SPOILER: Castle 5x02 Ending.
  • Castle:I'm sorry
  • Beckett:...
  • Castle:I'm sorry I should not have gone on that date I should have said no
  • Beckett:Then why didn't you?
  • Castle:I'm no good at this. Pretending to be single
  • Beckett:Castle neither am I and the last thing I want to do is have to worry about you with other women
  • Castle:for the record, I wasn't gonna sleep with her
  • Beckett:I know..... That's not even the point. The point is.. I don't even know how to do this. Do you remember when Miles said that it's inevitable. That this will fall apart that that we're going to implode.
  • Castle:Just a reminder Miles is a lying killer.. Okay, maybe people will find out and maybe we won't get to work together. Maybe we'll continue to be amazing. We don't have the answers. We just have to live with the questions and find our way.
  • Beckett:Okay. Can.. Well can we just start here then can we say that we will talk about dating other people but we won't actually date other people
  • Castle:Yeah, no I can do that
  • Beckett:Okay good 'cause I have a gun and you don't really have a choice
  • Castle:Clearly I don't have a choice
  • Beckett:No *giggles*
  • They go to kiss
  • Beckett:I'm sorry, I can't. It's it's too soon. I just keep seeing her boobs on your face
We will be starting the Star Trek episode soon and the director is Jonathan Frakes who played #1 on “The Next Generation.” And we also have an episode that’s kind of documentary style story. The gang comes upon a story where a documentary team was filming the murder victim, and they decide to follow the team as they are trying to resolve the case. Of course there’s the added element of Castle and Beckett trying to keep their relationship secret while this documentary crew is following them around. We filmed it very much in the vein of “The Office,” so there was really interesting. There’s a lot of breaking of the fourth wall … it was funny getting used to playing with the camera and having the character be almost another character in the story. There are a number of episodes that I think will open up the storytelling and add some fun for viewers.
—  Stana Katic on the upcoming episodes this season (x)
We see the sensual side of both of them, and we also see them being vulnerable with one another. It’s very cheeky — this entire season is tongue-in-cheek and naughty and fun. It’s been really neat to explore and play with that, and to see these two people get to know each other better.
—  Stana Katic on Castle and Beckett this season (x)

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That was a driving force in her becoming a detective, and I think that the character has evolved from what she was in the first season. In the first season, when we did get to see inside of her, we realized that this was a really raw space and that, instead of having a clear view on that, she was emotionally reactive. The point that we’re at now in the beginning of Season 5, we have a new Beckett. She is very much in control and very clear thinking. When she is confronted with the next layer of the mystery behind her mother’s murder, and when she’s given a monumental piece of information in solving the case and bringing that murder to justice, she is so clear and so focused that it makes her lethal. That’s a new type of Beckett. She was originally just quote emotional when it came to that storyline, and Montgomery was always that voice that said, “Focus on the evidence. Stay clear. Think clearly. Don’t get emotional.” And it wasn’t something that she could do easily. Now she’s there and that makes her dangerous, for the bad guys.
—  Stana Katic on Beckett’s mother’s case (x)
Oh I’m very happy, of course. I think that we couldn’t stretch it any further — it happened at the right time. We have been on this journey with these two characters for four years, and they have been through every sort of danger and life-harrowing experience, and I think that it needed to happen. They had a rough year last year, of course … they were both keeping secrets from each other, thinking that it was in the best interest of the other person. It was great to see the evolution of the characters culminate in the two of them finally admitting their feelings for one another.
—  Stana Katic’s feelings about the hookup finally happening (x)