Wreck-It-Ralph Dogs piece - Absolute Power

I think I have found a new shading style *_*…Turbo Terrier’s teeth….They look sooo 3D!!!

Figured I’d update the canine/cybug hybrid thing design as I felt I didn’t even try at my first attempt…Still think I didn’t try any harder with this one, honestly…This is basically a continuation of this idea:

And this gesture was inspired by this over-the-top screencap:

Tried to make him be all glitchy and stuff; gave up after many failed attempts. Also same with the cybug thing by trying to make the joints, as well as the whole body by making it not entirely insect-ish, having it be made out of not just treats, but even meat products (As dogs enjoy those too death), only that wasn’t until I had finished up the line-art and coloring/shading/highlighting did that idea actually occur to my late brain, only adding one bone joint…FAILKibble Charge - My idea for Sugar Rush if it was in the dog universe of WIR if the character were said species, the land being made out of meat, and dog food/treats/biscuits as opposed to candy, so King Candy would have to be named King Kibble and Vanellope von Schweetz being ???? (Insert dog product sounding like Vanilla) von Tweetz. I mentioned this idea before in a post a week or so back. Like the Suger Rush conversion, I feel it’s fair I mentioned the cybug idea as well, as it’ll have to do with what this thing is: It comes from the idea of dog parasites (fleas, ticks and all that), and the canine conversion of Hero’s Duty is now Pesticide Squad, which involves armored dogs defending themselves from these giant robotic fleas, tick, lice, etc using these kinds of guns on their shoulders which have a fleet of bullets made out of flea protection and bug spray (Don’t ask how that works xD); it’s basically Hero’s Duty only with dogs ^_^

Turbo © Disney

Turbo Terrier design/art © me

WRECK IT RALPH DOGS - My version: This idea has been sitting in the back of my mind ever since I saw Wreck It Ralph in it’s last run in theaters before it moved to the shelves. But then, I saw myrobotlandlord had beaten me to it, with those flawless breed choices for King Candy/Turbo <333 But that didn’t stop me from doing my own take on it (I’m sure it won’t be as well received as myrobotlandlord’s though, but hey it was fun and challenging). I resurrected my old, more cartoony style for these guys (Might possibly change styles for Vanellope and Calhoun for anime and stylized realism)…

I’ve yet to do Vanellope and Calhoun (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Golden Retriever Lab mix). I’d say my favorites are Fix-It-Beagle, Turbo Terrier and King Westie(mix). I sort of lost inspiration for Cybug Turbo, though my attempt was to make him feel more ‘at home’; trying to turn the candy into different types of dog biscuits and treats from famous brands. And the result? Eeeehhhh….I seriously didn’t even try hard enough here; so kinda a mixed bag…I’m sure myrobotlandlord will have a lot more creativity than what I threw out xD

What are the breeds (so far)?

Wreck-It-Ralph - Leonberger: Just before I first got the idea, I just had to choose a suitable breed for Ralph…And the first breed that came to mind for Ralph just HAD to be a Leonberger; you can’t go wrong with that choice! I mean, that combination is just perfect for him! The breed itself is red in color, as well as very strong and hardy; giving off the appearance of some fierce guard dog you wouldn’t think twice of messing with. But that’s only the outside viewed from an outsider: Little does that person know of what great heartfelt qualities that that dog possesses. Very good with kids, and a very sweet nature…He isn’t seen in a strong light by the Highlanders, as they only see him as their enemy; they just don’t bother to look harder. I’m sure it’s the same with the Leonbergers, and pretty much any breed that is looked badly upon (Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers; any dog used in fighting or aggression)

Fix-It-Felix Jr - Beagle: I don’t know why, but he was actually the first idea to strike me when I wanted to do this. Something about him just seems so beagle-ish; maybe his hair color?

Turbo/King Candy - Blue Jack Russell Terrier and West Highland White Terrier/Rough coated Jack Russell mix: The choice for KC was actually pretty difficult; Was originally planning to go for an Italian Greyhound or some other small breed. Turbo was actually going to be a Whippet before I went with the terrier in the end! But it wasn’t until after I watched Nostalgia Critic’s review of “Son of the Mask”, that the animation and expressions of the dog Otis REALLY struck a chord of interest with me:, If those expressions don’t scream “Turbo” or “Turbo-Tastic!!!”, than I don’t know WHAT does <3 Yeah that movie is absolutely heinous compared to the first film, and as bad as the CGI is, I can’t help but adore Otis’s facial expressions (In fact; I think those expressions are better than the ones in the first film *shot fifteen billion times with shotgun*. For KC again, I realized the he and Turbs are the same size and shapes, I wanted to go for a JRT type of terrier, but I wanted to avoid him being the exact same breed, because I felt that would kinda turn heads as it leads to this huge twist (SPOILER - TOO LATE THOUGH LOL), and that once you see Turbo’s flashback and compare the two breeds together..yeah, it wouldn’t be hard to guess. So during one of the run throughs of our production of Guys and Dolls, the idea finally occurred to me; a Westie! It’s a terrier, and it looks different. But as I was sketching him out I decided to make him more of a rough JRT/Westie mix. I also looked deeper into Candy’s character, and I found out that the audience was given very vague hints that he was in fact Turbo. The one that caught my interest was his appearance, and how it didn’t match up with the other racers’ style (Which was anime), and plus; Turbo was never a king, so I think the idea of making his breed not really be one associated with royalty really works IMO because he was never part of Sugar Rush in the first place, so it’s just a disguise…Whatever; you all know this :)

And tah-dah, another addition for my mini side project has been unveiled in the Wreck-it-Ralph doggify saga thingy! Kinda looks like Tramp doesn’t he? T’was intentional, I suppose, hoo,hoo x3

Much like Turbo Terrier before him, I made him maintain a bit of the terrier look by making him a west highland white terrier/jack russell mix, for those wondering. I hope I did him justice…It was kinda tricky.

More to come, and thanks for looking :D

King Candy © Walt Disney Pictures
Art © DetectiveScheper

WRECK-IT-RALPH: DOG EDITION -  Do I even need to explain what this scene is?

"I’m Turbo, the greatest racer EVER! And I did not reprogram this world to let YOU and that halitosis-ridden warthog TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!!

…Couldn’t manage to link it to DA… But here’s the link for a larger experience:

Any who…Let Turbo Terrier’s disgusting, drooling face STARE INTO YOUR SOUUUUULLLZZZZ D:< Oh…His teeth are all highlighted even though the direction of the lighting/shadows are from the right…Who cares.. It makes him look scary >:( lol

Didn’t figure I’d finally finish this at 1:00 or so in the morning… Remaining process Took ALL DAY, and most of that was used on Vanellope, who we’ll get to in a moment….So tired… Since everyone LOVED the last one of Turbo as a dog in his cybug form no less (84 or so notes - The most notes I’ve EVER gotten on a drawing I’ve posted on here!), and what a better way than to give more to those hungry fans? Also, not nearly as 'jaw-droppingly epic' as the last one…But, I’m so slow and am practically juggling multiple drawings between my toes, this was one of those that I motivated myself to completing, out of all of them (Some of which haven’t even gotten a rough sketch yet!). Don’t know how long it took this time…

And on the bright side, here’s Vanellopup or something, in her very blurry, anatomically incorrect glory! I mean, look at her muzzle and how it connects to her head….*shudders* I’ve yet to draw an updated version (or her design, not the actual image) as this is only the first time (And hey, when IS the first try ever a success?)…And it’s just saddens me that 100000% of the day and time was used on perfecting her image….And this is what I shot out of my ears at the last moment because I was getting so sick of it…Her kart (or what you can see of it anyhow) was slightly agitating to design and color; so I just splashed this crap on it. But, that’s the whole idea, isn’t it C:

Turbo & Vanellope © Disney

Art & [Character] Designs © DetectiveScheper


Two traditional illustrations I did for my two most favorite artists in the world - Dezzoi and ProfessorPemzini.

I drew each of these guys on animation paper which I got from somewhere online. I got the idea to try this because I was thinking back to the many great animators, who usually do very quick, simple little rough sketches for just designing characters; Not just animation went onto that type of paper.

I hope you guys enjoy them - It was quite fun drawing each of your lovely characters! I would’ve really ‘gone for it’ and detailed with charcoal, but I was too worried about messing them up. I was trying to ‘spice up’ my traditional skills, and the whole time I made a mistake I kept expecting to press the Undo button xD I’m too used to simplicity.

P.S. I’m sorry Roy looks like a fat malinois/rabbit hybrid; He was kind of a challenge, and even now I’m not too pleased with him, as he does look off D:

Music for Motivation:…

“Essentially, I believe that we all are built like machinery. Externally we are a construction of quite extraordinary, pure intellect. Its force is impenetrable, and each gear has its own purpose to fulfill in its own little universe. However, if one wishes to understand its mechanism— to really know its many mysteries— you will have to break it. And it is there that you truly see the ruthlessness, the sickness, the tragedy, and the brilliance… but also the beauty within those wretched crevices. It is all strange particles that flow through our universe; it is its own mechanism that even I cannot fathom. Now that you’ve discovered it in its most twisted frailty, isn’t it still possible to reclaim the purity you once saw in all its fullness, now scattered in all the pieces you’ve torn away?”

I just wanted to experiment with sharp, intense, stylized shading and highlights. Iakov lookin’ all badass an’ stuffs xB

Thanks for looking! btw, the reds somehow look more pinkish than how it looks on my Cintiq monitor. Huh.

Iakov Rodionovich/AERO’NINE © DetectiveScheper2015

This fella here is Lawrence Ealdwine, an archeologist who works at Oxford University. He is a red Pembroke Welsh Corgi (With a tail), and he is the main hero of this bizarre tale of warships an’ stuff - The working title is currently ‘Retro’Nine (Though I am fighting the urge to adopt it as its permanent title), ‘Retro Canine’ or if you want something less exciting or demanding or just plain stupid, ‘Punk Punk Doggies’.

To try and sum him up: I would say he is renowned around the land as an expert traveler and has huge rewards hanging at his feet for being daring enough to take up potentially critical expeditions, but in truth he is often forgotten when it comes to his life-long companion Driskoll Breitenstein, a shepherd dog who steals most of the fame and glory, whom Lawrence is slightly jealous of. He once was hailed a remarkable, extravagant explorer, but when Driskoll came into his life things started shifting, and his fame gradually slipped away from under his feet. He is very uptight and is a complete clean freak, for he highly disapproves of his friend smoking or drinking in his presence, especially littering in his office. He is often the one who takes the end of the stick, having been shoved and knocked around shamelessly by his companion when he is agitated or when they are just casually bantering whether it is on their quests or just lounging in the offices. Cowardly but also persuasive, Lawrence tries to live up to the expectation of others around him, but can’t seem to find the spine to do so, as he feels critically challenged by the big, big world due to his size. But when in full rage, he can be quite intimidating, the knowledge of his short stature is often viewed as redundant and his voice is controlling and monstrous. He is fed up with expeditions and wishes to play no part in them, but when things are serious, he is brought in to assist in any way he could, but he recently came to realize that his advice was hardly ever heeded by any of the crew he traveled with, but he thinks it’s all due to the incompetence of Driskoll. He finds his associate irritating and childish, but in spite of his rather negative perception of him and the weird choices the shepherd had made (Alcoholism and smoking, which he believes he should quit otherwise he could risk losing his job), Ealdwine does in fact care deeply for his colleague, and does feel a sense of sympathy when he sees him looking hopeless, and he does strive to assist him in whatever tough situations that befall him. Driskoll confided in him that he should keep it all a secret, even though it’s sometimes too late for it once it becomes obvious. But he doesn’t like holding secrets from others, let alone in a huge, diverse university, he doesn’t want to let his friend down, however (But there have been situations where he feels it’s what’s best for him to get fired) how hard it may be to not report him. He also has a phobia of insects and other sticky creatures, which are unfortunate because the poor bloke is thrown down dark pits and is forced into going on these expeditions, which has been, since his life took a big turn for the worst with Driskoll, nothing short of anything grand or epic to him anymore; He lost his spark and enthusiasm for adventuring long ago, and doesn’t want to bother reigniting his interest, even if his entire life depended on it.

Lawrence Ealdwine © DetectiveScheper

“You may think you’re a king, but you’re going to die…LIKE A DOG!!!”
- Maugrim

My absolute favorite character in my absolute favorite scene in ‘the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, which is also my one and only absolute favorite of the Narnia series as it’s the only one I can fully remember being read to me.

Maugrim © C.S. Lewis & Walden Media/Walt Disney Pictures

Art © DetectiveScheper

Hatred fuels my blood, I’ll burn ya down (you can’t help me)
One king to watch the horsemen fall, I’ll fight ‘til the end (I won’t help you)
I can’t trust anyone, see it in my eyes
Now I can understand, it’s sorrow that feeds your lies

A sceneric scene with Yakov attempting to fire a gun he constructed himself (All those weapons in the BG are things he had built from his own concepts) during a classic steampunk airship battle! Or, it could be made out as anything because of my terrible backgrounding skills… Hmm. Don’t know what exactly is going on here…Just a battle; No scene was even written for this *yet*! I might need to edit it some more, but hey, at least I managed to upload at least one more piece in a single month. Note: Yakov is actually brindle. It’s hard to distinguish with the extreme lighting.

Character ‘sheet’ for his brindle-ness:…

…I…think I’m now suffering “Bioshock Infinite” withdrawals, as I finished it only two or three days ago X__X  

Yakov © DetectiveScheper

HA! If any of you thought I wasn’t capable at drawing anything else that’s not remotely canine, you’re WRONG! Phffff XD

So…Uh…Turbo-Tastic :D Finally thought I’d try my hand at drawing Turbo — Not Turbo Terrier, the REAL Turbo. A little bit of my take on him :3 Though he looks no different. Not nearly as spot-on as others’ interpretations, but I tried. Lazy background iz lazy dX

Also, new logo <3 I feel sooo professional (Not xD)…Speaking of Turbo Terrier, don’t worry — I have more of him coming. Just need to get some other works out of the way before I continue them.

Rajsvenn (AKA Razaaroth – The Shadow Ravager) - Concept: He is the captain of the guard in the Loerythian Empire’s clan of Lacynthna.  He is sadistic, blood-hungry and murderous; A complete monster in mind and body. He often performs executions when ordered (Though when not under such pressures he even resorts to killing anything in sight just for the hell of it; boredom and agitation being the lead causes of his abrupt breakdowns), and his minions follow in his steps, committing raids and atrocities on the land. After each battle, by order of his king, Moravkin (Morr-RAF-keen), he is ordered to bring back the hearts of the fallen, where they would proceed to devour; a common ritual held in their species’ religion called ‘Blachwakvn’ (Blood-Feast), for they believe tasting the blood of their enemies makes them stronger in flesh and soul. He finds the experience, from collecting the hearts by tearing open the corpses, and to feel the salty, warm taste on his tongue very satisfying. In front of his army of thousands, and to the people of the land around him, he is feared by many who would dare oppose him or his forces. But when it comes to confronting his king, he shrivels up in a state of prolonged fear and helplessness before him.  He terrifies him beyond words; his harsh, mighty voice, his claws tearing the stone ground, his great mouth wide, shiny golden fangs bared, and his cold, deadly eyes blazing bright into his spirit like an inferno that will never be extinguished by the coldest of waters. His breed, bred in a blood-soaked region of hatred for humanity for what they did to his kind…It makes him sick. Their whole life they have been maltreated and beaten down. He swore to his father’s name that he’ll never think of them worthy of the Lacynthna and his mercy. They’re demons, their greed clouding and overcoming their judgment. That’s what he was taught; Men and Half-breeds were the enemy, and forever they shall be known by that name. His bravery and skill in combat earned him the title Dav Truurhenviel – The Swift Eradicator (Dass-Thru-RHAN-Vile) in the speech of the wretches. He is the only one of his kind to bare a large weapon of mass supremacy and status of authority (The others, depending on skill or rank, can use blades and their fangs; even both ways). He stole it from a giant clan leader that he and his followers took out in one of their expeditions (The rest of the clan becoming their armor crafters, a skill which they are known for), the blade the strongest and most powerful of any sword or spear combined; having been crafted by black magic by the worst of magic-users. His assigned missions are to kill the weak; to vanquish the impure of all races, each holding a violent history for the Lacynthna; Man and their companions, the Navglov – each being the biggest targets of their chosen atrocities across the world of Amjalorre.

Another piece for my ‘Armored Wolf’ fantasy story.

Rajsvenn © DetectiveScheper 2014


9. Does your character dream or are their nights filled with an empty blackness? Describe a dream they’ve had or a night they couldn’t sleep and what they did to preoccupy their time.

Ooooh, this is quite a fascinating question! Let’s see… When he was a pup, he would often fall into strange macabre night-terrors of suffocation; with his defenses collapsing around him all due to his fears of, well everyone and everything. Now he is older, there are times when he believes he dreams of nothing but a speck of light in a world black as pitch, and finds himself driven to follow it only to be led into a world of brutality and mockery at the end of the tunnel, reliving his miserable life as an orphan. If he finds himself restless, which does happen more than once due his feverishness, he sometimes heads off to a local brothel/opium den to indulge himself in its twisted embrace till dawn, or if not that, than he proceeds to try and build little trinkets of the various watches and jewelry he has stolen.

My two (of many) favorite characters from one of my favorite book series of all time, “Song of Ice and Fire”. It’s Arya Stark and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, doggified into a Scottish deerhound and a collie mix <333 I love these guys to death, I swear!

These characters are AWESOME, by the way…I frickin’ love all of the GoT characters, but taking a liking to these two was a huge surprise for me, notably someone as despicable and mercilessly cruel as Sandor Clegane, and Arya isn’t much better..Kinda anti-heroine…?…My gosh, so many feeeeelssss! Anyway I won’t dwell on that, as hard as it is. I’m totally drawing more of these great characters someday, like Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryan, Brienne of Tarth, Jaime Lannister, John Snow and Samwell Tarly..Defo drawin’ them, heheh! Oh and I added Arya spitting her tongue at Sandor (As well as him with an angry vein even though he has hair, lol) at the last minute. Thought it added a little more..class…to it..??

But overall, I think the scowling, drool and death glares from the two of them conveyed enough of what their “partnership” is like X3

Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane © George R.R. Martin
Art © DetectiveScheper