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questions for everyone time! deuce, what's your favorite embarrassing childhood story about ty? kelly, how kinky was your ex wife (also what the heckie was her name i hate calling her just 'your ex wife' yknow)? digger, how old were you when you discovered your love of explosions? owen, what is your favorite word beginning with the letter L?

Deuce: I’m confused as to why I got dragged into this. I was on vacation.

Kelly: Not going to answer this.

Digger: I was barely walking when I tried to light my first match!

Owen: … .llllloser.

Gloom and Bloom part 2 thoughts

—My God is Laura Bailey’s talent wasted on these horribly written Lagoona/Gil drama scenes. I wanna send her a gift basket as an apology.

—Cleo had like 7 lines in a two-part webisode that should have been all about her. Nice writers, real nice.

—Ugh Amanita’s voice, it’s ridiculously grating. How does a girl who’s lived in a flower for a thousand years talk like a valley girl? Cut away to something else.

NO not more Lagoona/Gil, ew, cut back to Amanita and Cleo!

—Deuce caught Gil’s Spineless Flu, poor guy. Although I guess you can argue that he doesn’t know Cleo’s past with Amanita and doesn’t understand why his girlfriend’s so pissed at her. So yeah, I can excuse Deuce to an extent.

—Really Amanita, that’s the worst you could come up with? This was horribly anticlimactic and disappointing, especially after how awesome both Cleo and Amanita’s diaries were.

I got this guy in the mail the other day. He came in a box, but came out of the box with dirt already on his nose, ahah. His outfit’s a pretty spot-on repro of Scaris Deuce’s.

Bonus: the text on the back of the box.

This is the most popular monster girl series toys. The new design, fashion model, give you a new joy to experience! Now, all of our collection, you will find a miracle! Come on, follow the footsteps of fashion, dance with it. This is a joyous stage. You are the most fashionable shining star! What are you waiting for it! Quickly took me home!

*arecia voice* i love all my children!!! there’s ace, deuce, trey…and even *looks at smudged writing on hand* rome and machinima