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When Gemini copied Gray, they revealed a little of Gray’s thoughts. His initial thoughts of Lucy were “pretty darn cute” and “somewhat interested in her” but there are no further developments in their relationship. Instead,they share a “comfortable friendship” with each other. Also, he often treats Juvia’s intense approaches harshly but there are times where he will take her hand and tell her kind words like “I’m with you”. Does he just think of her as a friend or……?

Gray’s Relationship with Juvia

Juvia fell in love with Gray at first sight during the fight between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. With her love appeal escalating each passing day since she joined Fairy Tail, are Gray’s feelings getting somewhat wavered?! It seems like ice and water magic are compatible with each other…?!

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I’m Melanie(left) and that’s my girlfriend Mallorie. We met through tumblr over a year ago and have been together ever since. It just so happened that we share the same dream of becoming EDM DJs/Producers and now we are working together to achieve that. It’s important to the both of us to develop a strong relationship with those in the LGBT community and we hope we are able to connect people through our music. So check out our music blog or our personals and feel free to say hi:)




1.7k of not!fic…it happened again thanks to meeya..

Sterek Student/Teach AU. But Stiles is the teacher and Derek is the student.

And it’s Stiles’ first year at Beacon Prep and he teaches an advanced writing class and Derek is in it and Derek just sits in the back and is all quiet and Stiles notices him like “EFFFF I still have a jock kink.”

But he’s all like not trying to do anything about it because student/teacher no no, etc. and he just keeps teaching and Derek makes pretty good grades and his writing style is very straightforward and to the point and Stiles loves it.

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So I showed my Japanese friend the passage about Gray’s love life in the 3rd FT magazine and he told me that it says Gray finds Lucy attractive from the Gemini copy incident…however there is no real relationship development there. THERE IS, HOWEVER, SOMETHING GOING ON BETWEEN JUVIA AND GRAY. It teases in the end that from the hand grabbing time where Gray tells Juvia that he is “with her” there could be something going on between them….more than what Gray is showing


i hate when you join a rp and people interact with you but your conversations are pointless. you don’t really have real plots with anyone and your character is just kind of in a stand still, trying to develop relationships with people who seem uninterested. i think that’s probably worse than being ignored altogether.


I’ve come to depend all my happiness in the relationships of others. Specifically, Stiles and Lydia.

It’s understandable that Stiles is dating Malia and Lydia has never truly shown interest in him, but: he will always care for her.

I am disappointed that this ship didn’t completely sail this season, but I have faith. Near the end of the series if there is no romantic development in their relationship I can only say: I envy the two of them for having such a beautiful, gentle and caring friendship.

If as a Moffat fan you say RTD is obviously worse because he put Mickey and Martha together, you’re obviously not paying attention.

Let’s look at what Moffat has on his ledger:
Rampant homophobia
Rampant sexism
Gaping plot holes
Awful writing
Women who only serve as plot devices…
…Or to add to the male protagonist’s man angst/pain
Big shiny reset buttons at every single turn
NO emotional depth so whatsoever

But yeah. Continue to tell me how awful it is that Mickey and Martha got married and seem to be living a happy life being totally awesome alien hunters.

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Based on that snippet of information, how do you think Castle and Beckett would be if they never met?

Hmm, that’s a good question. I think it’ll really depend on how much of subsequent canon still happens even if they don’t meet. I hope they don’t make them too miserable- like Castle can’t even write, or Beckett is nonfunctional besides her job. Yes, they made each other better when they met, but Castle had still written 26 bestsellers, and Beckett still had a life and she had dealt with her mother’s murder (in a way, come to peace with it till Castle started digging all over again).

They did mature and develop with and for each other, so that would have be dialed back. I guess Castle might still be the ladies man, bouncing from casual relationship to casual relationship, afraid of getting hurt again. Maybe more infrequently as he gets a little older. Beckett might be buttoned up, maybe more along the lines of someone like McCord- no relationships that have worked out, dedicated to her job, no “fun” in her life per se.

Honestly, I’m intensely curious as to how the writers think their world plays out without that initial meeting, and whether my interpretation matches TEM’s. Miller’s case-writing can be meh, but she has a deft touch with the characters and relationship development, and this kind of premise is right in her ball park, writing wise. Let’s see.

In my opinion, every relationship—whether platonic, romantic, familial, friendship or otherwise—ultimately gives you experience and teaches you more about the world. Whether you embrace or reject the knowledge gleaned is up to you. But honestly? I think that if you refuse to accept and learn from your past relationships, your growth as a human being is stunted. You repeat the same mistakes and you’re unable to develop. You hurt new relationships and cut the lifeline of what should blossom healthily. Need to learn from your mistakes, understand what your past relations have taught you, and embrace ‘em. Otherwise you’ll be stuck where you’ve always been.

murmuredlullabye said: Okay, color me curious: how do you think a strong relationship could develop between their canon (pre-boot) characters?

Okay, here’s the thing: my characterization of Jason will always rely on his Robin years and the first few appearances as Red Hood. Emphasis on Robin years, so I’m that person. So I doubt anyone would ever agree with my angle. Same with Tim, where I believe the core of his character can be summed up in his tendency toward selfishness and that the main point of any development for Tim should be learning about how his assumptions about the world and people are wrong and having to deal with that.

In other words, like every character in comics that I obsess over, “my” Tim and Jason characterizations that are there but the writers never seemed capable of addressing.

I also believe that Jason is bisexual and Tim is biromantic ace. That’s generally relevant to when I ship either of them with anything so I’ll just put that in the forefront.

If I were to build a strong relationship between Tim and Jason, the very first step would have to be in “fixing” Tim’s perspective. Which, around the time of Jason’s return, wasn’t really a hard thing to do. The problem most people understandably have with Tim is that he’s an incredibly privileged perspective for a character to be from — financially sustained while male who is  able to hang out with his childhood heroes and eventually become one of them himself. But Jason’s return came at the time where Tim lost all of that. He lost his family, his respect for Batman, his girlfriend and closest friend, his school and supportive friends, and then he lost the very city he was raised in and able to protect.

By any means Tim should have reached a complete realization about his life and perspective here that Steph had been trying to help Tim see for years beforehand. Tim could understand what would make good people want to do bad things, he ended up doing a lot of bad things. And, by all means, after his father had died because he was Robin and Steph had died because she was Robin… Tim should have felt his identity was poisoned. (Because Tim has this scary tendency to separate his psyche into “Robin” vs. “Tim”, and later “Red Robin” vs. “Tim Drake” vs. “Tim Wayne.”)

So Tim would have needed guidance.

And that’s where Jason would be. See, I never thought Tim and Jason’s meeting in Teen Titans made any sense whatsoever? I’m sure people disagree with me, of course, but everything Jason does has a point and… the point, I guess, was to write “Jason Todd was Here” in Tim’s blood? Yeah I know they had big long speeches between each other but the writing was genuine garbage at the time. The thing is, Jason would hate the new Robin regardless of who was in the uniform… but I cannot see him hating Tim as a person without meeting him and getting a feel for the kid first? So the brutality in the Teen Titans issue just leaves me scratching my head at everything.

If Tim felt that the Robin identity was poisoned because of the trauma it had caused him and so many others, even if he continued to wear the suit (as I believe he would regardless), he’d honestly understand Jason’s position more than anyone else in the family.

Tim is a character who almost completely lacks empathy no matter how much he cares about people — a part of his upbringing and selfishness that is reinforced and should have been a huge growing point for him throughout his Robin tenure — but this could have been the start of that. You can’t learn empathy, but Tim would try because Tim believes in heroes and that’s what a hero would be. And being in the position to hate what Robin stands for, I think Tim would begin empathizing with Jason for the first time at this point.

I really loved the Orange Islands Pokemon season. I mean, it gave us a break from Brock - (no offense, I just lost interest in him and his constant flirting), plus it introduced an artist character (Tracey, obviously), and then - more important than anything else - it was an entirely filler season, leaving the writers to be able to focus on and develop the relationships between our favorite characters.

There was less training, less gym battles, and more filler, obviously… but it was worth it. We got to see these characters really bond and deal with troublesome situations that tested their ties, and even the gym battles were more emotionally driven (Naval and Trovita Island, guys)! But the scenes in The Stun Spore Detour, Pikachu Re-Volts (one of my absolute favorites), Charizard Chills, Tracey Gets Bugged, and Rivalry Revival will always stand out to me in canon because they expanded on all of these characters that we only got a glimpse at in Kanto/Indigo.

Sometimes, a little less focus on the destination and a little more focus on the journey getting there can be a really good thing. :)

(Notice I tried to keep the Pokeshipping-biased views to a minimum? Lol.)

and apparently Will wrote on his blog (idk what his blog is, I saw a post in the willthew tag) that we get to watch their relationship develop through the episodes !!!!!!!!!

The thing that is so wrong with queerbaiting is not about ambiguous male friendships that us, crazy fans, would like to see develop into passionate sexual relationships. It’s not about shipping, it’s not about our own desires for those characters, it’s not about wanting to project ourselves on fictional heroes.

The thing about queerbaiting is that people in the media use queer jokes and queer subtext whenever it’s convenient, whenever it’s funny, whenever it can make for a comic and awkward situation, but whenever we dare think that it wasn’t completely empty and meaningless, we, queer people, who are directly concerned by those jokes, get ridiculed and laughed at for trying to read too much into things.

But the thing is, if those jokes and hints happened between a man and a woman, everyone would know from the very first moment that it is going to be romantic. Even if it only happens 6 seasons later, even if the characters spend years without touching. Even if everything else about them but their genitals make them the worse pairing that can possibly exist. The MINUTE there is a tiny hint of maybe something unsaid between a male and a female character, the minute someone jokes about it and laugh about it, the minute people around them tease them with it or even mention it, EVERYONE knows it’s going to be canon.  Watch any show. You know from the first few seconds if two main characters are going to have a love interest, and it seems to always make perfect sense.

So why is it that the moment the same things happen between two people of the same sex, it suddenly makes it as if those lines and those jokes were made between an boy and his cat? Obviously it’s a meaningless joke. Obviously, no one would actually think or wish for bestiality. No one would question why they don’t end up together, no one would be like WHEN ARE THEY GONNA FUCK?? No one would accidentally identify with those characters because the jokes were misleading. 

Which leads me to the conclusion that most people consider that queer hints, queer subtext or queer jokes with characters who have engaged in heterosexuality in the past can only be for amusement purpose. Like a plant and a chair. Why wouldn’t it be funny? It’s just jokes, it can only ever be jokes, and that’s what makes it funny, becauseit’s so obviously completely crazy. That’s why you can joke about it all you want and it’s harmless, because it’s a plant and a chair and it’s just so irrational and unrealistic, why would anyone be serious about that?

They are putting queer sexuality on the same level of ridiculous and amusing nonsense as a relationship between a fish a his bubbles, and that’s the whole problem with what we call queerbaiting. It tells us that any sexual orientation but heterosexuality is a ridiculous and silly idea.It automatically places our sexual orientation in the section of things that can only be used for straight people’s amusement or plot devices. It turns queerness into something so ridiculous and non existent that laughing at it and using it as a comic relief is absolutely harmless, because it has no meaning and no significance and it’s nothing. It’s sending millions of people the message that queerness is and will never nothing be but a joke for straight people to laugh at.And that is frankly revolting.

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i was wondering if you had any tips on approaching professors and developing a good relationship with them? i try to talk in class if i have something worthwhile to say and stay after class to talk for a few minutes about the subject matter but i'm not sure if i'm making a strong enough impression/could be doing anything different?

Visit their office hours, ask questions about class materials/their work, engage with them in class discussions, the professors I know closely I’ve taken couple of classes with so that always helps, others I sort of know through department events, etc. So just put yourself out there. I don’t think it’s more about just connecting with a random professor but what professor interests you? How does their work help you understand/challenge the work you do? That’s the sort of professional relationship you will want to develop. 

The governments of Antigua and Barbuda and the Dominican Republic assessed the implementation of projects in the sectors of security, agriculture, tourism, sport and education, the local government reported today.

According to a statement issued by the Cabinet, the Minister of Tourism of Antigua and Barbuda, Asot Michael, traveled to the Dominican Republic and met with Deputy Foreign Minister José Manuel Trulli, to analyze various strategies.

Michael, who is visiting Santo Domingo to attend an investment forum, also held talks with Miguel Mejía, the Dominican holder for Regional Integration.

They discussed various development projects and the relationship of the Dominican Republic with the Caribbean Community (Caricom).

Mejia invited the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, to visit the Dominican Republic. The text does not make clear whether the two sides discussed the application of Santo Domingo to join the Caricom, which was suspended last year following the decision of the Constitutional Court of this nation that affects thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent.

bunbijou replied to your post“If you shame first worlders for not finishing they’re meal you are an…”

isnt the first world/third world concept sort of bad? ive heard stuff about it somewhere


If you mean Mao’s Three Worlds Theory, then yes, it was a realpolitik scam to justify China’s development of luke warm relationships with the west

If you mean the concept of the third world as being “racist” or something, then no, in fact if you assume there isn’t a third world, you are so disconnected from political and economic reality on a level I can not comprehend

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Miles having HAPPY DREAMS gimme dat floof

Ohmyg OD OK
Miles has his share of happy dreams after trials and tribulations when phoenix and his relationship really develops and when he begins to realize it’s not just him in his own little world anymore and there are people who care about him. He notices that when he sleeps next to phoenix, his nightmares become less and less frequent until he goes for weeks without one and on the chance he does, phoenix is there to comfort him and remind him theyre both fine and holds him until he falls asleep again. His new dreams that replace the nightmares involve a lot of people he’s met and consider friends now like maya and pearls and Larry but he mostly dreams about phoenix and his 9 happy years he had with his dad and sometimes he dreams weird things that he laughs at if he remembers it when he wakes up.