I’ve been on Deviantart for damn near 15 years and the shit on the front page is the exact same shit that was there 15 years ago, but with the addition of My Little Ponies. People have been drawing Sonic recolors, crappy cat and wolf OCs, Lion King inflation art, Mario Bros fanart, and taking grainy photos of their dicks/vaginas on DA nonstop for 15 muthafuckin years. Go to the newest section now and I guarantee you’ll find at least one of those things on the first page. Blows my fuckin mind how static it’s been over 1.5 decades.


I am so angered right now. these day some people on deviantart really take great afford to annoy me ..

there is that one person (there are more, but he keeps bugging me). comments my Nalu art with link to his desperate tries to show prove that Graylu will happen. so, as I said before everybody ships what they ship. but I find it jut not right to bash on other pairings by commenting on art with them.

I have to admit I looked at the links and commented on it, but I was just so upset, usually I don’t do this, but that person really has gotten on my nerves.

but at least I, unlike him, don’t try to change his thoughts 

he’s just to desperate and everybody knows

then the last to weeks In got comments under my last Natsu art like

“ lol hate him “ & “  disgusting. an appreciation day for such a filth character “

or under some Nalu art “ lucy can do so much better” 

just like with the pairings, it’s okey not to like a character but why put comments like that under art that shows the artist like the char

and then these comment under my Jellal appreciation day art:

“ uhhh what is a jellal appreciation day?
and im annoyed since i thought this was gray until i saw the marking -.- “

“ this is gray. “

“  im going to assume you copied this from a gray layout.” (from the same person that says he hates Natsu & that Lucy could do better)

especially the last one kind cracked something in me. you know, I love drawing and I have my pride as an artist & reading something like this kinda makes me upset. I would never copy or change others art just as I would’t like people doing this with mine

and seriously manga/ anime characters from the the same mangaka often look a bit similar since he got his own style. but seriously, their haircuts may look alike, a bit, the colour is still different. they have different eyes, body types..why the need to compare them? or is it just to bash my art? I don’t understand

so why can’t people just leave each other alone ????!!!