Engineers develop new materials for hydrogen storage

San Diego CA (SPX) Apr 17, 2014

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have created new ceramic materials that could be used to store hydrogen safely and efficiently. The researchers have created for the first time compounds made from mixtures of calcium hexaboride, strontium and barium hexaboride. They also have demonstrated that the compounds could be manufactured using a simple, low-cost manufacturing m
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Being the greatest teacher most likely starts from being the best student. To me.. The study of art can never be mastered because there’s always something to learn from imagination in itself. Imagination and art is universal. The infinite bond of possibilities relies between the seen and the unseen. #Student#Teacher#Teach#Teachtheyouth#Master#Art#Bodyofart##Study#Learn#Develop#Knowledge#Knowyourself#Loveyourself#Imagination#Creation#Infinite#Universal

如何从 0 开始学 iOS 开发(漫步版)

最近某个 QQ 群里的一帮家伙吵着要学 iOS 开发,我刚好对此有一点点经验,所以他们让我写篇文章,于是有了此文,我也趁此机会做做总结什么的。



想学 iOS 开发,门槛不算很低,我假设你已经有一台 Mac 和一台 iOS 设备(当然如果你愿意折腾黑苹果,我也不介意),同时我还假设你英语水平尚可。 因为下文推荐的很多资料都是英文的,只有少部分是中文的,主要是因为中文书籍比较滞后,而且翻译的都很烂。

另外需要补充的是,虽然苹果新推出的编程语言 Swift 现在很火热,但本文推荐的学习资料都将是基于 Objective-C 的,因为各种原因(资料、书籍、视频、文章、类库等大部分还是关于 Objective-C,就算你用 Swift,但在实际开发中你还是要了解 Objective-C),所以目前还是选择 Objective-C 更好一点。

在接着往下看之前,我们不妨先去把 Xcode(版本是 5.1.1)下回来并安装,这个是 iOS 开发的必备工具,下载址请点击这里,可能需要登录你的 Apple ID(如果没有的请先注册一个吧)。为什么选择 XCode 5.1.1?是因为目前主流的资料都还是基于 iOS 7 + Xcode 5 的,而 Xcode 6.x 相对 5.x 来说有不少地方有改变,这对初学者会产生很多困惑。

正如上文所说,本文讨论的是 iOS 7 的开发,等你入门了,再去了解关于 iOS 8 的内容也不迟,以目前的 iOS 7 所占市场份额来说,你写的 app 肯定还是需要考虑兼容 iOS 7 的,等你学会用 Objective-C 开发 app 后,想转成用 Swift 也不会太难的,因为你已经登堂入室了。

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It’s a big day for Googlers.

Google’s annual developers conference kicked off this morning, with no shortage of expectations for the company’s future. Google wearables, Android-controlled vehicles, and the next version of Google’s Android operating system are all on the table.

Google I/O takes place at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco. Tune in for updates and pics from CNBC’s team inside the conference.