detrital hell

What happens when you have an extra detrital U-Pb age in your total detrital grain count from all samples compared to the total count you made last semester? Go through 2000 U-Pb grains to find out where it came from.

Problem solved. All graphs/figures/text fixed. 3 hours later. No progress made on the work I wanted to get done today. EXHAUSTED. that was the mental game from hell.


"Głazy Krasnoludków" (Gorzeszowskie Skałki)  - The Dwarfs’ Boulders nature reserve in Lower Silesian voivodeship, Poland. Sources of pictures: [1,2,3,4,5]

The Gorzeszów Rocks, also known as the Dwarfs’ Boulders, is a fascinating location situated close to the Krzeszów and Chełmsk Śląski towns. Protected as a natural reserve, the site represents bedrock exposures, part of shallow-water sediments of the platform cover deposited at that time in different parts of the Sudetes. The rocks form a sandstone wall of dimensions about 1100 meters long (but the width of the most interesting exposures pictured above does not exceed 200 m) and up to 30 metres high. On the top and in gapes in the wall rocky hammers, pulpits and mushrooms are exposured. Forming of these rocks occured in the Cenomanian epoch when the area was covered by a sea and during the uplifting movements these islands were strongly eroded and large amounts of detrital material. Some fossils that occur in southern parts of these rocks point a link to the Tethys Ocean, while on the north part fossilized fauna characteristic for the colder Atlantic was discovered. Waters shed by both transgressions entering the bay through a narrow strait and underwent permanent mixing. [read more - PDF]