I just saved this screenshot as “lol games journos”

Post facto, reblogs later, just gonna dick this response in because no one will see it otherwise. I’m an asshole I guess. “

I don’t think you understand; there’s nothing wrong with ‘calling out’ a shite game; I totally loathed Battlefield 4 because DICE made it into a dreadfully unbalanced, mechanically in-viable game. I raved about how terrible I thought it was. I’ve never played GTA games, but I’d probably not enjoy them. It’s fine to criticize games; that’s half the part of how the get better with time, progress in design, writing, mechanics, etc.

But that’s not what I’m addressing here. These people ‘criticizing’ games like GTA aren’t analyzing gameplay, or art style, or curation/marketing; they’re making outlandish political analyzes about a ridiculous, violent, funny game, which they shouldn’t be taking seriously anyways. And they’re dishonest about it. They whine about how you can kill women, yahda yahda, as if the entire game is centered around exploiting the female gender. They leave out the facts that 1) you can do the same things to the men in the game and 2) the player has a choice whether or not to do it. That’s what a game is, choice interaction. You don’t have to be a murdering psychopath in these games. It’s a choice.

So, it’s difficult for me to believe you when you say they’re simply critiquing the game, when it’s blatant that they’re using politically charged rhetoric to insight all kinds of controversy and so on. Nobody whines about how the protagonist in Just Cause is essentially a terrorist that destroys buildings, cars, factories, oil refineries, and other things. Nobody goes crazy about satanic or demonic magic in an array of fantasy games. Nobody loses their shit over the gore and violence in zombie horde games or fps multiplayer games.

So what’s the fucking deal with GTA, or other games where you are allowed to exploit and harm women (and men) as part of the game???? It’s still just a game.

I have no idea why it’s such a big deal to these ‘critics’. If they don’t like the game, they shouldn’t play it. Trying to get it pulled off shelves, or calling game devs misogynists and women-haters, and all this other bullshit is unprofessional, boorish, and infantile.

Thank god we’ve found that these people eventually lose steam and just move on to the next fan base (which unfortunately for me, I’m likely to be a part of [be it comic books, movies and television, or who knows…]). The cognitive dissonance between saying “You can make whatever game you want” and “This game is horrible because XYZ, you shouldn’t be able to make games like this or sell them”, is a huge puzzler; don’t know how Polygon writers can pull that off.”

Female techies share what it’s like to run a technology business in Kenya

A tech business is arguably the easiest to start, provided that you have the prerequisite skills.

AkiraChix co-founders from left Angela Oduor-Lungati, Marie Githinji, Judith Owigar and Linda Kamau at their office along Ngong Road in Nairobi in this picture taken on February 24, 2015. PHOTO| BILLY MUTAI 

Yahoo Introduces New Mobile Developer Suite at Company’s First Mobile Developer Conference

By Prashant Fuloria, SVP Advertising Products

The first ever Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference (YMDC) kicked off in San Francisco this morning with more than a thousand mobile developers in attendance. We are sharing a lot of great content alongside our partners and clients, and our main event is the launch of a new suite of products that makes it easier for mobile developers to analyze, monetize, advertise and enhance their apps. These solutions are the powerful combination of technology and data from Yahoo, Flurry (which joined the Yahoo family in August of 2014) and BrightRoll (which Yahoo acquired in December of 2014).

Flurry has a deep understanding of the mobile developer’s needs and the mobile ecosystem, and Yahoo is a place with an enormous audience across devices and sophisticated technology. Since our investment in Flurry, we have been hard at work integrating the best of both companies, and now BrightRoll, to create comprehensive suite of solutions for developers.

Today it gives me great pride to officially announce the new Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, built on  five products to help developers, measure, advertise, monetize and enhance their apps. Those five products are: Flurry Analytics with Explorer, Flurry Pulse, Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo Search in Apps, and Yahoo App Marketing. You can get started right now by going to

Flurry Analytics Explorer - An update on the Flurry Analytics developers have come to know and love, developers can now answer even more complex questions with Explorer, an easy-to-use data exploration interface that returns insights in seconds. No need to write code, build queries, wait for calculations, or implement a new SDK.

Flurry Pulse - Flurry Pulse makes it easy for developers to share app signals with partners using their existing Flurry SDK implementations and the click of a button. Pulse can help limit SDK proliferation and additional engineering work, by pushing signals from your app to your partners of choice.

Yahoo App Publishing - With the same tools that we use to successfully monetize our own apps, developers can now monetize their apps with high-quality native, video and display ads using the combined capabilities of Yahoo Gemini, BrightRoll and Flurry. This combination offers developers the most engaging, seamless, beautiful advertising experience for users and the most effective advertising formats to monetize their apps.

Yahoo Search in Apps - This offering makes it easy for developers to integrate Yahoo Search directly into their apps. This enhances the user experience by allowing users to search the web from within the app, and can create an additional monetization channel for developers.

Yahoo App Marketing - With the power of Yahoo Gemini, one of the fastest growing native and mobile search marketplaces, developers can efficiently acquire new users, grow engagement and track results. Developers can buy targeted native and video advertising across Yahoo’s network of premium content, Tumblr and thousands of mobile apps. Through Yahoo App Marketing, developers can use just one platform to gain exposure to an enormous audience of highly engaged and active users across desktop, mobile and social.   

Mobile developers can get started with these new tools that combine the data and technology of Yahoo, Flurry and BrightRoll today by visiting

PickitV3.0 Pick your Photos from Custom Camera / Gallery in iOS

PickitV3.0 Pick your Photos from Custom Camera / Gallery in iOS

Pick your images from Camera / Gallery by using Custom Camera View

  • Added filter functionality
  • Added Share option
  • Save your filtered image to your local photos app
  • Improve UI
  • Added UI for iPad and iPhone


PickitV1.0 Download here

PickitV2.0 Download here

PickitV3.0 Download here


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Sell your game with the IndieGameStand Widget (Beta)

This week I’ve been hard at work on the new IndieGameStand Widget:

Like many other sites, IGS has finally gotten around to building a widget that allows game developers to sell their game on their own website.  The widget is free to use (IGS takes a measley 5% of each sale) and 95% of the net revenue of all sales go to the developer so it’s a great way to support indie developers.  To my knowledge it’s also the first of these widgets to support Paypal, Amazon, Credit card and Bitcoin payments - so that’s pretty cool - especially since Bitcoin transaction fees are $0.01.

Indie Game Developers have the option to receive an email notification every time a sale is made via their widget.  All you need to do is include an email address in our developer portal.  It’s also important to note that Developers are FREE to use the widget WITHOUT listing their game in our store or ever doing a featured deal.  All Widget and Store sales are combined to calculate an indie studios balance.  Game developers can request a payout whenever their balance is more than our minimum payout of  $100.

The widget will soon be readily available to all developers registered with our site, but if you want to test it out right now please email matt @IndieGameStand dot com.  If anyone runs into any issues with the widget please let us know.

Top 15 Android Code Editors for Mobile Developers

Top 15 Android Code Editors for Mobile Developers

If you desire your Android devices like highly advanced smart phone or tab runs smoothly without any complication on any place and anywhere, without providing the issues with the editing the source code, Android Code Editorsare the ideal tools for this criterion. Presently, you can encounter the programming to be for the sake of entertainment, so you can compose and test the source code without…

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WhatsApp Voice Calling Latest Feature Free Download For Windows Phones

WhatsApp Voice Calling Latest Feature Free Download For Windows Phones

It seems that the developers of WhatsApp are currently getting ready to bring the Voice Calling feature to Windows Phones also. Currently, this feature was spotted only on the Android device, but it seems that WhatsApp for iOS is also preparing to

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