HEY! I just got the Supernatural fanbook Carry on Wayward Losers in the mail!

Here’s my mom modeling it:

and here’s a doodle from salternates:

I don’t think the book is being sold anymore, but you should totally check out all the amazing artists!







Thanks so much for making my day. Me and my mom lovelovelove it!

anonymous asked:

Can you suggest any artist tumblrs please?

i am going to be blunt: i don’t generally use tumblr to follow artists/art. i try to avoid following artists here unless i’m friends with them from another venue (so i can appreciate them as companions and their art). i have a really low opinion of the art and artists that circulate around here (mine especially, mine included). it gets too shrill and overbearing when artists mistake a targeted set of fans for substantial clout or influence. i like artists who prefer to let their art do the talking, who maintain this boundary between what they do and who they are, and who are never delusional about what popularity means. i’m a huge privacy/restraint kind of person (although this tumblr is the antithesis of it) - “only break the silence if your words are more beautiful.

roy lichtenstein’s pragmatic front of “i don’t have big anxieties. i wish i did. i’d be much more interesting" is the kind of artist i find tolerable.

okay, there are a few exceptions. i follow these artists and adore them as people. so here we go, i guess:

  • redribbonrobot
  • devcrap

ok that is it lmfao. i’m a fucking hypocrite and pretty please would you crucify me is basically what i’m trying to say.

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eyes buggin outta my head. if anythin g it's polarbales in devcrap's art

aaaaaaAAAAHHH i think we just gotta essept that we both LOVE EACHOTHER AND JUST GIVE EACHOTHER BIG HUGS ALL THE TIME 

devcrap said: i can’t believe how many of these you just made.. mastering quality and quantity huh

Too much free time on my hands xD … Also jibcon shenanigans had me squealing somewhat… That fake kiss (♥) but it seems like (I knew this) certain parties are still steadfast that we (I) am seeing something that is not there… Hence all the more zesty productiveness. Noone shall tell me I’m seeing things that are not there, it’s there, certain parties just think the brother show could ever have made it beyond s5. Heh. Right.
(Dev I’m so sorry this reply got so randomly fan-political, i love u and I’m sorry xD) kisses and hugs!♥

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i used to consider this too but so many professional guy artists draw porn without repercussion anyway so why not, right. if you’re looked down because you’re doing the same then you’re probs working with shitheads and who wants that

Omg you’re RIGHT! gosh i never even realized that! I mean if they can do it than why can’t i? *A* 

Would that also apply if i want to work like at CN or Dreamworks? (i mean Rebecca Sugar drew Ed Edd n Eddy nsfw stuff and she was fine i think LOL)

I think i’m gonna do it tho! ;UU;

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you’ll just have to create your own high quality content! hehe

Dammit Dev you’re right! Though I can’t write (my focus is more on the reading) i could start making the art bit happen… :9 
…also part of me (the selfish lonely part) wish I could take u with me down the rabbit hole of New fandom… It’s so lonely and cold here (;♦;)

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once you leave it’ll be cold and lonely here as well! someone has to stay and look after everyone. but you’ll be a gift to twd fans, i’m sure!

♥ I could never really really leave u and spn!!!… Not while there is the technical possibility of screentime for Cas❤ hehe but yeah, I guess Im not suuper excited about s9 so far ;v … And also distracted by work and other shows that dares come in from the side line and tackle me to the ground! XD

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i couldn’t tell you specifically which companies /really/ frown on it, but sugar’s old drawings sure bolster confidence, huh. ability’s gotta take precedence over taste/content in an industry where the majority doesn’t produce their own content

true! i mean i guess as long as i don’t make porn of whichever character on the show i’m working on i should be set?