Glass Skin - Sherlock [bbc] by Mi-caw-ber

The lonely future left for me is one meaning of just living
It comes and slowly stains my heart
That’s been cold, all alone and so tightly closed

Dir en grey - Glass Skin

Thanks to a friend of mine I listened to Dir en grey again and this song was, is and will forever be fantastic.
Curious if you find the hidden hint. It has to do with John.

Size: A4
Time needed: 30 minutes
Medium: 0,5 mechanical pencil
Mood: *still waiting for Johnlock to become canon*

THEESatisfaction x Syd The Kid

So I’m actually back stage, in the green room with The Internet after performing one of their first live gigs at Benji’s Deviation night,  THEESatisfaction who had dodged the traffic of a shooting after their set at the Birthday’s in Dalston, Mike G who flew over just for his birthday (because that what you do), Quirksville who made my appearance back stage possible, and my camera was STILL in my bag.

It took awhile for the gassed, tired and shocked feeling to pass before I plucked the courage to ask for a picture.  They say yes like its nothing and held their poses, I’m there skinning teeth. Click!

Until next time ladies.. x.

And then there was you. by Mi-caw-ber

There’s what I believe.
And then there’s you.

Kieren. Once again. What’s going on, Simon is my fav. character but I draw much more Kieren! :|
Next time it’ll be Simon, promise.

And I’m asking you once more..  please give this entry a push, so ‘In the Flesh’ can win the poll.

Everybody, pls pls pls vote for ‘In the Flesh’ right here. Every single vote could bring us closer to series 3!

Blue jeans - Greaser!lock by Mi-caw-ber

Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like, James Dean, for sure
You’re so fresh to death and sick as cancer
But you fit me better than my favourite sweater!

Lana del Rey - Blue jeans

A comission for my dear friend Kassna.
More greaser!lock right here on my blog. And I think the next AU I draw will be Tattoo/Punk!lock :]

Size: A4
Medium: 0,3 mechanical pencil + traditional&digital coloration
Mood: I’ll never ever draw a motorbike again, pain in the ass!

Thanks for watching! :]