All Things Analogue - Calling all Photographers

A chance to get your work out there.

For those who are interested in the ways of Film and Analogue, I’ve started a new group.

Feel free to share your Tips and Tricks. Share your Websites, Facebook Pages, LinkedIns, Flickrs, Instagrams, Exhibition Invites and just genuinely network.

If anyone is selling or looking to buy equipment or film, this is a great way to get involved, as we all know some stuff is so hard to find! Invite anyone you may think would find this of interest.

As businesses become increasingly data-centric, and with the coming age of the Internet of Things (IoT), enterprises and data-driven organizations must become adept at efficiently deriving insights from their data. In this environment, any time spent building and managing infrastructure rather than working on applications is a lost opportunity. That’s why today we are excited to introduce Google Cloud Bigtable - a fully managed, high-performance, extremely scalable NoSQL database service accessible through the industry-standard, open-source Apache HBase API. Under the hood, this new service is powered by Bigtable, the same database that drives nearly all of Google’s largest applications.

Google Cloud Bigtable excels at large ingestion, analytics, and data-heavy serving workloads. It’s ideal for enterprises and data-driven organizations that need to handle huge volumes of data, including businesses in the financial services, AdTech, energy, biomedical, and telecommunications industries.

Cloud Bigtable delivers the following key benefits to organizations building large systems:

Unmatched Performance: Single-digit millisecond latency and over 2X the performance per dollar of unmanaged NoSQL alternatives.

Open Source Interface: Because Cloud Bigtable is accessed through the HBase API, it is natively integrated with much of the existing big data and Hadoop ecosystem and supports Google’s big data products. Additionally, data can be imported from or exported to existing HBase clusters through simple bulk ingestion tools using industry-standard formats.

Low Cost: By providing a fully managed service and exceptional efficiency, Cloud Bigtable’s total cost of ownership is less than half the cost of its direct competition.

Security: Cloud Bigtable is built with a replicated storage strategy, and all data is encrypted both in-flight and at rest.

Simplicity: Creating or reconfiguring a Cloud Bigtable cluster is done through a simple user interface and can be completed in less than 10 seconds. As data is put into Cloud Bigtable the backing storage scales automatically, so there’s no need to do complicated estimates of capacity requirements.

Maturity: Over the past 10+ years, Bigtable has driven Google’s most critical applications. In addition, the HBase API is a industry-standard interface for combined operational and analytical workloads.

To help get you started quickly, we have assembled a service partner ecosystem to enable a diverse and expanding set of Cloud Bigtable use cases for our customers. Starting today, these service partners are available to help you take a new approach to data storage in your own environment.

SunGard, a leading financial software and services company, can help you build a scalable, easy to manage financial data platform on Cloud Bigtable. In fact, it has already built a financial audit trail system on Cloud Bigtable which is capable of ingesting a remarkable 2.5 million trade messages per second.

Pythian, a global data consulting company, has integrated OpenTSDB with Cloud Bigtable to provide a monitoring and metrics collection platform.

CCRi is a contributor and supporter of the open source spatio-temporal database “GeoMesa.” By integrating GeoMesa with Cloud Bigtable, CCRi is able to provide a scalable platform for real-time geospatial analysis in the cloud.

Telit Wireless Solutions, a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, has integrated their IoT EAP (Application Enablement Platform) “m2mAIR” with Cloud Bigtable to enable a much higher performance in data ingestion.

As of today, Google Cloud Bigtable is available as a beta release in multiple locations worldwide. We are already helping customers like Qubit migrate a multi-petabyte HBase deployment to Cloud Bigtable. We look forward to seeing what sorts of amazing, innovative applications you can create with this powerful piece of Google technology. If you have any technical questions please post them to Stack Overflow with the tag ’google-cloud-bigtable’, and if you have any feedback or feature requests please send it to the feedback list.

-Posted by Cory O’Connor, Product Manager

(from Google Cloud Platform Blog)

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Embedded Developer at Philips, Bengaluru

Technical Skills

Expert Knowledge in C/C++ language. Should have developed at least 1 product from scratch.

Minimum 3 years of experience with Microcontrollers (No OS)

Hands-on knowledge of DALI protocol, SPI & SCI protocol ,i2c protocol, 1-10V, ADC, DAC, PWM protocol

Ability to develop Embedded application using C language on Linux / Unix environment

Knowledge of protocol such as COAP would be advantage

Working knowledge of LonWorks protocol is desirable

Knowledge of Hardware debugging using Keil or any other IDE

Strong in Operating System concepts and Data structures

Ability to understand algorithms and realizing them in code.
Understanding of XML.

Ability to analyze, root cause and fix problems.

Ability to understand SRS and contribute to the design HLD / LLD.

Ability to produce quality code.

Ability to adhere to the defined processes

Very good Analytical , debugging skills

Good understanding of Software development life cycle.

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Today was a good day.

I sent my resume over to this pretty awesome company last week, and got a response a couple hours later from one of their managers. We had a good email convo going before getting on the phone. That was a good convo as well (talked background, code, etc…). I met with pretty 95% of the team today, and everyone was cool. Got to do some front-end work while I was there too. Anyone who knows me knows that while I’ve been a freelance web developer for a while now, I’ve continued working in IT Support roles for some reason. I’m not really sure why, but I’m guessing it’s been a comfort zone type of thing. Since a majority of my experience falls under that category I tend to get calls for jobs in that area…but last week I snapped out of it. It makes no sense to continue taking these IT Support contracts when that isn’t where I want to be professionally. It’s like just wasting time. $$$$$ is cool, but if I’m not learning anything or interested in a job, I’m going to view it as a paycheck…which isn’t bad when you’re working as a contractor, but I feel like at some point we all want more than that. I know I do. 

Anyway, we’ll see what happens with this new company!

On another note, we finally got Nas potty trained…well sort of. Last week I saw a vid that was pretty much like you need to be consistent with the training, and by the end of Saturday he was going to the potty himself with no problem. Now he’s rolling with it, but only for #1. #2 he I guess is still not cool with the potty for. But it’s all good, I’m sure that’ll change soon. I’m just glad we don’t have to spend a gazillion dollars on pull-ups anymore lol. 

Went over to my pops spot for a bit after meeting with that company. My bro was over there so we had our normal conversation about sports, business, politics, and more sports. I dig the moves the Eagles made in the draft. I think we’ll be on top of the NFC East this season. As far as the NBA playoffs go, I’m thinking the Cavs will definitely take out the Bulls. They just need to make some adjustments, but Rose has been hot and cold IMO. I want the Wizards to knock out the Hawks, the Warriors to take out the Grizzlies and after watching that Rockets/Clippers game last night, it’s looking like the Clippers are gonna take this series. I mean how do the Rockets lose game 1 when CP3 isn’t even playing?!!?! Dwight needs to work on his damn offense jeez. 

My prediction is Warriors/Cavs in the finals. 


Lagi proses bikin anak :v wkwk seharian belom tidur, begadang sampe mampus.. Ya walaupun gak sedikit parkour (karna masih demo) Alhamdulillah berkah berkat lisensi insyaallah ndak crekan dan SN pake nama sendiri :3 Like a directx11 dan bisa merakyat di Nvidia Geforce 8600GT or greater! Ngeskrip pake C#,C++.. Yawalaupun masih neubi, nanti insyaallah kalo jadi take scene game ngevidio pemerannya buat intro #DX10 #DX11 #gamedevelopment #Nvidia #Geforce #8600GT #GPU #Render #gameengine #everywhere #yeah #unity #indonesia #programming #developer #DreamcodeCreative #DreamcodeDeveloper #FPS #kataponcoe #CRXEngine #Neubie #mistakes (at Anywhere but Here)

Android Developer Story: The Hunt -- Increased engagement with material design and Google Play

Android Developer Story: The Hunt — Increased engagement with material design and Google Play

Posted by Laura Della Torre, Google Play team

We’ve been in San Francisco talking with the team from The Hunt — a style and product sharing community. They’ve recently lifted the rate at which Android users start hunts to 20 percent after successfully implementing material design in the app, which is a 30 percent improvement over other platforms. As The Hunt’s Product Designer Jenny Davis puts…

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EDI Service Provider SPS Commerce Joins NetSuite's SuiteFlex Developer Program

EDI Service Provider SPS Commerce Joins NetSuite’s SuiteFlex Developer Program

San Mateo, Calif., and Minneapolis, Minn. (PRWEB) December 11, 2007

SPS Commerce today announced that it has become a member of NetSuite’s® SuiteFlex SM Developer Program. By integrating NetSuite’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP solution and outsourced SaaS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)services from SPS Commerce, suppliers can seamlessly communicate order, inventory and shipment…

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Adrian Bell - Bunkers 2nd Birthday

As one of the most respected names is the local techno scene, Adrian Bell has spent every spare moment over the past two years, building up a techno empire that is Bunker, rallying up a strong following of supporters and tastemakers along the way.

He has gained a reputation for his genuine fervour in fostering the dissemination of quality techno to the wider Melbourne club scene. At Bunker, they don’t call him the boss for any old reason; in the past few years he has been tirelessly dedicated to the cause alongside partnersJake McDonald and Andy Muscat. Over the years they have been responsible for their annual Summer Open Air series; a range of free outdoor techno day parties which has just finished up its second year, ad-hoc local parties showcasing the finest Melbourne techno, Soft-Pedal; events which focus on ambient, down-tempo, dub & electronica music as well as the tours of three of his personal favourites and influencers, Xhin (Official), Mary Velo and Developer.

Bell has remained at the forefront of the local techno scene since the inception of Bunker, even bringing his brand overseas playing in Berlin and Tokyo in 2014. The past two visits to Berlin’s techno behemoth Berghain have also been remarkable experiences for the techno aficionado, who was invited up to the DJ booth by Berghain resident and Ostgut Ton signee,Answer Code Request after charming him by “buying him a couple of drinks”.

Renowned for pounding out brooding techno, he sites Answer Code Request as an influence on his music choices. An Adrian Bell set is comprised of wall-to-wall techno: the darker, the harder, the better. By no means does it make for a boring set, as he manages to embody all there is to love about techno to command any dance-floor. His musical influences have changed slightly over time, but says that bands like Pink Floyd andQueen will always play a pivotal role, displaying his diverse knowledge and fondness for music.

If that’s not enough to convince you of Bell’s proficiency, he has also had the privilege of being on warming up duties for big batters in the game likeJeff Mills, MARCEL DETTMANN, Robert Hood, Ben Sims, Peter Van Hoesen (Official) and Rebekah, which he highlights as a stand out gig. He also played at earthcore in 2014 and Let Them Eat Cake earlier this year.

Not many can boast the achievements that Bell has obtained in such a short period of time – a credit to his hard work to say the least.

Words: Isabella Olivieri


Dungtitled (in A Major) by Stars of the Lid

from the album And Their Refinement of the Decline (2007) on Kranky label.


New developer diary about The Witcher 3

PD: I’m counting the days to play it :D