Image Hand

A new feature for VR development from Leap Motion and Unity allows you to see your actual hands in virtual spaces:

The Image Hand asset is a blend between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It displays images of your real hands from the camera sensors with the full interactivity and 3D behavior of our classic rigged hands. This works by projecting the raw images of your hands into a 3D mesh that can interact with other objects in real-world space – with total fidelity to depth, intersections and more.

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Disney Animation Studios currently looking for 2015 Talent Development Artist - Story Artist :

 Link to apply: here

Burbank, California

Walt Disney Animation Studios first developed the craft of storyboarding in the 1920s as a tool to explore ideas and bring them to visual life.  Over 90 years later, we continue to perfect the art of story today through expressive drawing, dynamic staging, and entertaining ideas. Our Talent Development Program has created a new track focused on the art of story for emerging artists with up to 5 years experience.  Artists will enter the program at a Trainee, Apprentice, or Assistant level based on their experience.

Under the guidance of a Disney Mentor, the Talent Development program offers a unique opportunity to hone and understand skills, refine and strengthen key expectations, and experience our real-time production environment in an immersive experience for a 3, 6, or 12 month paid position based in Burbank, California.

Trainee, Apprentice, or Assistant Story Artist
Our Story Artists translate story ideas into visual sequences. By working with other members of the production team, they develop the cinematography and staging of the film; choosing initial camera placement and angles; defining action and camera movement in the most entertaining way. They must convey the essence of storyline, scene structure, character emotion, and create action and humor in alignment with the overall direction of the film. They solve story and structure problems and work collaboratively in the story room.  

The 3, 6, or 12 month program is designed to share the specific skills and philosophies of the Walt Disney Animation Story Department through ongoing mentorship and insight.

As a Trainee, Apprentice, or Assistant Story Artist, the first three months are structured to introduce you to the art of our story process, from our studio culture to our production environment.  Whether fresh out of school or with a few years under your belt, these initial months will showcase the complexity of this fine art form while providing you the nurturing support to adapt to our style of visual filmmaking.

A three month and six month review determines future assignments to production.  Under the mentorship and leadership of the story team, Talent Development Artists will participate in a real time production experience.  

To apply for this position you must upload a resume and portfolio to your online profile at careers.disneyanimation.com/login

Portfolios should demonstrate:

· Strong gestural draftsmanship, the ability to draw very loosely and roughly yet with clarity in character appeal and acting

· Strong understanding of cinematography and narrative staging with visually clear shot flow applied throughout work

· Versatile range of character-driven story sequences preferred.  Showcase through a variety of genres and conveyed emotion including: comedy, action, romance, suspense, drama, musical, etc.

· Sequences do not need to be a full film in length but should have a clear beginning, middle, and end

· Strong understanding of acting and entertainment value

· Life/Observational Drawings required

· Sketchbook samples, animal zoo drawings required

· Character moments helpful

· Caricatures helpful

· Uploaded multipage PDF portfolios or digital animatics

The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Voices of the Order: 1886

the-new-mrs-trevorphilips asked:

So I saw the game is gonna be in chapters. Are we gonna get the chapters all at once? Or are you gonna bring them out every month, or every other month?

The beta of the game will be released to backers and pre-purchasers in chapters, so an extra reward for helping us make the game is that you’ll get to play it sooner. Once the first chapter is released, we’ll probably release the next chapter in 2-4 months. It’ll depend on how well we fund (more funding = faster, less funding = slower).

The finished game (and chapter five) will be released all at once so no one can spoil the ending. Once that’s done, we’ll work on ports out to Mac, PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, etc.

There’s five chapters total. The story of the main four women plays out across those chapters, although each chapter focuses a little more on a specific woman’s story. The first chapter acts as a setup to both the world and the characters.

The expansion characters tend to pop in and out of various chapters, depending on how their story fits into the main story, but they’ll be available for multiplayer. Hopefully, we’ll fund enough to make the four side campaigns, witch will each be about the size of a large chapter.

As far as the free-play/multiplayer goes, we’re hoping to release several levels/challenges with each beta chapter, but we’ll have to see how the development pans out. We’re building Aberford on a tight budget, so we’ll have to favor what we need over what we want.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will define the priorities of the UN’s development agenda beyond 2015. But the reality of climate change impacts will render these aspirational goals almost impossibly challenging for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) unless the current level of ambition in development and climate action is urgently increased. This briefing summarises our analysis of the projected impacts of climate change on the ability of the LDCs to achieve each SDG, based on evidence primarily from the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We go on to recommend policy pointers for the LDCs and their partners for the upcoming negotiations on the post-2015 agenda, financing for development, and a new climate change agreement.

Current read. Issue is that, to some (well, actually to many) observers, the SDGs have been tossed aside for the climate agenda set by the big economic players. Complicating the matter is that least developed countries will have to navigate negotiations with larger countries while dealing with their own climate calamities. This briefing by the IIED, I’m sorry to say, flatters the former (big countries) at the expense of the latter. Hard to believe that the IIED cleared this for publishing…

MBTI & Development: INFJ

To get the most out of this profile, familiarize yourself with the concept of ego development. Applying this concept to MBTI typology can shine a light on the potential strengths, weaknesses, problems, or pitfalls of your type. Use this profile as a guide for building self-awareness as well as for understanding which areas to focus on for personal development.

INFJ (Functional Stack: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se)

  • Core Values: vision, insight, harmony
  • Strengths: quickly see obscure connections and generate creative ideas, oriented towards helping others
  • Weaknesses: unrealistic in approach, overly idealistic in perspective, too concerned about the opinions of others
  • Shadow Conflicts: Ne seen as draining, overwhelming, illogical, confused; Se seen as meaningless, thrill-seeking, irresponsible, short-sighted; Si seen as narrow-minded, persnickety, self-limiting

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