United We Spy Countdown
Day 05: A scene that made you emotional 

"I know, Cammie." Mr Solomon didn’t sound like he’d been crying. He didn’t sound different at all, and he must have read my eyes, because he hurried to add, "I have always known."


"Because death is the only thing that could have kept him from you."


Archaeological Museum of Isthmia:

One of Isthmia’s gorgeous glass tile panels that were retrieved from the seabed of the ancient port of Kechreai. The panels had been imported from Egypt and were meant for the decoration of the “Nymphaion”. However the panels never made it due to an earthquake- part of the port sunk in the sea in 375 A.D. The chests containg them were discovered at the seabed of the ancient port and wherever the panels touched their surfaces were stuck to each other. In almost every case what is viewed today is their back surface. Upon their discovery the panels were sent to the Corning Glass Museum in USA where they received their first restoration.

In the museum only a few of the panels are exhibited. Due to a problematic initial conservation and the poor climate conditions in the museum, for the next 30 years the panels detoriated. Today they remain stored in a custom made chamber in special conditions, where one can see them with a special permission. A full scale active conservation protocol based on scientific research is under way.

(Roman period)

edit: the panels were meant for the Nymphaion not the temple of Isis. (sorry)

PW Poetry Reviews October Amuse BOOOOuche

Now that I’ve gotten my obligatory October headline pun out of the way, here are a bunch more reviews from the poetry hoarder’s shack that is my folder on the PW server.

After-Cave. Michelle Detorie (Ahsahta)

Bone Map. Sarah Eliza Johnson (Milkweed)

Forgiveness Forgiveness. Shane McCrae (Factory Hollow)

Tahrir Suite. Matthew Shenoda (TriQuarterly)

Thing Music. Anthony McCann (Wave)

The Americans. David Roderick (Pittsburgh)

The Blue Buick. B.H. Fairchild (Norton)

Jaguar Harmonics. Anne Waldman (Post-Apollo)

The Wish Book. Alex Lemon (Milkweed)

Put Your Hands In. Chris Hosea (LSU)

The October 2014 Issue of MiPOesias is Live!

Edited by Emma Trelles, featuring work by:  Poets: Silvia Curbelo, Kyle Dargan, Michelle Detorie, Mari L’Esperance, Paul Fericano, James Grabill, RJ Gibson, Mia Leonin, Alexandra Lytton Regalado, Melinda Palacio, Kevin Phan, and Matthew Ulland.

Digital and Print versions are availble.  Digital features audio from the authors.  



I feel like I’m covered with a 1,000 blankets yet still so cold inside,
my bones detoriate so fast I will soon be gone with the wind, the music box plays softly in the background and I start to see these beautiful memories as when I was a child tick by
the night I feel from a tree and he ran to save me
the time when I felt sick at school and she walked to it then carried me on my back in the hot summer weather
the time she held me when I was so afraid
the time he sang me a lullaby
but then the music box jams and it’s beauty it’s gone
instead it just ticks back and forth like a broken record
I remember the time he yelled at me for being a failure
ticks back and forth like a broken record
the time she said I was a mistake
ticks back and forth like a broken record
the time she said she wished I hadn’t existed
ticks back and forth like a broken record
the time he tried to kill me
tick back and forth like a broken record
the time the time the time ticks back and forth
the time like a broken record
the time them ticks forth and back back and forth
the time tick s like a the time is a broken record
and then the ticking JAMS A WHOLE into my heart i am screaming
the time ticks like a broken record again and again
untill I feel it possesses me until I feel it is it is its me
I am the music bock that plays I am the one who stops I am the one that ticks I am the broken record