphilis infection. The device (or dongle, as the team refers to it) only has a manufacturing cost of $34 dollars, and is used in conjunction with a smart phone. The manufacturing cost for lab…

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Strange things happen

I really don’t know what’s going on… Usually I have luck but in the last period every technology around me just wrong…. I have a new laptop and smart phone, none of them the newest and revolutionary best ones because I didn’t have enough money to buy, but I really needed to change them for survival!
Ok my laptop was 8 years old but my phone just 6 month old…
Now I can’t load pages on laptop, my new device is an older one so I’m not praying for miracle.. But slowly, not enough memory, bad pixels of camera (the least important), I can’t write txt, I must wait for a long time.

I’m still waiting for my degree from Hungary what my parents sent on express, with registered airmail more than 2 weeks ago… Not a summa cum laude but ohhh, I’ll never get it. I should’ve shown on my first school day which was 4 days ago… Oh, and they haven’t asked that…. F@u*ck… I won’t be able to work on a place what I really like, just 2 days per week because the school said my timetable is gonna be 3 whole day a week. What I still haven’t got… And school is starts on next week.

Our lives is nothing but normal for 2 years but I would prefer some normal and average things on weekdays life now… Ooor a totally crazy and exciting experience for us. Filled with PHOTOGRAPHY, TRAVEL and creative designs!!!!

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