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The Wedding Ringer Full Movie


⇛ The Wedding Ringer Movie Storyline
Jimmy provides best man services for socially challenged guys, who – for whatever reason – have no one close enough to agree to stand by them on the day of their wedding. Doug a groom-to-be, has found himself in just such a situation, but, to make matters worse, he fabricates the names of not only a best man but nine groomsmen as well. When all else fails, Doug seeks out Jimmy’s services to carry out a charade designed to make Doug look his best, but threatens to destroy everything if it fails.

➼ The Wedding Ringer Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-01-16
Casts : Jenifer Lewis, Affion Crockett, Cloris Leachman, Jorge Garcia, Kaley Cuoco, Olivia Thirlby, Nicky Whelan, Josh Gad, Kevin Hart, Ken Howard, Corey Holcomb, Mimi Rogers, Aaron Takahashi
Duration : 101 minutes runtime
Rating : 7.1

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bbymurdock asked:

i think erik would have 2 versions of what he'd see in the mirror. 1 would be his family all around him happy and smiling, and one would be a happy charles on 2 legs with raven and darwin and alex and angel and beast and banshee happy together with erik no where near them. because erik believes he would be happiest if he had never ruined charles's life by meeting him

…. how….. dare…… you…………

This is the great tragedy of Erik Lehnsherr’s life. He destroys everything he touches. 

I like to think that after the death of his mother, Erik promises himself he is never going to care about anyone ever again. This works well for years and he essentially becomes a killing machine. Then he meets Charles and gets dragged into this crazy mutant CIA division, and you can literally see that wall start to fall - he’s laughing, he’s teasing, he’s enjoying being with this new makeshift family.

And then it all goes to hell, and you see the moment on the beach when he shuts himself off again, when his face goes from deeply hurt and vulnerable to closed-off killing machine once more.

He keeps this mask of indifference on in dofp and it only drops for that small moment of time after he’s confronted by Charles on the plane. There’s emotion back in his face, but once again, he shuts it all down as he accepts he’s going to lose everything all over again, right before grabbing the gun to shoot Raven.

Erik is downright cruel when it comes to how he treats himself.

I’m just a fuckhead who drinks and smokes and does anything to distract myself from everything thats destroying me from the inside out.
I’m just such a fucking idiot
A fucking idiot

because-im-freaking-greed asked:

Didn't Hussie (I think it was him) say that Yodelbooger is giving Caliborn's Choice because it's a Dead Session? Because it seems like the only Choice for a Dead Session player is "Receive unconditional immortality and destroy everything or die and save everything", and that's Yogurtboner's Choice, though he might have a different one for Dirk. It might make sense that the Mother Of All Denizens would still be around, but I think Yolobroth is the only other dead session Denizen.

well like you just said, that is probably not the choice he gave dirk.. the fact that he’s in other sessions means he is probably not just the dead session denizen. i dont see why alt!calliope couldnt have gotten a similar choice from a different denizen?

A.D. The Bible Continues: Saul / Paul of Tarsus [ESTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING: by Charity / the mod.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Paul never does anything by halves; his method of operation is to charge in and take control. When observing a dangerous new “sect” revolving around the Messiah arising, he goes straight to Caiaphas for the authority to deal with it, by rounding up the followers, taking down names, discerning the ringleaders, and making it difficult for them to live in Jerusalem. Later, after his conversion, Paul uses that same direct, brutal logic to spread the gospel, by marching straight into the nearest temple and proclaiming the good news. He has extremely rational arguments for all his decisions, and scoffs at others who use more “emotional” approaches.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He values the ancient mythologies, teachings, and beliefs of Judaism, and is initially angry at the thought that Peter and the others are “threatening to destroy everything I hold dear.” Only when he sees how Christ fulfills all the ancient prophecies in new, transcending ways does Paul embrace this new religion and assist in spreading it. Paul is incredibly detailed and nuanced in his arguments, but…

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): … also prone to grand, sweeping generalizations and “fancy” abstract languages, as he enjoys seeing things from multiple perspectives, mixing metaphors, and exploring the nuances of what the symbolism of his belief system means. Paul has a broad picture perspective, which allows him to see the threat this new faith proposes, but also how it fulfills his beloved ancient texts. Paul’s entire belief system shifts with this new information, overlaying the old and transforming it.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): He is incredibly insulted when Peter implies that he has no “love” and argues that he has intense love for the things that Peter wants to cast aside; Paul tends to be blunt, not always respecting others’ feelings in his methods. He starts out as a bully, but can also freely admit when he is wrong. His core self, however, never changes. His values are still absolute.

Note: This may be the finest Saul/Paul I’ve ever seen on screen. Incredible acting. Given his writing methods (Te/Ne), I think the Paul of scripture was also an ESTJ.

anonymous asked:

If there is an apocalypse and everything gets destroyed I want this blog to be the only thing left

Honestly, y’all are more supportive of this blog than my parents are of all of my life choices. And we’re on great terms. 

…I know I’ve fallen behind with posting but I’ll watch more eps and queue up more picz of people watching their sacrifice be consumed by the Great Fieri soon.

anonymous asked:

CWG: The Impala. You know what I'm talking about. Baby burning. I'm curious to hear what you have to say.

Ok, so my mindset was let’s destroy everything Dean has worked for. But I thought burning the building wouldn’t be enough to trigger the PTSD to the point where it shook him apart. Burn Baby, an evil little voice whispered. Burn the Impala. So that’s what I did. 

Honestly, to me, the Impala is a reflection of Dean and where his mental state is. So burning it struck me as a good way to trigger the Afghanistan memories and push the boy over the edge. 

Several of you have never forgiven me for that…

/01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08 09 10/11/12/13/14 15 16 17 18 /19/

Women Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of the Hugo Award-nominated magazine LIGHTSPEED entirely written—and edited—by women.

Drunk with power after successfully raising the funds necessary to destroy science fiction in a mere seven hours, the Lightspeedteam has put our heads together to try to figure out where we should aim our fury next. Thus:

If We Reach $25,000: WOMEN DESTROY HORROR!

If we reach this funding level, then clearly the destruction of science fiction will not be enough so satiate you people, so another genre must be destroyed. And, after carefully considering all of our options, we all agreed: Horror has it coming. 

So, if we raise more than $25,000, in addition to Women Destroy Science Fictionwe will also publish Women Destroy Horror!, a special issue of Lightspeed's sister-magazine, Nightmare. And we are pleased to announce that Women Destroy Horror! will be guest-edited by the legendary editor-queen of the dark and the macabre: ELLEN DATLOW!

Women Destroy Horror! will be a double issue of Nightmare, and thus will consist of 8 pieces of fiction (4 originals and 4 reprints), plus assorted nonfiction. 

Everyone who pledges $5 or more will also receive a copy of Women Destroy Horror!


If we reach this funding level, then … then we’re really getting ridiculous! But if we do, then clearly the destruction of science fiction AND horror is STILL not enough, and thus another genre must be destroyed. After again carefully considering all of our options–

No, wait! This is unprecedented: Fantasy has volunteered as tribute! 

OK, OK, so women are pretty well represented in fantasy, thus it doesn’t really have it coming the way horror and SF have it coming. On the other hand, anyone remember the Gor novels? Or what about all those ridiculous sexist depictions on book covers of scantily clad women wearing armor that wouldn’t protect you from a mosquito bite. Or what about–

You know what? It DOES have it coming! DESTROY ALL GENRES!

So, if we raise more than $35,000, in addition to Women Destroy Science Fiction! AND Women Destroy Horror!, we will also publish Women Destroy Fantasy!, a special issue of Lightspeed’sOTHERsister-magazine, Fantasy Magazine. (Well, Fantasy was merged into Lightspeed, so technically I guess they’re not sisters anymore. [More like a fetal resorption? Aren’t you glad you clicked through to that link? You’re welcome.] But never mind that, it’s not important!)

But anyway! Rather than replace a second issue of Lightspeed’spublication schedule with another special issue, we decided we’d revive dear-old Fantasy Magazine for this special issue. Like Women Destroy Horror!, it will be a double issue, and will include 8 pieces of fiction (4 originals and 4 reprints) plus an array of nonfiction. 

And we are pleased to announce that Women Destroy Fantasy! will showcase the return of the whimsical editorial stylings of none other than long-time Fantasy Magazine editor, CAT RAMBO!  

Everyone who pledges $5 or more will also receive a copy of Women Destroy Fantasy!


Not more stretch goals–at least not yet!–but in the title of this post we mentioned something about new rewards. We’re sure this isn’t quite as exciting as our awesome, amazing, destructive stretch goals, but we added a bunch of new rewards. Given we’ve got our target set on horror and fantasy, we figured we might as well offer up some horror and fantasy as rewards. So now you can choose from a selection of Fantasy Magazine and Nightmare Magazinerewards, in addition to all of the Lightspeed goodness we already had available.