Theme #3 v2: Nicaea Let’s Survive

Overlord Version / Messiah Version / Code


  • Sidebar (175px)
  • 7 Custom Links (looks best with long sidebar picture)
  • Hover Links
  • Hover Permalink
  • Icon Permalink


  • 400/500 Posts
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Music Player
  • Show Tags
  • Show Captions
  • Dark Theme (Black Audio Player and Link Background)
  • Body Font
  • Description Font
  • Date Display (M-D-Y/D-M-Y/Y-M-D)
  • 12/24 Hour Time

Here’s a revamp of my third theme! The first version featured Devil Survivor 2, and now this revamp features its predecessor… Devil Survivor! Please play the series if you get the chance! And also check out akiwozz’s lovely art.

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