In response to a brutal sexual assault, India’s Ministry of Defense designed a pistol marketed to women. This week’s Design & Violence blog post asks the question “What does ‘design to make you unafraid’ look like?” 

[Ordnance Factories Board (Indian, est. 1775). Nirbheek Pistol. 2014. .32 caliber revolver, titanium-alloy, 7 x 3” (17.78 x 76.2 cm). Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.]

The Guardian Angel Handbag is just one of the pieces featured on Design and Violence, a curation of designed objects organized by Paola Antonelli, Jamer Hunt, and Kate Carmody.

MoMA is inviting experts from fields as diverse as science, philosophy, literature, music, film, journalism, and politics to respond to selected design objects and spark a conversation with all readers.

Check it out and join the conversationhere.

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Can malware ever be used for good, not evil? Lev Manovich examines computer virus Stuxnet for our Design and Violence blog

[Patrick Clair. Co-produced by: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Est. 1932) & Zapruder’s Other Film (Est. 1989). Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Virus. 2011. Motion Graphics, video. (3:21 min). Image courtesy of the artist]

Does data visualization of refugee populations help us understand, or make us apathetic? Our Design & Violence blog takes a look at The Refugee Project

[Ekene Ijeoma (American, b. 1984), Hyperakt (est. 2001). The Refugee Project. 2014. D3, HTML5, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Images courtesy of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).]